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  • Cross connection mapping
  • Marketing communication program

    1. 1. Marketing Communication Program
    2. 2. Market & Brand Landscape Understanding the market and the brand
    3. 3. Background The story behind the brand• Ocean’s King is one of the pioneer in frozen food products with the best quality of sea fishing from Indonesia (with variety type of fishes; Cuttlefish and Red Snapper).• Processed with traditional spices to produce a product with a distinctive local taste.
    4. 4. Market Learning Exploring the market situation of the category • Global credit crunch caused many Indonesian customers to reduce their spending on frozen processed food, which they perceived as secondary and non-essential. • In 2009 frozen processed food showed positive volume growth, started on June 2009 and keep on increase. • Frozen processed fish/seafood largest portion of total value sales at 43% in 2009.Source: Euromonitor International Research 2009
    5. 5. Brand Positioning What the brand is offeringHealthy to consume with High Quality, Full of nutrients and also Kosher ‘Halal’. Not only that but they are offering in an affordable price.
    6. 6. Key Challenge What are the barriers for the brand• The competition is tight, where there are already variety of nuggets owns by established brand (Fiesta, So Good, Kanzler etc.) with wide distribution around the country.• Nuggets are perceived as junk food instead of a fresh and healthy food, where it contains mostly preservatives.• Consumers now altering their way of lifestyle, they more prefer for fresh food products.
    7. 7. ObjectiveWhat are we trying to achieve in this campaign
    8. 8. Objective What is the brand trying to achieve Short term goals Long term goals Becoming a leader in the Introduce/Launch Ocean King frozen food business with by creating awareness and also seafood specialty induce trialThis will be our main focus for this campaign to build the awareness and also induce trial to grab the market
    9. 9. Consumer TargetingUnderstanding who are we communicating to
    10. 10. Target Market Who are we trying to communicate Work Status   Full Time 31.60%According to brief, we aretargeting demographically Part Time 7.40% Nuggets to SES BC. Home Duties 22.70% consumption However, let’s explore amongst SES BC Dont Work 3.60% deeper by consumptions Retired 0.60% amongst SES BC 11,478,000 Students 28.10% There are 3 major occupation that we can consider as our potential target, Full time, Home Duties (Housewives) and students. Basically, full time and home duties represent 54% from the total pop, lets call them the household decision maker and students as the consumers. Let’s take a journey to our consumers lifesSource: Roy Morgan Single Source 2009
    11. 11. Consumer Insight What’s on the consumer mindsSometime this kind of situation is often Why they don’thappens in the family…. want to eat ?? I want eat something else ! The food I’m bored ! taste so weird !! But also…
    12. 12. Consumer Insight What’s on the consumer minds …a sheer joy of every moments…Seemingly simple but every moments of change and milestone achievements …even the simple pleasure from getting them to eat!Those are the moments parents always long for…
    13. 13. Our children growing so fast !! You surely don’t want to miss out a single moment…It’s not about tomorrow,It’s really about now It’s about…
    14. 14. “There’s a moment in every bite”Rationale:• Repositioning the competitors: – While competitors are busy to convince market about how delicious and tasty about their products, Oceans King is inviting parents to enjoy each and every moment in every bites of the nugget with their family.• Oceans King core competency : – Oceans King try to understands family values, it knows how to ensure every family achieve its healthy milestone, especially through healthy food.
