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Comparison essay

  1. 1. -1047115-91440000<br />-932815-91440000<br />Comparison Essay<br />-Da Eun Kim<br />Everyone in the world knows the novel and the movie Harry Potter but have you ever thought about the differences between them? The novel Harry Potter has some events, which the movie doesn’t have, and the movie has stories, which the novel doesn’t have, too. In the world, there are many movies that made out of well-written books such as About a Boy. The novel and the movie About a Boy are about Marcus, a 12 year-old-boy who has a problem with his school and Will Freeman, a 36-year-old man who doesn’t like to have complicated relationship and has no job. There are some differences between them in characters, plots and settings. <br />One of the differences between the novel and the movie About a Boy is characters. In the novel, Fiona, Marcus’ mother didn’t really change the way of thinking about Marcus. She made Marcus to listen to singers from the 1960s like Joni Mitchell and made him to be vegetarian and she believed that Marcus was fine. However, she changed the thinking about Marcus by asking him to go to McDonald’s in the movie. Moreover, one of the characters, Ellie who is Marcus’ friend broke the window and she was very immature in the novel. In contrast to novel, she took care of Marcus and in the concert, she hit children’s head who laughed at Marcus so she was very different from novel. <br />Another difference is the plot. In the novel, Marcus met Ellie for the first time outside of the headmaster’s room because Marcus’ shoes had been stolen and there was a problem with Ellie’s sweatshirt. On the other hand, Marcus met Ellie for the first time in hallway when Marcus listened to music of black American rapper in the movie. In addition, other difference of plots is that while Marcus went to King’s Cross station to go to his father because his father had car accident, Marcus signed up for school concert to make his mother happy in the movie. <br />Finally, the last difference between movie and the novel is the setting. In the novel, Marcus and Ellie went to Marcus’ father and the setting is King’s cross station. However, in the movie, Marcus signed up for the concert so the setting was school concert. Other difference is that at the resolution, Will, Fiona and Marcus went to Fiona’s house in novel but Will, Fiona, Marcus, Ali, Rachel and Ellie went to Will’s house for Christmas party in the movie so the settings are different. <br />The novel and the movie About a Boy have some differences in characters, plots and settings. The novel and the movie both have their own strengths and weaknesses. I like the movie better than novel because the movie has more interesting resolution and plots. It’s because that I can see clearly that Will really takes care of Marcus by playing guitar with Marcus and sang the song, which he usually felt ashamed when he is singing in the concert but in the novel, he just talked with Fiona and even though it helped Fiona, he decided to talk with Fiona because of Rachel.<br />