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Ran hierachy v10

  1. 1. About Royal Academy of NonsenseUpdated in May 2012The royal academy of nonsense aim to bring happiness tothe lives of many. We aim to make people laugh inanyway. It can be dark humor, crazy ideas or just beingridiculous.We believe that making people laugh is a CSR effort. Itsfree endorphins.
  2. 2. How are individuals rankedHere’s the criteria. It can be changed if you can prove thatlaughter will be guaranteed. As we have just launched theacademy, we welcome any criticism.As this is created by XT, she reserves the right to crownwhoever had made the effort to make people laugh ortouched people in a positive wayThis ranking system does not take into consideration thereal age of the person.
  3. 3. Hierachy of Royal Academy of Nonsense (RAN) Zeus of Hera of Fine Contemporary Romantic Nonsense Excel Nonsense Gods and goddess of NonsenseCelebrity Pre and Post MélangeNonsense Mensa Lady and Knights
  4. 4. Hierachy of Royal Academy of Nonsense (RAD) Zeus of Critical Mean No One Yet Nonsense Hera of Fine Lin Xueting Romantic Nonsense
  5. 5. Note : Segments are now arranged Gods and goddesses of Nonsense according to level of grace PAGE 1 OF 2 Rank 1 : (Soong Sisters) Dr Siu Yun in variousGod & Goddess of Sister and Brotherhood sinful activities, PeiShi, Meiyan, wise Nonsense (with families) Rank 2 : (Sisterhood of Hope) Karen Lim, Baoping / Lavenne’s family. Rank 3 : (Grimme sisters and family) Susan Kwa and Jonathan, Terrie Wong Rank 4 : (Sisterhood of moral value and chivalry) Ong Chiew hoon & Hwei Min and family, Rank 5 : Pillar of strength humour friends : Tze Wei, Mingli Tan, Siti Arbaiya, Terence Tan, God & Goddess of attractive crazy quirkyness Rank 1 : Cheryl Ho and familyGod of technical nonsense of bimbo Rank 1 : Aaron Lee Wei Ren counting system God & Goddess of Chivalry & Integrity Rank 1 : Jeff Seah Rank 2 : Jess Quek, Stuart Clark
  6. 6. Note : Segments are now arranged Gods and goddesses of Nonsense according to level of grace PAGE 2 OF 2 Rank 1 : Meiyi and Daniel, Elwin Chan,God & Goddess of faithful elegance Samantha Lo Rank 2 : Linda Loh, Jeff, JinleeGod of Confidence Shot (their few Ranked 1 : Miko David, Terence Chenwords made a positive change in perception) Rank 1 : Cedric Dias God of Crisis Management Gorgeous socially wise Rank 1 : Christel Quek and Jem Wei
  7. 7. This ranking system is created in Celebrity Nonsense gratitude towards Celebrities who use their nonsensical nonsense to make the world a better place, thus inspiring others Should have won a lot of Oscars Nonsense The Noose Cast Zeus hyper creative Nonsense Ellen Degeneres Adam Levine, Christina Auguilera, ItzhakInspiration and courageous Nonsense Pearlman Anne Hathaway Super crazy Brown Duck Nonsense Natalie Portman, Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Grace Nonsense Bergman, Angelina Jolie, Paul Weller Respectable humour etiquette First Lady, Michelle Obama, Simon Cowell, nonsense Sophia Grace & Rosie (innocent version)
  8. 8. This ranking system is created in Pre and Post “Mensa” Mindshare gratitude towards “MENSA”. Listed below are demi gods with special crowningDemi-god and goddess of FON Wisdom, Robin Wong and family, Peter Murray andspreading words of god through humour family Demi-god and goddess of Ridicule Edward Wong, Joshua Lee, Lee Yew Leong humour (all with family) Goddess of Junkie collection Karen Soo Demi-goddess of insight and business Deepika, Vikram Bansal, Bharad, and moral values Demi-god and goddess of kind charm Laurent ,Santina and family Demi-god and goddess of “Taking it Laurent Panelli easy” Demi-god and goddess of gorgeous Patricia Limanouw drummer Discipline Mistresses Tang Peimin and Melissa Tang
  9. 9. This ranking system is created inPre and Post “Mensa” Mindshare gratitude towards “MENSA”. Listed below are demi gods with special crowningDemi-god and goddess of kind Daphne Lim encouragement
  10. 10. I have friends I have met in University Mélange or French class or through serendipity. They are delightful god’s giftDemi God and goddess of sublime care The Willmotts, Sol and familyDemi-god and goddess of Passionate Mirka & Ravi, Serene Wee, Leslie Ho Quirky-ness 7 Goddess of “Zanism” Kelly Seah, Lixin, Arrinee Loo, Jeannie, Ai Ping, Joanna Sia Demi-god of imitating me and Dr Tan Chue Tin’s clinic interesting conversations
  11. 11. Knight and LadiesLady and Knight with sincere heart Rank 1 : Ruth Marin Rank 2 : Cezar Alvarado Lady Quirky Rank 1 : Peilin Lee, Rank 2 : Benita & Amabel Rank 3 : Flo Eka, Shareeda and Nicole Huang Rank 3 : Jacqueline Tan (Clear Channel), Jem Wei, Celeste, Limi Wong Rank 4 : Chenyi, Lady Elegance Rank 1 : Leona Lee Lady socially wise Rank 1 : Christel Quek Artistic wise nonsense Rank 1 : Tang Ling Nah
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