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  1. 1. 1. What is the primary idea of the content in the document? The primary idea of the content in the document explains the method of reproduction of DVD. The importance of the backup is being explained by possessing reproduction of the same contents just as an original DVD. 2. Do you think the individual sections and headings in the document clearly represent the idea that was communicated. Explain the reasons behind your comments. When software as DVD Decrypter is being downloaded and it's installed in the PC, a DVD can be copied easily now. Furthermore, there is the software called DVD Shrink and DVD-Burning Software, and these generate an iso file by software to have a similar function. There is also other software as Easy DVD Clone. Reproduction of a DVD becomes possible to use these software easily. 3. What details are included in the document? There is the method to copy DVD how old it is. I give one example of the inside. A computer can copy DVD when you download DVD Decrypter. If you insert the DVD which you want to reproduce in a DVD drive, you can copy DVD. You insert DVD-R after having read DVD. 4. Was there anything that was confusing? If so, what is it? Generally I think that I can write the sentence well, but think that there are some problems. It is good that content of necessary work is written well to copy DVD, but a menu screen may be different by a PC. It is good to introduce three methods to copy DVD, but does not understand it which is the best method. 5. What is good about the writing? Why is it good? It's written very shortly and clearly. Every step is easy to understand. From the article, i know that before start, we should download and install the software. And then just change the data from DVD to ISO by using the
  2. 2. software. At last, we can do a lot of things on ISO such as Clone and Shrink. 6. Are there any errors that need to be corrected? At the step 2 of DVD Decrypter. when the software finishes the installing, generally, it will create a icon on the desk. So we have no need to do like the step2 does. Something about DVD Shrink and DVD-Burning Software. To shrink DVD file, we can just exchange the type of the file or directly use RAR. 7. It divides into three instructions (DVD Decrypter,DVD Shrink and DVD- Burning Software, Easy DVD Clone), and, in addition, it is divided into each step. However, it is not easy to see a little because it is written collectively. Therefore, it should be made easily to see a little more. 8. 1. The manner of operation is written more in detail by writing the disclaimer. 2. It is easy to see, and devises it like being legible. (Emphasize it sweetening the pie to an important word. etc.) 3. To understand, the picture is put. (If it is not easy to understand. )