Business Process Enhancement Through Correlation Technology


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Enterprises are constantly in search of new ways to improve effectiveness, efficiency, internal control and compliance by utilizing software systems to manage business processes. This document identifies and de-constructs mission-critical processes of enterprise management, operational and support practices and describes how Correlation Technology can provide a new and unique solution.

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Business Process Enhancement Through Correlation Technology

  1. 1. The Correlation Technology Solution Business Processes Driven By Correlation Technology For Business Inquiries: Contact: Carl Wimmer For Technical Inquiries: Contact: Mark Bobick Mobile: (702) 767-7001 Mobile: (702) 882-5664 COPYRIGHT 2O1O MAKE SENCE FLORIDA, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED DISTRIBUTION WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION OF MAKE SENCE FLORIDA, INC IS PROHIBITED 1
  2. 2. Business Processes Driven By Correlation Technology Whatever your industry or enterprise, whatever products or services are delivered by your company to clients, customers and consumers… If many companies in your vertical market sector are experiencing problems with mission-critical management, operational and supporting processes… You should know that a breakthrough technology called Correlation Technology can offer a completely new and unique solution. Correlation Technology-based solutions are being independently developed for use in many vertical market sectors right now. All these solutions will be built on the Correlation Technology Platform which will power enterprise software applications in specific vertical market sectors -- solving fundamental business problems in a way that has never been done before. 2
  3. 3. Management Processes Critical Processes The Correlation Technology Solution •Corporate Governance Correlation Technology connects information in a unique way to provide richer, more indepth and actionable intelligence. •Strategic Management •Resource Management •Regulatory Compliance •Operational Due Diligence Correlation Technology breaks down corporate data into “Knowledge Fragments.” By connecting these Knowledge Fragments, the full spectrum of relationships required to perform these mission-critical functions can be discovered and exposed. Correlation Technology solutions allow management to “connect-the-dots” despite data silos, legacy systems, and organizational impediments. 3
  4. 4. Operational Processes Critical Processes The Correlation Technology Solution •Operational Intelligence/Business In a petabyte world of streaming information, the necessity for efficient real-time analysis and Process Intelligence effective response is paramount. •Complex Event Processing •Operational Responsiveness •Advertising •Marketing A Correlation Technology-based solution utilizes Knowledge Fragments to rapidly identify, react and evolve in real-time to any internal or external event. Automatically detect and respond to events that create interruptions or bottlenecks, or model the impact of events for better product placement or marketing strategy. A Correlation Technology solution in your vertical market sector can streamline business operations and ensure the value of your business processes remain consistently high in 4 an ever-changing market environment.
  5. 5. Supporting Processes Critical Processes The Correlation Technology Solution •Recruitment Information drives business. Supporting processes back up the core functions of your enterprise by managing raw data gathered from external sources. Traditional solutions can exclude or overlook vital data, yielding unsatisfactory results. •Qualitative Research •Call Centers •Technical Support The connections found by Correlation Technology can enhance the way your enterprise utilizes data to discover new, more in-depth knowledge. Your company can utilize this knowledge to develop actionable intelligence to build the best team and excel at customer relations and 5 acquisition.
  6. 6. The Correlation Technology Solution Correlation Technology represents a technological revolution in management, operational and support process implementation. Effectiveness – A Correlation Technology-based application specialized for vertical market sectors and enterprise needs can better implement business process solutions where expensive and complex existing solutions perform poorly Efficiency – The correlation process utilized by the Correlation Technology Platform works more directly and naturally with enterprise data than existing solutions, and can simplify the execution of mission-critical business processes Internal Control – The business processes supporting internal control will be radically improved by the introduction of Correlation Technology-driven solutions. Correlation Technology can link internal control metrics to every data silo, every organizational unit, every manager and employee, and every business operation Compliance – Adherence to external statutes and policies can be improved by adoption of Correlation Technology-based solutions. Compliance of all enterprise policies and processes governed by international, national or regional regulations can be illustrated and verified by less intrusive, low-ceremony Correlation Technologydriven software tools 6
  7. 7. A number of uses for Correlation Technology have already been identified in more than twenty different vertical market sectors. If you are an entrepreneur with business interests in the management, operational or support processes sector, CALL OR EMAIL ASK FOR A LIVE WEBEX DEMONSTRATION Our team of consultants, technicians and analysts will work with you to discover how Correlation Technology can be applied to enterprise business processes. For Business Inquiries: Contact: Carl Wimmer Mobile: (702) 767-7001 For Technical Inquiries: Contact: Mark Bobick Mobile: (702) 882-5664 7