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Sw3 pre4-2

  1. 1. Software Program s1170128 Kentaro Yamamoto s1170140 Kazuho Okuyama s1170141 Keiya Kato s1170142 Eisuke Kamiya
  2. 2. The primary purpose for using this software program “Software” will help our life. In our computer, there are many software. Each has different function. For example, Excel, Word, Power point, and more. Thanks for them, we can make docments, graph, and slides.
  3. 3. Major advantages for using this software program We can make them by our hand, not use PC, but to use that software, they do many calculating process fast that is very difficult for people. Software can do many process fast in the computer. If we do it as same as they do, it costs many time. It is ineffi- cient. So we can make more free time to use them. In this time we do other tasks.
  4. 4. How work in machine The left image is how work PC mechanism is. It is checked to choice 0 or 1. that process is very im- portant for software to work job. So this software is need in PC.
  5. 5. The board of electron The right image is board of electron. It works in PC. If you start the soft- ware, that board- works. And it is very precisely. Because it works very fast, it works 0 or 1. So it is managed very carefully.
  6. 6. Identify 5 major features of the software That software is useful for us to study English. If there is the software, we can study English very easily. That softwear is using in junior high school. In particular case, parent buy that softwear for child. That softwear may damage people eye.
  7. 7. Microsoft Office Word and Excel This is Microsoft Office Word and Excel. Word can make documents and print it . Excel can make list and graph. They are used by many people.
  8. 8. Microsoft Office PowerPoint This is Microsoft Office PowerPoint. This soft can make slide of presentation. This soft also is used by many people too.
  9. 9. What other software programs are available in the market as competitor? How do they work? (1) We have to fight to compete commercially available software and other features, the software first, operating conditions, price, and look in combination with other software. We feature a soft, clear the minimum operating requirements, the software also features a better price, you try to run on operating conditions.
  10. 10. What other software programs are available in the market as competitor? How do they work? (2) Also, a question that people are using the software, or in all respects satisfactory, unsatisfactory or check at any point. Based on its investigation and make the software go the point. Market research and software being sold right now, posting an ad to market by challenging, and hands-on campaign to get some benefits if you switched from competing software. In order to get new customers, wrote a manual that came with the simple use of the software.