Who Is Jason Fonceca?


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I'm a creative genius who came through a life of mediocrity and failure, to be a success-coach for people like YOU.

Rise up at http://ryzeonline.com

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Who Is Jason Fonceca?

  1. 1. WHO IS JASON? I‘m a shot of adrenaline for your soul. I‘m a magnifying glass for success. I‘m sunshine on the garden you‘ve already planted.
  2. 2. WHO IS JASON? Since I was a child I‘ve deeply loved three things: Clarity, Creativity & Success. Those three things shine through everything I do, they‘re like breathing.
  3. 3. WHO IS JASON? The next 10 slides are testimonials, to give you a vibe of what others feel when they connect with me. They are powerful and moving, and are my personal favourite cornerstones. I‘d love for you to feel the same. ―…It‘s people like yourself who change the world.‖ — Jay Shaw, Toronto
  4. 4. WHO IS JASON? ―…i love how you drip positivity. truly. it‘s quite amazing.‖ — Rachelle Webb, Eco-centric Guide
  5. 5. WHO IS JASON? "Jason, YOU ROCK!!! You turned my nightmare into a dream. You are the salve that soothes exposed nerve ends. What I have learned from you, I will never forget. Now, I can move forward. I am grateful!!! Love ya!― — Kim Sibbit, Art Healer
  6. 6. WHO IS JASON? ―Through listening, questioning, love & support Jason helped me to open my own door and walk into the dream life I have always wanted. Abundance now comes in my life where it used to be dark and for the first time I can honestly say I am truly living. Thank you Jay for empowering me to live the life I have imagined. I love you.‖ — Tori Mongrain, Epic Artist
  7. 7. WHO IS JASON? ―You have a compassionate talent to see through spiritual blur! Thank you… And being a sort of spiritual binoculars for those lost in translation, Jason! :)‖ — Michi Lantz, Writer
  8. 8. WHO IS JASON? ―I have to say you are one of the nicest people I have ever met. Thank you — you bring good things to this world.‖ — Cheryl Dorricott, Body Togs Canada
  9. 9. WHO IS JASON? "In my many conversations with Jason Fonceca, I‘ve come to realize how important thought-management truly is. He‘s a man who totally changed his mindset for the better and now he‘s living his dreams. Through [Ryze], he’ll motivate you to do the same. Thank you for everything!― — Dave Mendonca, Mediapreneur
  10. 10. WHO IS JASON? ―I went back to Jason, who took my ideas and turned them into gold. He takes little seed ideas and turns them into beautiful, thriving gardens. You feel fantastic after working with him, and you‘ll see all the possibility that the world has to offer. Work turns into play, and time flies by as ideas snowball into projects. Its an absolute pleasure to collaborate with him at any level. He brings a powerhouse of energy, enthusiasm, passion, ideas and massive value. Jason Fonceca is a walking goldmine.‖ — Melodie Moore, Hoop Dancer
  11. 11. WHO IS JASON? ―Considering you had very little to work with, you painted an extraordinary picture…I am very impressed you did all that so quickly. You have great talents, you‘re artistic, you‘re passionate and you work fast… you have really good energy dude and you are worth your weight in gold.― — Sonnie Trotter, Leading Rock-Climber
  12. 12. WHO IS JASON? ―Providing a testimonial puts my credibility on the line, so I am VERY particular for whom I will write one. Most often I politely decline. Five minutes after meeting him I knew that my search was over… Over the past year Jason has become not only a person with whom I am pleased to do business, but a friend as well. He also drinks my coffee, that‘s got to say something. I have no hesitation signing my name to this. My credibility is in good hands.‖ — Paul Spiar, Entrepreneur
  13. 13. WHO IS JASON? "When I was diagnosed with chronic depression, it was a constant battle to be continually happy. Jason made it a point to tell me how valuable I was and to explain why the world needed my ideas and insight. Together we‘d find the root of the fear and with his help I was able to release things that kept me from being a happy person. I feel like a free man all because [Jason] tried that extra bit harder to help someone who everyone thought was unreachable. Being around [Jason] is being around happiness and goodness and everyone would do well to be where he‘s going."— Kheiran Khan, Gamer
  14. 14. WHO IS JASON? ―Jason Fonceca is selfless, helpful, intelligent, friendly, etc. – and I‘m extremely thankful for his friendship. His presence…it’s a comfortable welcoming understanding in a random, chaotic tumultuous world. I‘m glad our friendship is genuine… If that‘s not marketed, it should be. ‗Genu Wine.‘ ― — Adam Potts, Bd. CAF
  15. 15. WHO IS JASON? "Jason, I am beyond moved. I am riddled with goosebumps, I haven‘t resonated so much with anything in a long time and I‘m continuing to be amazed with how your articles help me to consciously align my thoughts to exactly where I want them to be. Thanks for igniting even more of a spark in me! What I really enjoy is how you have such a widespread knowledge of so many teachers out there and are able to put it into your own words. I really appreciate having someone in my life who can see my varied aspects, and tighten up, and polish them. Thank you.― — Martin Lotsberg, Dream Realizer
  16. 16. WHO IS JASON? You May Be Wondering… Is Jason Successful? Hell yes I am. Every testimonial I have is already enough for me to die happy. I touch people‘s lives, I wake up every day and do what I love. I‘m successful by the only measuring stick that matters…
  18. 18. WHO IS JASON? I‘ve been happy while homeless, happy while in jail, happy while being betrayed, happy while being misunderstood,happy through 8 failed businesses in 6 years,and throughout it all I continued creating my art and sharing my work.
  19. 19. WHO IS JASON?I‘ve had the awesome experience of making tons of money straight out of high-school, ceiling-less for as many hours as I wanted… …and I‘ve had the oh-so-interesting experience of being beyond broke, homeless and feeling my financial word become almost worthless. I’ve done it all ;)
  20. 20. WHO IS JASON? Through all these ups-and-downs, I felt like a walking success-story, and that‘s a precious feeling. I can help you feel it too.
  21. 21. WHO IS JASON? Life is a series of moments, and if you can get 99% of yours to be happy ones… THAT’S PRETTY F#$@ING SUCCESSFUL.
  22. 22. WHO IS JASON? I‘ve touched hundreds of lives and done what I love and not once have I had to return to the life I left behind. I‘m Jason Fonceca, and I help you to rise. Sign-up and Ryze up.