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Week13 Week13 Presentation Transcript

  • Toyotas Humbling Fall(1) Only one method "Im sorry" to say there where grandchild - of the founder of the Akio Toyota - company already did three apology in Japanreports CBS News correspondent Seria Hutton by the - nod that there is. It is a longtime tradition of here for a companyfound deceiving a citizen whether it sells a wrong product. The thought that the nod is deeper reaches. And the deeper thing is regret.
  • Toyotas Humbling Fall(2)The car manufacturer announced their salesamount of the United States on Tuesday duringFebruary — It became the reputation out ofmemory hardship of Toyota for first one month.Almost all major companies except Toyota (thesales amount declined approximately 9%)reported that two columns of percentagesincreased than sales in February, 2009. FordMotor Co. led it by 43% of jumps. And it lets youcatch the monthly top in it from General MotorsCorp. for the first time since the late 1990s.
  • Toyotas Humbling Fall(3)On the other hand, the Natl. Highway TrafficSafety Administration (NHTSA) provided worsenews in the Japanese auto giant because theToyota administration was two weeks, and itwas asked you a question to the third by amember of the Diet.When a number of the death that was doneunofficially if caused by unexpectedacceleration went up it from February more than50% by Toyota vehicle after 2000, NHTSAannounced it.
  • Toyotas Humbling Fall(4)And the Japanese Government often allows fora Japanese company to work on their problemunofficially if a bowing is over once. However,as for it, changed - is slow.When "it was pressure of the United States ofAmerica which forced that I handled thisproblem unlike having wanted to do that theywent along Toyota obviously", the Jeff Kingstone (person in charge of Asian Studies ofJapanese Temple University) said.
  • Toyotas Humbling Fall(5)The American Department of Transportationreported that NHTSA received 43 dissatisfactionfor the accident that included 52 death throughFebruary 28 on Tuesday.As of February 15, thenumber was 26 cases and 34 death."It is important that these are careful about thepoints that are not checked". Olivia Alair(spokesman of the Department ofTransportation) said, they were statements now.After collection was announced, NHTSA usuallyreceives prominence of the dissatisfaction. Andshe is added.
  • Toyotas Humbling Fall(6)Three-fourths of the fatal accident (32 in 43) wasreported to NHTSA during four months since Toyotarecalled approximately 4 million vehicles for anaccelerator pedal trapped by a floor mat in October.After Toyota recalled vehicles more than 2 million for"a pedal of something sticky" in January, 26 fatalcases were reported.By vehicle including an electronic throttle controlsystem, 41 death occurred and it please do not berelated to the Toyota authorities as the cause of thesudden unexpected acceleration that we insisted on.
  • Toyotas Humbling Fall(7)When "it was pressure of the United States of Americawhich forced that I handled this problem unlike havingwanted to do that they went along Toyota obviously",the Jeff King stone (person in charge of Asian Studiesof Japanese Temple University) said.Toyota is Japanese economic “Juggernaut”. It isapproximately 70,000 people, the last year of salesamount - 230 billion dollars and the largest companyof the country by one of the greatest employers -. And,for dozens of years, Toyota enjoyed stubborn support(such as many other main companies of here) of thegovernment.
  • Toyotas Humbling Fall(8)A government office handling industrialpromotion is the same office managing legalscholar Masao Matsumoto explained safely.They usually handle things not to delayindustrial progress.However, the disturbance on Toyota has somecritics whom I ask why the government protectsa company on people of its own while Ijeopardize life abroad. And the governmenthears it.
  • Toyotas Humbling Fall(9)38 dissatisfaction for the reckless driving Toyotavehicle is investigated now in Japan.Japanese Japanese Minister of Transport SeijiMaehara said, "I wanted to reexamine anautomatic memory process".
  • Toyotas Humbling Fall(10)In addition, the companys custom of Toyotafaces overhaul. Outside - which can discouragethe whistle-blower who is afraid of that thecompany was decided by building consensusfrom the 1950s to an employee (it can be slow)and that I advance by a single.It "is difficult to continue that it is easy tobegin".I read と, the Japanese proverb. Ialready promised that Japanese Governmentand Akio Toyota change their way, but have ahard way both ago.