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Isde 4

  2. 2. A: Why is a feasibility report so important in technical communication? ANS: The process of the information product developed by technical communication is certainly starts by knowing customer's what they are desires. Technical communicator researches from it, and construct in the framework that lead to detail development. The end goal is develop the information product customers understand it clearly. Therefore, it is necessary to explain clearly a feasible thing at first.
  3. 3. B: Write 5 major points in the articles that are important. ANS: 1. Find the customer and the purpose. 2. Gathering an information. 3. Arranged the point of information and collect in one. 4. Write the first draft. 5. Improve and edit.
  4. 4. C: Explain 5 reasons why one should read the above articles when preparing to design an important feasibility study on any topic? ANS: Technical communication is a process of information to the customer about a specific area. The area is usually related to scholar, work and technical thing. It is spread through writing and speaking. The technical communicator are working by making a products using media includes newspaper, video and internet. The products are include user's manual, technical manual, product specification, manufacturing method manual, guidance documents, business documents, and reports.
  5. 5. D:Write a paragraph explaining a business situation where a feasibility study is necessary. ANS: Technical communication is sometimes employ a special employee or consider their NIES to the association of communication. For example professional writer may be work to make a user manual in office. In case, technical communication is usually regarded as communication with colleague and customers. For example, computer scientist may require colleague programmer or software documents. The process of product developed by technical communication is starts from recognize the character of customers and their information desires. And technical communicat or study the composition of framework that lead to detailed developments .
  7. 7. A. How would you use a feasibility report for your business situation? ANS: At first I make a business plan by oneself and think to put up a necessary strategy (for example,the thing which is made use of to let one's unique offer crop out is delicious again and seems to be able to enter the appointed market) to let you achieve the purpose.
  8. 8. B. Talk about a feasibility report that you want to prepare. Explain at least 10 major points you will include in this feasibility report of your choice. What will be the exact purpose of the report?. Write in your own words. ANS: When you write some kind of reports, you must write the first by a right format at least . When I make a business plan, the second must make a plan to be able to achieve an aim at least. The third must confirm whether the report which oneself writes is really correct by all means. As for the fourth, inference in the business plan must be logical. The fifth must not be the essay that a report expresses personal feelings and opinion. In other words it is to have to look at al l sides of the problem in the past to speak a conclusion. When oneself writes a report, I clarify that oneself has a wide heart, and the sixth must be able to accept one's conclusion and recommendation for a reader. The report must be a thing concise as possible, but the seventh is to have to be cautious enough as I simplify it so that one's contents insisting on do not reach the reader. As for the eighth, contents made by a business plan must seem to become the profit for oneself by all means. The ninth must include the contents which can prove one's social position by all means in the report. Finally I think that I had better include a photograph or a graph when I write a report because the content had better become clearer.
  9. 9. C.Write five sentences explaining how a company should do research before designing a feasibility report. ANS: First, check that everything you write is factually accurate. The facts should be capable of being verified. Second, you must look at all sides of a problem with an open mind before stating your conclusions. Third, it is essential to have a period of time, no matter how short, when you can think of other things. Fourth, usually, if your writing is selective, accurate, objective, concise, clear and consistent, it will also be as simple as it can be. You should guard against over-simplifying, for example to the point of missing out information which the reader needs to fully understand what you are trying to say. Fifth, ask yourself whether you would be willing to say what you have written to the recipients, face to face.
  10. 10. D. Write down five key words and its meaning that you read in the above articles. Write in your own words. ANS: 1.Keyword: Business Plan. Meaning: Because of making the plan, we can make a various strategies. 2.Keyword: Arguments Meaning: We tell our plan briefly in readers without misunderstanding. 3.Keyword: Confirmation Meaning: Be careful our plan to not be simplify. 4.Keyword: Logic Meaning: The content of the report makes a clear report from not the thoughtless one but the introduction to the conclusion. 5.Keyword: Past tense Meaning: The process of the report can be helped by acquiring the memo of the conference.
  11. 11. 3. PLAN DEVELOPER A. B.
  12. 12. C. Write down the definition of 5 major key words that are used in the concept map you developed in the previous question. ANS: TFS - Abbreviation of Technical Feasibility Study. Details of the necessary for doing business like material, talent, and necessary technology, and all elements. flow chart - The most excellent procedure when working logistical or tactical - Observe things by a realistic, long-term, wide-ranging aspect. technology - A big factor for technology to succeed in the business is borne. detailed information - Valuable information group that obtained it from various technologies. Shareholders are made to consent a further financing finally and i t is used.
  13. 13. D. Write down three major questions that might explain the major argument or information in the the article you read above (in question B). ANS: What is TFS? What is a necessary thing in TFS? Why is TFS necessary?