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Difference between moving forward direction of motion
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Difference between moving forward direction of motion


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  • 1. Difference between moving forward direction of motion in basketball dribbling
    s1150047 Yuki Okazaki
  • 2. Abstract
    I show how the differences between novice and experienced arms dribbling basketball operations. VICON motion capture system and force plate systems are used.Markers attached to the joints of the human body motion capture suit to wear first. And get moving on the force plate. 12 cameras to shoot their movements, used to preserve the position coordinates of markers in 3D space. Motion analysis based on the data.I show how to use different arm action for beginners and inexperienced basketball dribble.
  • 3. Introduction
    The basketball pass, dribble, shoot there are three movements. Important to focus on dribbling and movement that can change the course of the game in this.Can escape dribble and pass and shoot. The firm also acquire experience that is said to be so difficult. Compare the movements of novice and experienced Therefore, to clarify the differences, and to improve the technology for beginners.
  • 4. Experiment
    SubjectsDribble moves to focus on important basketball moves. Because in order to change the course of dribbling game is crucial. And because people are not experienced but difficult to pass and shoot with learning differences.
    Measurement systemThis experiment was measured by the optical motion capture system produced by VICON in University-Business Innovation Center in Aizu campus.
    Motion capture systemThe 12 infrared cameras were operated at a sampling frequency 120Hz,its frame rate is 0.0083 sec. A set of motion capture suits used 39 markers in these experiments. 31 markers were located at each joint, and 8 markers were at their sports shoes.
    Force plate systemThe force plate system measured the floor reaction force of X-Y-Z directions with 14 plates located on the floor of the capture room. When subjects pushed these plates, this system measured the reaction forces.
  • 5. Measurenemt object
    Getting them to cooperate with right-handed subjects, focused on the right arm when dribbling the basketball.
    Shoulder, elbow, wrist, back of the hand with a marker, we compared the location of each of the three-dimensional coordinates of the marker.
    Then, the shoulder, elbow and wrist to see how differences obtained using the angle of the inner product formula.
  • 6. Analysis
    I had to help each one by one inexperienced and experienced basketball.
    The experience was participating in a regular 11-year history of basketball games. Is 174cm tall.
    No experience is no history of basketball, which have done little novice physical education. The height is 166cm.
  • 7. Results
    Inexperienced person
    Overall, small angle of the shoulder.
    Shows only the angle of the shoulder at the highest point of the ball.
    Y coordinate of the shoulder, elbow wrist (right) are all different locations.
    There are significant changes in wrist angle.
    The experience
    Greater overall angle of the shoulder.
    To change the angle of the shoulder smoothly.
    Wrist elbow is equal to the Y position coordinate direction of travel.
    Little change is seen in wrist angle, change can be seen only when you release the ball from the hand.
  • 8. Conclusions
    Inexperienced person
    Not use too much shoulder and elbow, wrist with a dribble.
    Has been dribbling out the direction perpendicular to the forward progress of the shoulder, elbow wrist at all times.
    The experience
    Use the shoulder and elbow, wrist without dribbling to much.
    When the ball is attached to the hand, tend to be parallel to the direction of travel to the elbows and wrists.