Preview book revealed!- secret wisdom of successful communities and cultures


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Preview book revealed!- secret wisdom of successful communities and cultures

  1. 1. Title Page Revealed! Secret Wisdom of Successful Communities and Cultures Anshuman Sharma
  2. 2. Copyright Copyright © 2012 Anshuman Sharma All Rights Reserved ISBN : 978-1-300-19152-0
  3. 3. Dedication Dedication To my beautiful daughters Gunn and Kli To my gorgeous wife Nilam
  4. 4. ContentsCONTENTSTitle PageCopyrightDedicationContentsIntroductionSecret 1 - Hard-work worksSecret 2 - Move out of your comfort zoneSecret 3 - Envision the path before startingSecret 4 - Know a person in his critical timeSecret 5 - Bring out your bestSecret 6 - Rule of 80:20Secret 7 - Believe in your dreamsSecret 8 - Understand the dynamics of every systemSecret 9 - You control your lifeSecret 10 - Know what you want in lifeSecret 11 - Put yourself in the positive loopSecret 12 - Will-power makes your waySecret 13 - Opportunities in problemsSecret 14 - Money deserves its respectSecret 15 - CommitmentSecret 16 - Power deserves its respectSecret 17 - Give power to your wordsSecret 18 - Control your daySecret 19 - Bring simplicity in thoughtsSecret 20 - Nothing is impossible
  5. 5. Secret 21 - Bring simplicity in communicationsSecret 22 - Have faith on somethingSecret 23 - To gain mastery, practiceSecret 24 - Start early, as habits build over timeSecret 25 - Think deeplySecret 26 - Put soul in your thingsSecret 27 - Be extremely practicalSecret 28 - Journey is more interesting than the destinationSecret 29 - Have right logic for every decisionSecret 30 - Reject fearSecret 31 - Proceed for actionSecret 32 - Avoid conflictsSecret 33 - Everything in Life is a miracleSecret 34 - Avoid time and energy wastersSecret 35 - Problems can never stop a winnerSecret 36 - Do what you likeSecret 37 - Destiny needs to be managedSecret 38 - Recognize and connect with right peopleSecret 39 - Be a force or be the part of forceSecret 40 - Never accept anything freeSecret 41 - Feel the beauty with heartSecret 42 - Do what is rightSecret 43 - Build the power of communitySecret 44 - Do what you are good atSecret 45 - Have an adventurous lifeSecret 46 - Never let geographical boundaries restrict your successSecret 47 - Realize the universe inside youSecret 48 - Be internally driven
  6. 6. Secret 49 - Know thyselfSecret 50 - Be straightforward and clearSecret 51 - Scrutinize with your heartSecret 52 - Your dreams have senseSecret 53 - Use latest available tools and technology to get aheadSecret 54 - Never speak false to selfSecret 55 - Know the right timingSecret 56 - Why get disappointed in future?Secret 57 - Take the road less travelledSecret 58 - Contribute in lifeSecret 59 - Fill yourself with hopeSecret 60 - Keep eye on resultsSecret 61 - Live in presentSecret 62 - Never give upSecret 63 - Keep hurry to minimumSecret 64 - Let nothing obstruct youSecret 65 - Have big ambitions in lifeSecret 66 - Smile at painSecret 67 - Complete it nowSecret 68 - Hard times never lastSecret 69 - Let money and people work for youSecret 70 - Attitude defines youSecret 71 - Laugh a lotSecret 72 - Law of reciprocitySecret 73 - Complete the taskSecret 74 - Appreciate your free giftsSecret 75 - Be presentableSecret 76 - Understand the power of love
  7. 7. Secret 77 - Avoid ‘too much’ analysisSecret 78 - Be away from bad habitsSecret 79 - Have passion in lifeSecret 80 - Live after deathSecret 81 - Be credible and trustworthySecret 82 - Be what you can beSecret 83 - Find need, discover solutionsSecret 84 - Self-claritySecret 85 - Consider yourself blessedSecret 86 - Strength in visualizationSecret 87 - Enjoy every day of LifeSecret 88 - Actions are louderSecret 89 - Avoid irrelevant stuffSecret 90 - Learn from experienceSecret 91 - Dream big with open eyesSecret 92 - ExploreSecret 93 - You will have your daySecret 94 - Only you can make yourself InferiorSecret 95 - Work in teamSecret 96 - First change selfSecret 97 - Be your best selfSecret 98 - Know the power of self-beliefSecret 99 - The time is rightSecret 100 - Whatever you do, do it at your bestSecret 101 - Aim HighAbout Author
  8. 8. Introduction We know that the only constant is change which is responsible for enriching the lifeof people and propelling humanity forward. Trends define the demands of people fornew products and services which keep changing with time. Companies put hugeresources and funds in research and development to create new products and capturethe market share in their industries. New technologies keep evolving which augmentperformance of people by improving connectivity, providing new tools and knowledgesharing. Companies keep working on new business models for their companies to adjustto the changing times. Individuals also change with time. The environment affects their behavior and theirviews about the world. People have evolved with time and have adopted new ways topresent and express themselves. The fashion keeps changing fast, carrying a largenumber of people with it. Society has itself changed a lot and has affected the people in one way or the other.The family system has graduated to a new level and many previously unacceptablepractices have gained acceptance in the society. Various micro and macro factors keepinfluencing the way people live in the society affecting their decisions and actions.Experiences are one of the biggest drivers of change; laws are modified based upontheir desired impact in the society. Constitutions are amended based upon the demandsand expectations of the citizens of the country. But there is something which neverchanges and remains universal to humanity.
