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Final pre 6

Final pre 6






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    Final pre 6 Final pre 6 Presentation Transcript

    • What is "Social Auto Share" in the slideshare website?he many slides in the this site, andpeople connect in the site. For example,you make the slide, and it upload slideshare that is looked many people forworld wide. This is social network, butpeople slide share is very difficult.There fore this site is important andconsisting feature.site is important andconsisting feature.
    • What is the purpose served by the "event" feature?Feature is people connect people in thethis website. For example, people makeslide that kind of IT technology, otherpeople look the that, and write the com-ment. From there people connect topeople that are social. Therefore, thissite want to upload slide, and look theit.
    • What is the purpose served by the "event" feature?Next event, Slide share website is con-nect the Facebook. Certain people usethe that, and look the slide share com-munity. People connect slide share andFacebook. These are social networking.
    • Write four steps to explain how one should make a good presentation?I explain good presentation for 4 steps,first, top page impact because top pageis most aspect us. Second, heading isshort, and sentence write bullet point.Third, using the picture, graphic andfigure, because these are easy viewableand give impact. Final, possible toshort slide, because that is easy lookand clearly.
    • Write three steps to explain how one should upload a document (not a presentation) in slideshare?Firstly, sign in slideshare and go to toppage, and click the upload of over page.Next, select the you want to upload filethen carefully file type select all type. Finally, you click the OK then uploadstarting.
    • Write three steps to explain how one should changethe default language of your slideshare website for viewing the content?People setting the county, but slideshare use English only. So, peopleshould be use English. And people skillup english.
    • Identify three most important steps for creating an event in slide share.I explain three steps that creating anevent in slideshare, first, you searchthe slide. Next, if you look slide isfeel uneasy, you click people name ofslide right. Final, you select more toevent, and type sentence.
    • Identify three most important steps for creating a group in slideshare.If you look feel uneasy slide, you clickit made people name. Next, you click thefollow button with people name right.Final, group is make follow and followed.