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  1. 1. Print Company Group D Takahito Ishikawa Natuki Ito Yuta Era Erina Suzuki 6/30/2010
  2. 2. (sub)Section Web Brochure Our company established it in April, 2010 The purpose of our company is to print according to the customer's demand Our company has about 10 or more workers The price is different in the number of sheets etc. that the customer prints. Not only the corporation but also the print of the individual is accepted. Contact Details and Office Location TEL:0242-xx-xxxx. 6/30/2010
  3. 3. (sub)Section Business Plan Our goal is to be going to expand a new business by five years. It always tries to create a new business value by technological development and the process improvement . The customer is satisfied in the quality, the cost, the supply capacity and technical support. It acts with the product making that thinks about the global environment. Our company will make not only the print but also the design and the home-page. 6/30/2010
  4. 4. (sub)Section Importance Of Web-Brochure Office atmosphere. Clear description of job. Employee of own company. Price of products. Company of address and location. 6/30/2010
  5. 5. (sub)Section Importance Of Business Plan To have a goal. To know technology oriented To do for customer satisfaction. To make that it be good for the enviromental product. To argument business filed. 6/30/2010
  6. 6. (sub)Section Logical Arrangement Of the content in Web-Brochure We should make the page easy to understand for customer. The web-page should be simple because easy and stress free to see. To write our work as easily as possible. These three contents is the most important points of logical arrangement in this page. web-brochure to know about company. Some customers watch web-brochure to choose company. so easy to understand is the most important points in web- brochure, we think. 6/30/2010
  7. 7. (sub)Section Logical Arrangement Of the content in Business Plan Easy to understand is the most important thing in Business Plan This Business Plan is very important thing for our company. So we have to pass on our plan simple and easily to understand. Therefore we think what our company important thing is and write it in a compressed way. So, correct all necessary contents and information, write it easy to understand and write up simply. 6/30/2010
  8. 8. (sub)Section In each document, what are the major headings, questions, key words? Enviroment Our company is aware of how the print industry can impact our enviroment. We make every effort to recycle all materials used in the printing process. Techology We provide tours and information to high school, technical and university students. Offering our technology leads to the contribution to society. 6/30/2010
  9. 9. (sub)Section Why are they important? Enviroment The local area and other comanies will receive stimulation by our effort, and people will do conscious effort of enviromental problems. Techology Because it is a company that cannot that exist without the customer, the contribution to society is important. 6/30/2010
  10. 10. (sub)Section Thank you 6/30/2010