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Week7 Week7 Document Transcript

  • Business Plan  of sushi company Follow the links to find information about each component I. Cover Page 1. Name of the business restaurant 2. Address Fukusima - Aizu 3. Telephone number 090 XXX - XXXXX 4. Name of Owner(s) Super Manager 5.Logo (A professional, attractive logo can be used to dress up the cover page) we like sushi !! II.Executive SummaryIII. This is very important, tell the reader what you want. Be clear and specific of  what you're asking for. The plan's primary purpose is to explain the operation of  the business. Your objective should be clear to the readers. However, you should  prepare the Executive Summary after you have prepared all other materials.  The following should be included in your Executive Summary:  A. Company name and type  super sushi time restaurant. B. Goals or objectives of the plan  A national chain C. How the plan will be implemented  11:00 ~ 22:00
  • D. Effect of the plan on the business  wide guest can be taken from the adult to the child.  A. Name of the business and the legal for of operation, e.g., sole proprietorship.  Eight sushi chestnut Co., Ltd. B. Amount of money needed 1000,000 yen C. How the money will be used  fish D. Effect of the money on the business  We are concerned whether I can offer a fish of the good freshness. Description of the Business 1. What your business is, or will be if it is a start­up situation?  I find the good fish. I look for a sushi craftsman. 2. How you plan to run it?  We begin with one store. We make it the best sushi bar in the area. 3. Why you think it will be successful? Because a foreigner likes sushi recently, too. There is a person eating sushi widely.  Industry Analysis • Is it a fad?  The sushi is stable widely and is popular. • Is it seasonal?  The popular items are different by a season. • Is it increasing or decreasing?  increasing. • Does it simply grow with the population?  If there is a delicious fish, the sushi industry grows up. • Is the market always there, always the same?  Always the same. • What are the factors affecting the growth of the market, and of market share? 
  • Because it is a Japanese tradition dish. • Where are they located?  Japanese various places and specific foreign countries • How large is the market?  It has advanced in Japan to foreign countries.  • What are their characteristics?  The tradition of Japan dish.  • What percentage of that market is the business' share?  60% • Who are the potential customers for the business' product or service?  People in the world who is sushi lover Vision Statement First of all, one store management is started by the little capital. Next, it makes it to the best sushi shop in the region. The second store is built when there is no deficit. I want to be going to advance to all Tohoku in five years. Vision Trigger It is good sushi good smile good feelings for the customer!! Mission Statement The store is set up in the convenient place where it can go soon. A cheap, delicious sushi is offered. Business Objectives Shop where a lot of numbers of guests exist in region. Marketing Product: First of all, it goes to the market in Japan every morning. A good fish is found and it makes it to the material of the sushi. And, everything is made good food. Price: Roughly 100 yen. It is 200 yen in the good one. Place: Place near market and Place that customer visits easily. Promotion: CM of the company is broadcast. It puts on the advertisement.  Competitive Analysis View slide
  • kappa sushi , heiroku sushi ,genki shshi , sushi onndo Legal Structure 1. Type of legal agreement: Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership.  Corporation 2. Who owns the firm's property?  Super manager 3. The rights, duties and powers of the firm's  officers and employees.  President and sushi workman Management Expertise 1. Personal history including education.  There is love to sushi 2. Related work experience.  There is particularly no it 3. Salary, duties, and responsibilities of key personnel.  50,000 a month 4. Outside resources available to the business.  The sushi can be gripped. Support Personnel The sushi lover is satisfied. Financial Information VII Summary The sushi lover is satisfied. It aims at conveyor-belt sushi. However, the quality of the sushi is not lowered. It makes an effort to offer the best food for 100 yen a plate or 200 yen. Management is started from one store first. It extends one's journey to the whole country when it is possible to get on the right track afterwards. Supporting Documentation noting View slide