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  • 1. about Moodle S1160145 Daisuke Tochigi
  • 2. Write your own heading that explains how to use moodle for a conference website In Editing Mode, select "Add Link to File or Web Site" from the Resource menu from the content block where you want to add the link to the file
  • 3. Why is it difficult to manage learning without Moodle?
    • Free web appplication
    • 4. global development project designed to support a social
    • 5. constructionist framework of education
    • 6. originally an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented
    • 7. Dynamic Learning Environment
  • 8. How effective is moodle as a learning management system?
    • Free web application
    • 9. Possible to cooperate with php, database and Apache.
    • 10. Possible to edit it by the sense of the word processor
  • 11. How to initiate a conversation/discussion in moodle?
    • Name of this chat room
    • 12. Introduction text
    • 13. Repeat sessions
  • 14. How to design a quiz in moodle?
    • create the quiz activity and set its options which specify
    • 15. the rules for interacting with the quiz
    • 16. edit the quiz to add questions
    • 17. add quiz options
  • 18. How to submit a proposal for the conference in moodle?
    • Setting group mode of chat
    • 19. Everyone can view past sessions
  • 20. How to initiate a chat feature in moodle?
    • access the chat session page
    • 21. clicking the 'Click here to enter the chat now' link
    • 22. you will see it divided into two parts, the left one with the
    • 23. posts that appear during a given chat session and the
    • 24. right one listing the people in the chat room at the very moment
  • 25. How to design open-ended quiz in moodle?
    • By default, quizzes do not have a time limit
    • 26. Don't have to set timer