Ryze Vs. Tony Robbins


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Ryze Vs. Tony Robbins

  1. 1. DIFFERENT FROM TONY RYZE VS. TONY ROBBINS Ryze is different from Tony Robbins…. …but there’s lots of similarities, Tony’s awesome.
  2. 2. DIFFERENT FROM TONY TONY ROBBINS ROCKSTony Robbins is brilliant, absolutely brilliant.
  3. 3. DIFFERENT FROM TONYHE HELPS YOU SUCCEED Hell take your life and help you do a complete 180, and he does it through his own awesome personality.
  4. 4. DIFFERENT FROM TONY TONY & RYZE ARE SIMILAR Tonys stuff is probably the most polished in the industry, and I love it. Tony’s comfortable working with famous people like Andre Agassi and Serena Williams. He also aims to make things fun.
  5. 5. DIFFERENT FROM TONY HE’S HIGH ENERGY TOO So am I.Actually, Tony and I are very similar. I like him a lot. 
  6. 6. DIFFERENT FROM TONY I FOLLOW IN HIS FOOTSTEPS He makes success fun. Me too. He makes success attractive. Me too.He’s cool with famous people. Me too.He’s high-energy & passionate. Me too.
  7. 7. DIFFERENT FROM TONY A KEY DIFFERENCEA key difference between Ryze and all the other success-teachers is that they dont really have a sticky, highly-shareable brand, and we do.I mean, Ryze is a freakin verb. It’s logo is solid. It’s tagline matters: Ryze up :)
  8. 8. DIFFERENT FROM TONY NOT ONLY THAT… …I understand blogs, twitter, social media and more. I’m extremely artistic and able to explain things visually in very powerful ways.
  9. 9. DIFFERENT FROM TONY RYZE & THE EXTRA MILE There are people Tony doesn’t really speak to. I can connect with the element of society most success-coaches dont. I can connect with rappers and artists, geeks, big-spenders and party-ers.
  10. 10. DIFFERENT FROM TONY WHY? Because theyre people too. Because I dont judge, and Im fearless.
  11. 11. DIFFERENT FROM TONY BECAUSE… Because I understand; because I can attract the right ones; the ones who are ready to ryze up. Because I loverap, I love music, I love movies, I love media... I love... comics, games, andart. I love money, fame, and sex. I love it all.
  12. 12. DIFFERENT FROM TONY RYZE SEES BEAUTY I see and appreciate all the beautiful creations people make that most of the personal development community shies away from. They say “Oh... thats too violent, I cant look at it“, or “Oh, theres children watching, thats inappropriate." and then they write off the creators.
  13. 13. DIFFERENT FROM TONY SEE BEAUTY IN ALL I can see the beauty in porn. A lot of people will tell you it ruins relationships and sucks away energy and so on -- and yes... it can.But it doesnt have to, and Ryze is not afraid to talk about it.
  14. 14. DIFFERENT FROM TONY HELP THE UNDERSERVEDSee, Im eager to do whatever I can for these underserved groups. Theyre neglected by the personal development community. They generally dont find their way to success-principles very quickly.
  15. 15. DIFFERENT FROM TONY WHY LEAVE THEM OUT? What… a person cant remain in therap game, and read Gary Zukav? Jay- Z did it. A person cant remain in the pornindustry and read "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish?" to kids? Sasha Grey did it.
  16. 16. DIFFERENT FROM TONY ALL SHALL RYZE Everyone deserves to Ryze, andcontribute to others as best as they can. Sign-up and Ryze up at RyzeOnline.com.