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Presentation Tw Presentation Tw Presentation Transcript

  • Linking system between two vehicles using GPS s1140176 Tatsuya Hasegawa
  • Contents
    • Background
    • Purpose
    • Problem
    • Solution
    • Model
    • Problem
    • How to measure distance
    • Route check
    • Future works
  • Background
    • Communication is possible anytime in real time.
    • The communication between drivers are necessary in the ITS in the future.
    • The accident by operating the car navigation system and the cellular phone, happens frequently.
  • Purpose
    • Develop the group traveling support system
    • The driving support system matched to user's situation without using communication tool such as cell phone.
  • Problem
    • How to measure distance between two vehicles.
    • How to check route that the leading vehicle passed through.
  • Solution
    • Calculate total mileage of each vehicle.
    •      ↓
    •   Total mileage of the following subtract from total mileage of the leading.
    • Calculate direction to current coordinate from last received coordinates
    •      ↓
    •   By calculating movement direction, the route is checked.
  • Model -How to measure distance- Measuring the distance between two vehicle
  • Model –route check- Check whether the following vehicle runs the same route with the leading vehicle This is wrong route!
  • How to measure distance The coordinate information Angle  ⇒  convert radiun A is radius of the earth. A = 6378137m ⊿ X is the displacement in longitude direction ⊿ Y is the displacement in latitude direction Measure the distance between two points
  • How to measure distance Calculate the run mileage The difference of each mileage is calculated.
  • Route check A lean of the leading vehicle to time t from time t-1 A lean of the following vehicle to time t’ from time t’-1 First quadrant or third quadrant Second quadrant or fourth quadrant
  • Route check First quadrant Secondquadrant Third quadrant Fourth quadrant North East
  • Route check If the quadrant of F( t) equals the quadrant of F’(t’), the following vehicle run the same route with the leading vehicle. 第1象限と第3象限、 第2象限と第4象限の区別 The quadrant of = the quadrant of The difference of first quadrant and third quadrant First quadrant Third quadrant The difference of second quadrant and fourth quadrant Fourth quadrant Second quadrant
  • Future works
    • How communicate with two divices
    • Improve the demonstration