Missionary and the Mission                by Bern Yuot

                Missionaries go to un-entered regions of the world...
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Missionary And The Mission


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Spiritual Nuggets for April 2010

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Missionary And The Mission

  1. 1. Missionary and the Mission by Bern Yuot Missionaries go to un-entered regions of the world, as their mission is to “go and make followers of all people in the world” Matthew 28: 19. It is the mission of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. This mission is apparent, but the challenges that come with it are enormous. Here is a narrative of an enormous challenge that faced a missionary in China. It was an American missionary. He left for China to spread the word of God in a land, where open preaching to make followers of Christ is not allowed. This faithful missionary, however, pressed on with the mission even though he knew that his life would be in danger. God blessed his efforts and many individuals accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in China. One day, someone discovered this secret ministry. The Chinese Secret Police found out about this missionary activity. They caught him, and the head of the secret police decided to test the God of the missionary by attempting to kill the missionary with a poison. The head of the secret police quoted the Scriptures and said that Christians according to the Word of their God would, “drink “God  will  save  you   poison without being hurt.” That was a direct quote from Mark 16:18. The head of the from  hidden  traps   secret police must have read the Scriptures before putting this missionary into this and  from  deadly   rather tough test. He brought a dog and injected it with a poison and the dog diseases.    He  will   died in five minutes. The head of the secret police told the missionary, “you can either drink the poison cover  you  with  his   because your God says in the Bible that you can drink poison and you will not die or you deny your God, stop feathers,  and   preaching and go back home to the United States.” The missionary faced the toughest challenge ever in under  his  wings   his missionary career. What would you do if such a you  can  hide.    His   challenge occurs in your missionary career? This missionary was truth  will  be  your   a true man of God. He made the toughest decision of his life. He boldly told the head of the Chinese Secret shield  and   Police that he would drink the poison because he believes in the God of the Bible, and if he dies, it protection.”    Ps.   would be because it is the will of his God. He took the poison that has just killed a 91:  Secret Police officers stood by watching what dog in five minutes and drank it. All Chinese 3  -­  4   would happen to the man. They began looking intensely at their watches and counted minutes. One, two, three and four minutes went by and the missionary has not died. Half an hour went by and the missionary did not die. One hour went by and the man did not die. Praise the Lord! The officers concluded that the God of the Holy Bible is real, and the Bile is indeed His holy Word. They released the missionary unharmed with the biggest complement ever from the Chinese Government, which was confirming that his God was indeed the only true God, creator of the universe. Psalm 91: 14-15, “The Lord says, "Whoever loves me, I will save. I will protect those who know me. They will call to me, and I will answer them. I will be with them in trouble; I will rescue them and honor them.” Written by: Bern Yuot, Evangelism Director