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testing automation tool for mobile, web and legacy. for more info contact

testing automation tool for mobile, web and legacy. for more info contact

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  • 1. SeeTest from Experitest TMTest Automation Tool for Any User InterfaceSeeTest – A Test Automation Tool for Any User InterfaceSeeTest is an innovative test automation tool that enables you to test the user interface of any application.SeeTest works with a unique patented technology and is deployed at leading customers worldwide, including tier 1mobile operators, stock exchanges, game developers, and more.Tests Mobile, Web, Legacy, and Desktop ApplicationsWith SeeTest you can test the user interface of any application, including:• Mobile (Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian, WindowsMobile)• Web (Flash, Flex, Silverlight, HTML5)• Legacy (AS400, Cobol, Magic, Mainframe) & Desktop applicationsMobile, Banks, Gaming, and Defense Industry All Use SeeTestSeeTest enables full automation for customers such as:• Banks & insurance companies• Online gaming developers• Mobile device developers• Defense applications using | Copyright protected. All rights reserved. Experitest Ltd.
  • 2. SeeTest Works with All Testing FrameworksSeeTest scripts are provided in several programming languages, enabling you to run them from existingtesting frameworks, including:• QTP (code export in VBScript)• JUnit (code export in Java)• NUnit (code export in C#)• UnitTest (code export in Microsoft Unit Test)• PyUnit (code export in Python)Record Tests in MinutesSeeTest includes a recorder that allows you to create tests within minutes. In addition, SeeTest has a rich set of editing,OCR, and debugging capabilities, to ensure that any recording can easily be tweaked exactly the way you wantwant.Supports All Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, Mac) & Browsers )SeeTest can run on Windows, Linux, or M OS. In addition, SeeTest can run on any browser, so a test script created Macin one browser – say, for example, Internet Explorer – can then run on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari with no changes.TechnologyExperitest’s SeeTest product suite is based on a patented technology that uses self-learning diagnostic and matching learningalgorithms and a modular self-enhancing image recognition technology. SeeTest uses a client enhancing client-agent architecture andplugs in to all existing test automation environments such as QTP, C#, JUnit, Python, and Perl. environments,FeaturesRecorder Reporting including image-based step-by-step analysis stepOCR for automatic extraction of letters and numbers Script management capabilitiesExternal device connectivity (mobile devices, MAC, Linux) Debugger for element and script analysisSynchronization commands Ready-to-go packages for basic testsExport code of test to QTP, JUnit, Perl, Python, C# Online help including Getting Started Tutorials, online manuals & | Copyright protected. All rights reserved. Experitest Ltd.