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Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Group CHow Amazon Works s1170187 Daichi Kikuta s1170199 Hiroki Seino
  • 2. Stride of AmazonIn 1995, Amazon.com sold its firstbook.In 2006, Amazon.com has sites servingseven countries, with 21 fulfillmentcenters around the globe totaling morethan 9 million square feet of warehousespace.
  • 3. The innovationThe innovation and business savvy thatsustains Amazon.com is legendary and,at times, controversial.The company owns dozens of patents one-commerce processes that some argueshould remain in the public domain.How its technology infrastructuresupports its multi-pronged approach toonline sales.
  • 4. How to sell wellAmazon.com sells lots and lots ofstuff.The direct Amazon-to-buyer salesapproach is really no different fromwhat happens at most other large,online retailers except for its rangeof products.Amazon knows us by name and tries to beour personal shopper.
  • 5. Pretty cool shopping experienceIf we let the Web site stick a cookieon our hard drive, well find ourselfon the receiving end of all sorts ofuseful features that make our shoppingexperience pretty cool, likerecommendations based on past purchasesand lists of reviews and guides writtenby users who purchased the productswere looking at.
  • 6. e-commerce strategyThe other main feature that putsAmazon.com on another level is themulti-leveled e-commerce strategy itemploys.Amazon.com lets almost anyone sellalmost anything using its platform.We could say that Amazon is simply theultimate hub for selling merchandise onthe Web, except that the company hasrecently added a more extroverted angleto its strategy.
  • 7. Developing softwareThe affiliate program that lets anybodypost Amazon links earn a commission onclick-through sales.We can literally create mini Amazon Websites if We want to build on Amazonshuge database of products andapplications for their own purposes.Amazon has become a softwaredevelopers playground.
  • 8. In summaryAmazon.com is company that knows you byname and tries to be your personalshopper.Amazon is innovation of online businessby e-commerce strategy.It can sell goods well and give manyclients pretty cool shoppingexperience.It also develops software andapplications for purposes.