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  • 1. GROUP PRESENTATION s1170024 Takuma Sugimoto s1170034 Noriaki Hiruta
  • 2. Topics covered for Assignment A Assignment A's purpose is research website analysis. We work on this assignment and think how website is better. So, we engage in an assignment B to utilize the findings of assignment A
  • 3. Importance of the Weekly Topics with examples We analysis several website, We become able to determine what kind of website is good. We make use of one's past experience to make website.
  • 4. Importance of the assignment and it helps with web analysis and design Because we can think about advantage and disadvantage, we can be careful there when we design it by oneself. In addition, we think that we can make a better website by collecting the good places of various websites.
  • 5. The organization of information in the sites is user-friendly or not? We explain about assignment week4 as an example.
    • This web site has field that show associated information when mouth is on the field. User gets easy the information.
    • 6. This web site has search bar. User can search information if they have a word one is interested in.
  • 7. The presentation of content is appealing or not? We explain about assignment week4 as an example.
    • I think customer feel to be attractive because product information is carried on board well in the site of the Oracle.
    • 8. I think it enables a better appeal to insert associated information and an image.
  • 9. The effective use of web technology is demonstrated? We explain about assignment week4 as an example.
    • The site of the Oracle uses a Web technique effectively because it implements a search bar and a popup box. A customer can more easily obtain the information of the product thanks to this Web technique.
  • 10. Target Audience
      Deciding the user as a target is important to sell products or build customer loyalty. We explain week3 assignment as a good example.
    • IBM research Tokyo's web-site targets at people who are resourceful and want to do research there.
    • 11. IBM research Tokyo's web-site is publishing past results and the contents of present research to get people interested and carefully select brilliant people.
  • 12. The Quality of the Contents
      The quality of contents depend on whether contents of web-site is attractive and get valuable information. We explain week4 assignment as a good example.
    • Oracle web-site can get information of products to use search window or classified by the type of purpose/customer.
    • 13. Oracle web-site can download products and the detailed manual of products.
  • 14. Conclusion of Web-site Analysis
      Web analysis helps our software/web information design. How could it help us?
    • To learn how effective use graphics to design web-site.
    • 15. To learn how can we design usable and accessible web-site.
    • 16. To enhance our skills to understand information what clients hoped and desired to design software or web-site.