  9. 9. These are the set of rules for humans which remain true and deliver results in everyera and at every place. They are simple to understand and have straight interpretation.Successful people in every generation have quoted them again and again as the mainreason for their success. These rules bring the best out of them making them performfeats which looked impossible for others. As every human has the same potential butonly few of them are able to perform extraordinary, these rules are the foundation forthat difference. Many communities strictly follow some basic rules which make them successful andprosperous. They make these principles a part of their culture by associating them withreligion or to the uniqueness of their community. They have learned these rules throughgenerations of trial and error, over a long period of time. With time these becomesbeliefs, which guides and defines the actions of the members of community. Some ofthese principles run in the cultures of successful families, in which elders imbibe the coreof their beliefs in their young ones. The fundamentals of these rules remain same whilethe interpretation and way of conceiving them may change from generation togeneration. This book discusses these principles, in brief, and delivers the required message inlimited number of words. It specifies each rule in few sentences followed by thoughts toimplement them in your life. You need not follow the suggestions and find a way forimplementation which suits you. The only objective is to make the reader understandthe value of these rules and to motivate her to take required steps for implementingthem in life. The value addition by these principles in the lives of the readers wouldconvince them to include this learning into their lives to achieve their dreams and to getsuccess in their endeavors. To write this book we identified the success principles of various cultures andcommunities which they transfer to their next generation. Generally each community
  10. 10. has only specific values which are considered as the foundation for their strength andexclusivity. We have tried to understand these fundamental principles of these culturesand present them in this work. To keep everything simple we have specified the conceptand left it to the reader to comprehend and implement it in their own way in life. There is no prescribed way to read the book, as each chapter is mutually exclusiveand describes one principle in brief. The idea specified in each chapter should beconsidered as the starting point of understanding and experiencing the concept.
  11. 11. Secret 1 - Hard-work works One of the main factor which differentiate between and an unsuccessful person andachiever is hard work. A hardworking person is a winner in every way. Hard work islinked to physical capacity, will power, commitment and optimism. A person toilingneeds to have commitment to keep working hard, which would be backed by her willpower. This person also requires optimism and sincerity to keep working hard to getresults. People sometimes get confused with hard work and smart work, saying thatworking hard is old school of thought while today’s market requires ‘smart work’. In fact,these types of people are ‘definitely not smart’ who try to defend their laziness andhabit of procrastination in the shadow of smart work. It is required to clarify that almostall hardworking people are ‘Working Hard, Smartly’, which means that they are reallysmart people who are working hard. How would you define yourself, hard worker, smart worker or hardworking personworking smartly? Can your work be done in a better or smarter way? You always need tobe aware about the aspects in which you are highly productive, sharp and dynamic.
  12. 12. Secret 2 - Move out of your comfort zone As human beings we are all tuned to avoid pain of any type and in any way. Wetend to create a comfort zone for us in which we feel easy, protected and relaxed. Thenegative of this zone is that it makes us risk averse and complacent while making usweak and incompetent. We need to break out of our comfort zone and put ourselvesinto conditions in which we are required to perform and take uncomfortable decisions,as it would bring the best out of us. If you dream and have big ambitions in life then you will need to move out of yourcomfort zone and take required decisions and actions. Each winner takes tough butrequired initiations to achieve their goals. These are sincere people who understandtheir responsibilities and enjoy every moment of it.
  13. 13. About Author Anshuman is an entrepreneur and investor and has been instrumental in nurturingmany successful companies. He has created of several profitable companies in variousdomains. He is also involved in supporting development of several other organizations.In business, his interests lie in cutting edge technologies and innovative services. His guidance has helped many businessman, investors and entrepreneurs tosucceed in their objectives. He has also supported several entrepreneurship cells andincubation centers. He is an engineer and a management graduate. He can be reached