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  1. 1. Settlements That Change Over Time
  2. 2. How has London Changed? London
  3. 3. London 1900 In 1900, London has lots of horse cars and I think only rich people get to ride on it because most of the people is walking and in that time. I think most of the people Is poor. I think London at that time was also a port town and a market town because I see lots of people selling things.
  4. 4. London 1950 In 1950 London there begin to have airports and have more advanced technology I now seecars running on the road and there was another bridge built. The buildings also isto be taller then the 1900’s.
  5. 5. London 2000 London in 2000 develops super fast now tall buildings, fashion streets and downtown skyscrapers are all up. London is now a port city, industrial city, tourist city and also a industrial city! Buildings in London are not really tall in the old part of the city but now in the downtown which is the new part there is lots of tall buildings.
  6. 6. How has Paris Changed? Paris
  7. 7. Paris 1900 Paris in 1900 was like a market town because here has a lots of places to sell things like in the Eiffel tower where the world exhibition is held, and champ Elysees street .
  8. 8. Paris 1950 Paris in 1950 develops very fast they now have city trains running on the roads just like now! I think Paris in 1950 wasa market city, industrial city but thenalso a tourist place. This wasbecause that in 1950 there is technology to travel so now people from all the other countries can see the Eiffel tower and the Louvre museum!
  9. 9. Paris 2000 Paris now is a really big city it has two parts of the city one part is the new part and one is the old one. Some of Paris’s old buildings had been reconstructed so it looks newer. The city of Paris now has changed in to a big tourist city but not industrial city anymore, but it is still a market tow because the tourists would like to go shopping in the Elysees street.
  10. 10. Beijing How Has Beijing Changed?
  11. 11. Beijing 1900 Beijing in 1900 is almost ending the emperor stage of leader ship, this is when it wasthe last emperor was leading china in Beijing. Beijing in 1900 wasalso been attacked by Japanese army so many houses had been destroyed. Beijing in that time is taking the role of Government city.
  12. 12. Beijing 1950 1949 iswhen the war ended and when china is established as a country, the people in 1950 just got used to the days without war and armies going in and out. In 1950 Beijing has lots of shops around selling food, toys and etc. Beijing’s development was not that fast in 1950 because there is not lots of people that are highly educated.
  13. 13. Beijing 2000 Beijing in 2000-2010 is a big market and tourist town but it is also a place where lots of big companies head quarters are, especially the CBD area. Beijing had changed a lot when there is not even one tourist to millions of tourist. The people in Beijing also had became more rich.