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Asian association of hampton roads ACOE Presentation
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Asian association of hampton roads ACOE Presentation


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AA-HR Diversity Month Presentation at the Norfolk District Army Corp of Engineers in May 2011.

AA-HR Diversity Month Presentation at the Norfolk District Army Corp of Engineers in May 2011.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Asian Association of Hampton Roads
  • 2. A 501(C)6 Not For Profit
    • A tax exempt business chamber of commerce
    • Seeks to enhance the Asian Community through social and business empowerment.
    • Not-Exclusive - anyone can join and participate with no regard to national origin
    • Members represent cultural communities, not Race or Countries.
    • Their motto is: “Strength in Unity, Innovation through Diversity”.
    • “ I do officially recognize the Asian Association of Hampton Roads in our Commonwealth of Virginia”
    • - Governor Robert McDonnell
  • 3. What does AA-HR do?
    • Provides a diverse business network to it’s members.
    • Builds a connection between businesses and community organizations.
    • Supports small businesses though education, mentorship and social enrichment.
    • Seeks to be the “Go-To” organization for businesses and organizations that want to engage the Asian Community.
    • Provides organizational support to assist in fundraising for crisis and disasters in Asia.
    • Capable of bringing the Asian Community to organizations and businesses that support out mission.
  • 4. Asian Population in Hampton Roads
    • Total Population of Hampton Roads July 2007
    • 1,647,937
    • Estimates are for the 2010 Census is over 2 million
    • Data: Hampton Roads Partnership
    • 3.1% of the population is Asian
    • 1.8% is of Filipino Ancestry - Total Population
    • Between 14 to 16 percent of businesses in Hampton Roads are Asian Owned.
  • 5. Current Japanese Crisis
    • March 11 th , 2011
    • Over 15,000 dead
    • 12,700 or more homeless and displaced
    • Ongoing nuclear crisis
    • For survivors the disaster never ended
    • How did AA-HR assist?
    • Held two major fundraising events and four mini-event fundraisers.
    • Total raised: $12,085.30
    • Original goal was $5,000
  • 6. “ Help Heal Japan” Rock Benefit Concert April 9 th , 2011
  • 7. “ United for Japan” Charity Benefit April 15 th , 2011
  • 8. Mini-Events
    • Businesses donated products, services, food and entertainment at no cost to raise funds for Japan
    • Mini-Events are still planned for May and June
  • 9. Where did the money that AA-HR raise go?
    • Partnered with:
    • The International Red Cross
    • Operation Blessing International
    • Both 501(C)3 Not-For- Profit Charitable Organizations
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  • 17. Leadership
    • Common themes in Asian Culture
    • Thinking as a community
    • Not afraid of hard work
    • Family Oriented
    • Masters of trade and commerce
    • Translate to all cultures:
    • Ability to have personnel believe in the greater collective
    • An engaged leadership works hard too
    • Seek ways to gain support from outside entities and support them (trade)
  • 18. Diversity
    • We all the same as people, yet we are all different as individuals
    • There is value to be gained from those who come from a different community and different point of view from our own
    • Diversity is the elevation of Equal Opportunity
    • Innovation and Diversity work hand in hand
    • Organizations that are diverse and unified are extremely successful
    • In the US the Military was always the first to step into an innovation
    • If each person can contribute positively and isn’t afraid to do so everyone wins
  • 19. Empowerment and Beyond
    • “ You don’t have to be one of, to belong”
    • Representation and Engagement
    • Diverse and Unified groups can’t be discriminatory
    • Unbiased Opportunity
    • We are all of the same family anyway
    • Face the challenges of the future
    • Repeal of DADT
    • New world of commerce and defense
    • Remember Leadership is an Art form develop your own creativity
    • Leadership is a social job
  • 20. Yutaka Suzuki
    • 100 th Battalion WWII
    • Most decorated unit in US Military History
    • US Air Force Reserve Officer after WWII
    • My GrandFather
  • 21. Learn More
    • To donate to the Japanese Relief Effort and to find out more about the Asian Association of Hampton Roads:
    • Population Reference
    • Hampton Roads Partnership
    • Asian Pacific Heritage Month: