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Portfolioslide 3-5


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  • 1. Complete Document Design Exercise # 4
  • 2. A. Who is the Chairperson of the company? How does he/she manages the business? What are the different assignments that he/she takes care off? How does he/she coordinates with other members in the company? (100 words minimum). Our companies chairperson is Kazuho Okuyama. He is going to make web shopping site and build PC part company. These two way are commonly displaying product and that price. He will make management department, human resources department and business department. I think that he will allocate Keiya kato will belong to management department. He has delicate sensibility, so he will not take a mistake. And Eisuke Kamiya will belong to human resources department. He can pick up nice person. And Kentaro Yamamoto will belong to business department. He has beat power in our group.
  • 3. B. How would you help customers choose your product? Discuss different strategies that you would like to adopt. Discuss the quality of your products and why it is worth buying? (100 words for all parts combined) Customer want proper equipments to do their work easily. We sell many products but each have different function. If use them, we must check how to use them. Not all customers know how to use, so we should tell them how our products they want is different our other similar products. We can check person in need in our shop. Our products have high quality. How high? - for example, our USB memory can save various amount of data, 128MB, 1GB,4GB, or 8GB. Our PC has high spec CPU, memory, or monitor. They are made in our company by our original technique.
  • 4. C. Discuss a definite discount or promotion for your products that will help to sell your products better? How should the customer take advantage of this offer? (100 words for all parts combined) We advertise our products as well as to promote a variety of ways. It is the e-mail, and letters, and telephone. Our products are advertising over more of our customers, reflecting the voice of its customers, and promotional materials to them. Customers by having our product, it will be status. The most commonly used to spread our products all over the world, since it will be that standard. When not using our product, will recommend to use the product to us by our other customers. And will have a dominant share of the other rather than competing products in our product, our product to the customers who Spending our other products without having to actively promote us become used to feel like.
  • 5. D. How are the products packaged? Is there a warranty for the products? How should the customer contact you if there are problems or questions about the product after it is sold? (100 words for all parts combined) The product is essentially about three years guaranteed. No negligence on customers, upset at the opportunity if broken, will be guaranteed first. However, there is negligence guarantee customers must read the warranty card well. To read this would be to guarantee in advance to receive proper warranty. Even if the warranty period ended, most companies do so after care, take money can be repaired. However, breach of warranty are broken, so I checked it and I might buy a new one is cheaper. Assurance that any case is a good idea to consult with the company once.
  • 6. E. Is there any installment plan for the products you sell? Is cash / cheque / credit cards acceptable? If a customer has financial difficulties, how could you help him/her buy your products? (100 words for all parts combined) There are some way to buy our product. If customer has no money to buy our product, we can save the product which customer want to buy since three month. Thus, customer can buy our product easily. And when customer buy our product by credit card, customer can choice payment term. Our company can supply payment term of one to twelve. So customer can pay easily. If customer show cheque, our company can accept it. But customer has to get more time than other two type of payment. Because we have to check it is true.
  • 7. F. Is there a customer service representative? What is his / her role in the company? Identify 5 different ways that he/she might help the customer? (100 words for all parts combined) Our products is very useful and have high quality, but sometimes customer may have trouble of our goods. To solve this problem, there is customer telephone service in company. Customer service representative are 20 person in order to help many customers fast and in parallel. What are their mission? 1. They catch the telephone from customers. 2. They advise customer how solve their problem. 3. If customer has telephone with TV monitor, they explain to use monitor. 4. They send documents with image that tell how to use by facsimile or e-mail. 5. If products is broken, they send new products at no charge.