Writing Ads for Autos Classified Sites That Work


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Ryan Thompson takes you through

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Writing Ads for Autos Classified Sites That Work

  1. 1. Webinar: Writing Ads for Online Classified Sites that Work
  2. 2. Housekeeping• Use Chat to ask questions• Make sure you are muted
  3. 3. Presenter: Ryan ThompsonAbout Me:• Head of Sales, Kijiji Autos• Founder of the blog http://thedealergeek.com• 6 years dealer experience• 4 years vendor experience
  4. 4. Co Host: Stephane LubinAbout Me:• National Inside Sales Manager, Kijiji Autos• Avid car enthusiast•9 Years Online Remarketing experience•Twitter account @stephanelubin1
  5. 5. Co Host: Cameron ColemanAbout Me• Been with Kijiji for a year and a half in sales and account management• Expertise in online lead generation• Generally an all around good guy
  6. 6. Today’s Agenda• Classified Sites – Deep Dive• How we search (Live Demo)• Go Viral – Snow blower Example• Anatomy of an Auto Ad • Headlines • Descriptions • Pictures • Price = Thompson Tip•10 Ways to Make Your Ads Matter• Questions
  7. 7. Classified Sites Deep Dive• Ads originated from newspapers• Often Short• Advertisements grouped intocategories or classes = Classified Sites• Newspaper’s revenue from classifiedads is decreasing as internet classifiedsites grow• Classified sites are ideal for auto, realestate, and jobs.• Visitors want a selection and variety tocompare side by side
  8. 8. Live Search Example
  9. 9. Go Viral• Imagine having an ad like this with your branding all over the page 477,617 Views!
  10. 10. Viral: Ad Gets Picked up by the Press
  11. 11. Anatomy of an Auto Ad Headlines Descriptions Pictures Price
  12. 12. HeadlinesHeadlines are CRITICAL for generating views to your vehicle listing – you need to capture the users interest from your competition
  13. 13. Headlines - The Norm •Year, Make, and Model Only •Trim Level Left Out •No Highlight of Unique Features •Leave Out Certified and CarProof •No mention of low KMs •Essentially not fully utilizing the headline space…
  14. 14. Headlines that “Pop”•Trim Level Added•Highlight Key Features•Single Owner Highlight•Canadian Car Added•Special Engine Added•USE THE SPACE!!!
  15. 15. Headlines: $8000 - $10000 Toyota Corolla Search
  16. 16. Headlines: $8000 - $10000 Honda Civic Search
  17. 17. Headlines - Things to Consider• Add Trim (CX, CXL, Limited)• What makes this car special (engine, color)• Should I add a payment? Finance Rates?• One owner, Vehicle History• Don’t overlook: Bluetooth, Ipod Jack, XM Radio• Think about how users search – what are they typing in search engines?• Have some fun with it , we aren’t selling medical equipment
  18. 18. Vehicle Description: The Bad•One Picture•Highlight bad O2 sensor•No added detail•No CarProof report•Missing the story…
  19. 19. Vehicle Description: The Bad
  20. 20. Vehicle Description: To Good for a Description? • NO description at all? Why not explain what the Mercedes Certified program includes?
  21. 21. Vehicle Description: Great Descriptions •Highlight the Sale •Add in reduced price •Include key options and features •CarProof Referenced •Financing call out •Dealer website referenced •Value add to do business with this dealership ( Parts and Service open 7 days a week!)
  22. 22. Vehicle Description: Great Descriptions • Builds on the 8 passenger seating which is important to buyers with children •Over 25 Years in business ( not fly by night dealer) •0 % financing with detailed finance payments •Over 200 Minivans and SUV’s in stock
  23. 23. Vehicle Description: Great Descriptions
  24. 24. Vehicle Description – Thing’s to Consider• All vehicles have a story… tell it.• Play up One Owner if applicable• Important Keywords – “Non smoker” “CarProof” “Certified” “Financing” “Incentive” “Sale” “Low KMs” “Extended Warranty”• Write for humans and search engines – think about how people search…• Be a story teller not a comment generator• Bigger is usually better with descriptions• Think about formatting; keep key selling points above the fold
  25. 25. Description God – Mohegan Lake Audi
  26. 26. Pictures Brand Your Dealership! Kijiji Staff Indoor Favorites Overlay to Make your Ad POP
  27. 27. Picture TIP - Branding
  28. 28. Kijiji Staff Indoor Favorites• Indoor only if you have the right space• Painted Floor and Lighting KEY for indoor• Signage
  29. 29. NOTT AUTOCORP - MB Voted #1 Booth By Kijiji Staff
  30. 30. Curtains!
  31. 31. Vellas Vette!
  32. 32. Bright Lights!
  33. 33. Overlays – Pictures best friend
  34. 34. Thompson Tip:Pricing – Even Price Vs $9999
  35. 35. Use Even Numbers to show up in more search• Try $10,000 vs. $9999• Show up for searches $7000 - $10 000 AND $10 000 - $13 000
  36. 36. Top 10 Ways to make your Ads Matter1. Online Research – who is writing descriptions well and how do you rank?2. Monitor Performance – watch how many views/visits do your ads get; what ads are successful?3. Default Ads – do not settle for default ads. Vin Decoders are not reliable enough to make your ads stand out.4. Pictures – make sure your cars have at least one picture and take advantage of all pictures if possible5. Think Search – always think how people will search for your vehicles; include those keywords in your descriptions and headlines
  37. 37. Top 10 Ways to make your ads matter6. React – when sales happen or offers change at the dealership make sure that it is quickly reflected on your listings7. Logos – be sure to add logos to your listings and make sure that they look professional; include phone number where space permits8. Tell the Story – provide as much transparent detail on the vehicle in the headline and description as you possibly can; have the ad sell the car for you9. Dealership USP – know your unique selling proposition and highlight it in your description and dealership tagline10. Financing – make sure your current offer is part of your description and add it to your tagline and description
  38. 38. Questions