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  • 1. Submit In-class Presentation # 4 1. Have the opening slide with a proper title and presenter names. (Slide 1) About Software Kihumi Uenishi Susumu Ito Tetunobu Oohashi Junki Kawaguchi
  • 2. 2. Explain the primary purpose and major advantages for using this software program. NAME ADVANTAGE Gom player Various animations can be play. firefox The web site can be seen. Security is stronger than IE. It can customize.
  • 3. 3. Use screen shots to show how the software works. Show 2 examples. Gom player
  • 4. 3. Use screen shots to show how the software works. Show 2 examples.
  • 5. 3. Identify 5 major features of the software that makes it unique OR important. Use bulleted list.   Anyone can use this software free and can play various animations. This software can play the animation which we saved in favorite environment. This software can edit an animation. This software can play DVD. Even a beginner can easily operate this software.
  • 6. 4. Walk the audience through a few steps demonstrating how the software works. Record your video in You tube or use camera for still photography. Mention the steps as a sequence list. Default player is this It is built in these codec AC3 , OGG , Xvid , DIV1~6 , DivX , DX50 , MP41 , MP42 , MP43 , H.263 , H.264 , AP41 , MPG4 , MP4S , M4S2 , MP4V , BLZ0 , MJPG , RMP4 , DXGM Various setting is possible this
  • 7. Gom Player with skin game is possible by secret command It is the camouflage element of the rubber
  • 8. player. 5. What other software programs are available in the market as competitor? How do they work? As for the other software programs, there are WMP of Microsoft Corporation, iTune of Apple Corporation, realPlayer of real networks Corporation and so on. It is the software that can play an animation each, but there is various difference.
  • 9.  WMP is animation reproduction software with the history most than all other software. iTune can play the animation, but it is software laying emphasis on music in particular. PodCast can easily send a radio to even an individual by a function to represent iTune for the whole world. The real player can play the animation which I photographed by carrying