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  • 1. A. The form of the business email. B. it again before transmitting an email. 2.It makes it to the subject to understand the content. 3.It writes as understood read by whoever. 4.It writes concisely. 5.It makes it to an easy question to reply. C. 1.To get rid of rudeness when I write an email 2.Because writing of tidy mail is written. 3.Because the base of the business mail is written. 4.Because the form of the email which is easy to be handed down to a reader is written. 5.To understand the difference between the letter and E-mail. D .The subject is written like understanding the content. The text is comprehensible and is concisely written the reader that the read time is reduced, too. In addition, I do it for the simple question that an answer is possible in YES or NO. Finally I correct an email reading before sending an email and confirm it whether there are not the wrong characters. Person 1
  • 2. A. Explain the overall idea for designing a business e-mail as is mentioned in the articles above. (50 words minimum) The overall idea for designing a business e-mail is to write sentences which is readable and polite by the other party. And writer make sure of the contents which is polite or readable before it transmits. The other party can quickly return the answer and finish the business in a short time. Person 2
  • 3. B. Write a short business e-mail on a topic of your choice. You can address the e-mail to me or anyone of your choice. Write in your own words. To: s11 Cc: s11 Bcc: Subject: Request of commodity explanation Dear Mr.Okazaki; I saw your product on your magazine. I would like to know the details of your product. Could you send me the product's details? I will wait for the answer. Sincerely, Yoshihide Okazaki
  • 4. C. Write two sentences explaining a problem that you have come across recently. I do not make a smiley quickly on e-mail. I want program to make smiley. D. Write down five sentences explaining how a personal e-mail should be different from a business e-mail. Write in your own words. It is a treatment of the greeting and the peroration, honorific titles,and a style. A treatment of the greeting and the peroration and honorific titles are simplified. Especially, the honorific is not so used. And the style is not polite. Because of these differences, a personal e-mail becomes informal e-mails.
  • 5. Sender Addressee easy greeting answer Sender Include a telephone number remove unnecessary information Addressee Person 3
  • 6. Sender: Sender is a person sending business mail. Addressee: Addressee is a person receiving business mail. Greeting: You must do this. Composition : This is should to be brief. Title: This is should to be easy to understand.
  • 7. Sender restrict the message to one topic. put the key point of message up front. make it easy for the reader to reply yes or no or give a short answer. Addressee Take care of
  • 8. Why there sites say that composition must be easily, and the topic should be compiled? Why there sites say the key point message should be put up front? Why there sites say to direct addressee a specific request? 1: 2: 3: