Individual sections d evelopment exercise 1


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Individual sections d evelopment exercise 1

  1. 1. What are the major points in the articles you see above? This articles is written about things what we should note, when we write business Emails. And this article is written about how to write business Email.
  2. 2. Why are these articles important? Write 5 major points in the articles that a re important. Write in your own words. 1. We must know these articles as a member of society. 2. Private Emails and business Emails are different. 3. If we don't know this, we might send a rude Email. 4. When we send business Emails, we must note it. 5.
  3. 3. Explain 5 reasons why one should read the above articles when preparing to write an important business e-mail on a any topic? Write in your own words. 1.Because we must prevent premature sending. 2.Because we must be professol. 3.Because we must be precise, conclse and clear. 4.Because we must keep your cool. 5.Because we must need to know basis.
  4. 4. Write a paragraph explaining the common guidelines that you find in all the three articles above. Write in your own words When we write business Emails, we must be polite. And it is clean and tidy.
  5. 5. .Explain the overall idea for designing a business e-mail as is mentioned in th e articles above. (50 words minimum) The business e-mail is written concise and plainly. Whether the mistake is found in the spelling is confirmed. It writes noting the grammar when the business e -mail is written. After the sentence is written, the person who wrote is signed. It is written emphatically to want always to say the business e-mail first. It never sends it excluding the person who reads mail.
  6. 6. Write a short business e-mail on a topic of your choice .You can address the e -mail to me or anyone of your choice. Write a short business e-mail on a topic of your choice .You can address the e -mail to me or anyone of your choice.
  7. 7. Write two sentences explaining a problem that you have come across recently. I sent it without confirming the e-mail address. A lot of spam mails are sent to me recently.
  8. 8. Write down five sentences explaining how a personal e-mail should be different from a business e-mail. The business e-mail is used on business. It is grammatically different from usual mail. It is necessary to sign the business e-mail for the end of mail. The business e-mail concisely writes that it wants to tell it. It is emphasized to want to tell the business mail.
  9. 9. Write down the definition of 5 major key words that are used in the concept map. 1. E-mail the letters and packages that are delivered to you 2.conciseshort, with no unnecessary words 3.practical relating to real situations and events rather than ideas, emotions 4.content the things that are inside a box, bag, room 5.information facts or details that tell you something about a situation, person, event
  10. 10. Write down three major questions that might explain the major argument or information in the three articles you see above. 1. What is the difference between usually mail and the business mail ? 2. What is the feature of the business mail? 3. What is how to write business mail?