Supermarket Business Plan


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Supermarket Business Plan

  1. 1. 1. INFORMATION RESEARCHER - B. 5 major points in the document that are important for the current project. 1. Deciding to the supplier. 2. Bargaining planning 3. Deciding to the management principles 4. Deciding where to sell 5. Planning for the future C. How do you think the information that you are supporting will contribute towards the final document? How should your group adopt some of the points that you mentioned in the reference articles? We think planning for the future is very nice, because it is important for us to develop my business. If we don't decide to it, Our company go out of business. And, we think deciding to the management principles is good, because we become working very harder. D. Write a paragraph explaining the link between the reference documents and the current project. Each plan are developed in supermarket market. 2. CONTENT ORGANIZER - We are preparing to start new supermarket. Our supermarket has 5 major business strategies. First, we should make sure to distribution systems of our supermarket. It is very important to start supermarket. Because if we want to sell some vegetables, we must sign with vegetable farmer and talking prices of their vegetables. In addition, we should sign different people. For example,people who carry on animal industry, fisheries industry, agricultural industry and so on. Secondly, we should fix locations. For example, address of shop, size of shop, and so on. It is important to consider to conditions of location. If we built our supermarket by the main street of our city and built more bigger shop which deal with many items and foods, many people can come our shop with a light heart. So we must be build profit our supermarket absolutely. Thirdly, we should decide target of customer's age. If we decided to seek young women, we should set up ladies' wear. So young women must be come our supermarket to buy their clothes. Therefore, it is important to consider to target of customer's age. Next, we should think about business alliance. If we have fastfood shop or restaurant, many customer can come by there after shopping or they may buy our supermarket to use this opportunity to eat fastfood or restaurant's menu at lunch time or dinner time. So we could build profit than we are not bringing in business alliance. Finally, we should think about management principles of our supermarket. Because management principles show that how we manage our supermarket. If we are understand by more customers, they must be trust our supermarket and come supermarket than ever probably.
  2. 2. These are our supermarket's business plan. If we carry out these points, we must be succeed our project. 3. PLAN DEVELOPER -