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If U Dont Want To Be Ill - Speak






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If U Dont Want To Be Ill - Speak If U Dont Want To Be Ill - Speak Presentation Transcript

  • If U don’t want to be ill …Speak
  • After we Learn to Speak
    * Its a joy to see a child grow ... When it turns over, crawls, holds on to something and stand..
    • As parents we want the child to reach its mile stones quickly.
    • When the child says those first Words ... Mama ... Dada
    • After it begins to speak we often ask it to stop talking
  • As adults we speak about ...
    Our Children
    Often we DO NOT Speak things that matter ...
  • Speak Out
    Speak out your Emotions ... Feelings
    • We release emotions that are usually positive making things look good
    • We talk about our joys n achievements, desires n dreams ... Many times the mundane things
    • We rarely speak about our inner hurts ... Things that weigh us down.
    Speak your heart to someone who cares
  • Speak Out
    Speak out your Emotions … Feelings
    Emotions - feelings that are hidden are harmful to health.
    Repressed emotions lead to illness like …
    ulcer, pains & spinal problems
  • Speech is a Powerful Remedy
    • If you DON’T Speak -- In time, repression of feelings degenerates to cancer.
    Dialogue … Speech … the Word is an excellent therapy
  • Speech is a Powerful Remedy
    Repressed feelings – emotions have two major reactions –
    • Illness and outburst.
    • A person who bottles his feelings when released it is damaging.
    • Anger, hatred, bitterness ... Flows uncontrolled in all directions.
    • Sometimes this release seeks physical hurt ... Acts of crimes are committed.
    • Example - In Indian army we read quite regularly about soldiers shooting their commander.
  • Season for Everything …
    A time to tear,
    And a time to sew;
    A time to keep silence,
    And a time to speak;
    So Speak when Necessary.
  • Take TIME to Speak
    * Speak to God
    Speak to your Friend(s)
    Speak to your pet
    Speak to Plants / Trees
    Write your feelings / emotions in a journal – speak aloud
  • Take TIME to Speak
    • Talk to God ... He is always available.
    • He is a good listener
    • Tell Him what happened – that you are upset
    • Tell Him how you feel
    • Tell Him the things you imagine doing in return ... Talk to Him anything you want.
    • Prayer is talking to God as to a Friend.
  • Psalmist Experience in Prayer
    I pour out my complaint before Him;
    Ps. 142 : 2
    “I pour out my complaint before Him; I declare before Him my trouble.”
    “He heard my voice from His temple, and my cry came before Him, even to His ears.” Ps. 18 : 6
    • Talk to your friend – someone who cares – someone whom you trust
    • Sometimes you feel worse after talking to your friend coz the news got around – your friend has another close friend.
    • Talk to a friend who is not in your city / town to avoid your personal matters being published.
    Take TIME to Speak
    Chat over the net with someone you don’t know much
    • Have a Pet
    • Speak to them
    • They understand you
    • You can trust your pets.
    • They (dogs n cats) can offer warmth & caring that a child, lover or close friend can offer
    Take TIME to Speak
    Doctors see Fewer Pet Owners.
  • Pets & Human Mental Health
    Pets can help people
    • Out of depression
    • Can reduce anxiety
    • Can rekindle an individuals will to live
    • Can provide real companionship
    • Most of the studies on depression and anxiety is done with dogs
    • Dogs are virtually identical, emotionally to humans.
    • Those who have pets live longer
  • Take TIME to Speak
    • Gardeners have noticed that when plants are watered they lean towards humans
    • They touch the caretakers
    • Talk, Laugh, Cry to a Tree they can nest your sorrows and give wings to your desires.
    Hug a Tree … Save the Tree and your Tears
  • Uncle’s Papaya tree
    • We lived in an campus – 62 houses in it
    • In each of our garden there were fruit trees and flower beds.
    • But my uncle who lived on campus claimed that his papaya tree bears the biggest and sweetest fruits.
    • To me that’s NOT possible – all gardens had a papaya tree from the same seedbed.
    • When I ate the fruit from his garden it was better than those from our garden.
    • What was the secret – He spoke to the trees & flowers beds as he watered them.
  • Take TIME to Speak
    • Go out of the house /office
    • Find a calm place – a place that brings fond memories
    • Avoid a new place to reduce anxiety and for safety.
    • Write your thoughts – feelings
    • You could use a notebook, laptop, mobile phone, etc.
    • As you write speak out your thoughts – feelings aloud.
    • This is how most autobiographies are written.
    As you write speak aloud. As you leave - Leave behind your problem. Nature has better mechanism to cope with problems.
  • Jesus says
    “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Math. 11 : 28
    Come to Jesus NOW.