Year 7 Introduction to Dewey Decimal Classification


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I started by telling them a silly story about Mr Dewey, his wife, and their big house which was full of books. obviously when his wife couldn't find her favourite cookery book she set him the task of sorting all the books out to make it easier to find what you want.
The story explains how he organised all of knowledge into the 10 main subject areas and then gave them subject numbers. The students are then given a floor plan of his house and have to label each room with the main subject area, the main Dewey Shelf number and then run around the MRC shelves to find each subject area, note the colour on the spine labels and then finally colour in their floor plan.…-programme-ddc/

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Year 7 Introduction to Dewey Decimal Classification

  1. 1. Information Literacy: Non-FictionAt the end of this session you will be able to.... Locate Non-Fiction Books Information LiteracyAt the end of this session you will know.... How the Non-Fiction books are ordered How to use the Non-Fiction Spine labels How to find Non-Fiction Books by main subject area & colour
  2. 2. Information Literacy: Non-FictionAre you sitting comfortably? Information Literacy Melville Dewey
  3. 3. Information Literacy: Non-FictionRoom 1 = Thinking = 100’sRoom 2 = Religions = 200’sRoom 3 = Community = 300’s Information LiteracyRoom 4 = Languages = 400’sRoom 5 = Sciences = 500’sRoom 6 = Technology = 600’sRoom 7 = Sports, Arts & Hobbies = 700’sRoom 8 = Literature = 800’sRoom 9 = History & Geography = 900’sRoom 10 = Reference e.g. Encyclopedias = 000’s
  4. 4. Information Literacy: Non-FictionThe next challenge is to complete the map of Mr Dewey’s house. Information Literacy Write the correct Dewey number and the main subject in each roomDon’t worry I’ll put the previous screen back on for you But beware – things will start disappearing so write quickly........
  5. 5. Information Literacy: Non-FictionRoom 1 = 100’s = ThinkingRoom 2 = 200’s = ReligionsRoom 3 = 300’s = Community Information LiteracyRoom 4 = 400’s = LanguagesRoom 5 = 500’s = SciencesRoom 6 = 600’s = TechnologyRoom 7 = 700’s = Sports, Arts & HobbiesRoom 8 = 800’s = LiteratureRoom 9 = 900’s = History & GeographyRoom 10 = 000’s = Reference e.g. Encyclopedias
  6. 6. Information Literacy: Non-FictionTo complete the challenge we will need to go into the MRC Each section has a certain colour spine label Information Literacy In pairs your challenge is to find out the colour of the spine labels for each section Then colour in your map of Mr Dewey’s house