    15. 15. Brand PlatformConsumer associations with the brand Being a leader in seafood frozen food category There’s a moment in every bites Healthy frozen seafood Reachable and easy to cook Always Healthy Fun and warm for all people to consumes
    16. 16. How do we communicate? What vehicle will we use to communicate this message
    17. 17. Food category media usage Exploring the medium usage of the category Overall Food Category is gradually increase but fluctuates growth. Television plays a big role in this category, more than 90% is allocated as their main medium. FOOD Total 2,902,227 2,756,309 2,581,956 2,228,055 2,245,599 1,839,627 5% 1,417,881 24% 15% 21% 30% 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Jan-Sep07 Jan-Sep08 TV PRESS MAGAZINE 2% 2% 2% 2% 3% 3% 1% 1% 1% 1% 1% 2% 97% 97% 97% 97% 96% 95% 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008*Source: Nilsen Media Index
    18. 18. Media Penetration Consumer associations with the brand Based on penetration, 98% Household Decision Maker watched TV in the last 7 days and also seen OOH & NPP. However, we are going to use additional channels that are relevant to achieve the objective. Based on Household Decision Maker SES BCSource: Roy Morgan Single Source 2009
    19. 19. Media RecommendationChannel recommendation based on objectives and brand needs Solution Acquisition Acquisition Engagement Engagement Using communication to create Using communication to create awareness to attract the mass critical connection and also education for the consumers Selected ATL Selected ATL Selected BTL Selected BTL A two way path to support both objectives Cross Connection Communication Creating endless conversation through out the campaign 20
    20. 20. 360° ImplementationCross connection communication Theres a moment in every bite -Expert support from Oceans King every step of the way for worry-free, more enjoyable parenting TV OOH Magazine 360° Integrated advertising for result- oriented campaigns covering above, below and through-the-line options to capture the right target market Retail Tabloids anytime, anywhere. Event Internet
    21. 21. Media ImplementationWhat vehicle will we use to communicate this message
    22. 22. Launch Option (TV)• Implementation: – Multi-spoting commercial in National TV and also using a variety of cooking shows to introduce the product – Only use placements in regular/shoulder time to reach the precise target• Rationale: – Television has the highest penetration amongst all target Specific shows (i.e. Kitchen 911, Foody with Rudy, Indonesian Chef, etc) are relevant to Ocean’s King products positioning
    23. 23. Launch Option (Retails)• Implementation: – Placement in supermarkets and traditional markets. – Put posters and displays as much as possible, so consumer will get familiar with our products• Rationale: – The more people see our ads, the higher value for our products in the consumers eyes. – The places mentioned above are the places where they going to shop, so they can see our ads more often
    24. 24. Launch Option (Newspaper, Tabloids & Magazines)• Implementation: – Insertions in newspaper, tabloids and magazine that have value such as Recipes, cooking, and lifestyle – Creative insertions in magazine would create excitement for the target i.e. a page shape in nugget.• Rationale: – Magazine and newspaper are a source of detailed information and are segmented – It also reached Nugget targets where they are often read magazines and newspaper in their spare time
    25. 25. Launch Option (Event)• Implementation: – Although Event was not a major rank in the survey, but still event is one of the most effective ways to promote, especially for the middle to bellow target – School to school promo with cooking demo and free tester would create excitement for the target. – Organizing childrens competition• Rationale: – Sometimes target market prefers something seen and felt in person, so they have a real experience of the products – It also can reached targets who can not see ads from previous media placements
    26. 26. Launch Option (OOH (Out - Of - Home))• Implementation: – Bus shelter branding – Bus branding (School bus) – Taxi branding• Rationale: – Media position is under the percentage of TV in the target market penetration – With the strategic placement, all target market can see and know the product – Using OOH will give a beneficial credibility for Oceans King
    27. 27. Launch Option (Digital)• Implementation: – Email blast – Placement on social spaces i.e. Facebook, twitter, etc – Website• Rationale: – Consumers of all demograhics became familiar with social spaces
    28. 28. Time Line 2010 Calendar Activities Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Oceans King Campaign There’s a Moment in every bites Preparation OOH TVC NPP, Tabloids and Magazine Consumer Promo and Event  all will be align with There’s a Moment in every bites Going to school Supermarket and Traditional Market Going to school Supermarket and Traditional Market Dress up display + dedicated SPG VIRALIntegrated campaign for ATLs & BTLs activities,viral, in-store display, PR, Mall/in-storeactivation.
    29. 29. Thank You…….