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How rakuten is_planning_to_run_their_entire_bu
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How rakuten is_planning_to_run_their_entire_bu


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  • 1. How Rakuten is planning torun their entire business in English? s1150010 Kazuma Arimori
  • 2. Content1. First Rakuten that established2. Why English is needed in Rakuten company3. Advantages in using English as an Official Language4. Creating environment for employee to study English5. Rakutens other strategies6. Mikitani has said four things since established Rakuten7. Employee requests to Rakuten8. Reference
  • 3. First Rakuten that established First In sales of the first moon, the circulation total was 320,000 yen. About 180,000 yen were bought for myself sooner or later. It was a cellular phone that sold first. There were critical a lot of voices to the business of this company.
  • 4. Why English is needed in Rakuten companyRakuten work together not only Japanese companybut also foreign company.There are many people that foreigner working inRakuten.Rakuten has a lot of customer as foreigner.
  • 5. Advantages in using English as an Official Language People of the first class gather from foreign countries. The foreigner whose talent cost is cheaper than Japan can be employed. It is possible to make it to the company that passes to the world.
  • 6. Creating environment for employee to study EnglishRakuten employees are under a lot of pressure tolearn English. 200 employees out of 3,000 working at theheadquarters take lessons from Berlitz Japan Inc. Everybody spends their own money for lessonsand is committed to learning English. Rakuten is not providing financial support forlessons, but Berlitz offers a discount.
  • 7. Rakutens other strategiesRakuten Inc is announcing it will make English itsofficial language by 2012.All internal meetings will be in English whetherforeigners are present or not.Members who cant speak English in two yearswill be fired. Board meetings and weekly all-companymeetings have been in English since March.
  • 8. Mikitani has said four things since established Rakuten1. The Internet becomes more convenient more easily.2. The Internet spreads explosively.3. The Japanese comes to buy the thing on the Internet.4. Circulation changes on the Internet.
  • 9. Employee requests to Rakuten1. It always improves, and it always advances.2. It is considered that it is a business group with the professionalism.3. The hypothesis is done, executed, and verified.4. It is maximization of customer satisfaction.5. Speed!!Speed!!!Speed!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 10. Reference