Bullying, sexual violence, and sexual harassment

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A powerpoint describing information about bullying, sexual violence, and sexual harassment.

A powerpoint describing information about bullying, sexual violence, and sexual harassment.

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  • 1. Bullying, Sexual Violence, and Sexual Harassment
    Mary Ryerson
  • 2. Inflicting purposeful physical or verbal pain
    Verbal threats, menacing, harassment, intimidation
    Commonly seen at school and online
    Nearly half of students are bullied
    What is Bullying?
    Studiostoer, two young girls laughing behind another girls back, July 19, 2007 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution
  • 3. People being bullied
    Higher risk of depression and anxiety
    More likely to skip school, drop-out
    People who bully others
    Higher criminal conviction rate as adults
    Higher risk of abusing drugs, alcohol
    Effects of Bullying
  • 4. Law requires schools to take action
    Schools can get funds withdrawn
    Bully may be put into counseling
    Bully may be removed from school
    Laws Against Bullying
  • 5. How can you help bullied victims?
    How can you help the bully?
    How might bullying affect you?
    Where can you go for help?
    Discussion Time!
  • 6. Unwanted physical contact of sexual nature
    Commonly from someone victim knows
    Rape or attempted rape
    Intentional sexual touching
    Unwanted exposure to sexual images
    What is Sexual Violence?
  • 7. Physical, psychological, social, health consequences exist
    Pregnancies from rape
    Depression, anxiety, and guilt
    Less emotional relationships
    Start abusing drugs and alcohol
    Effects of Sexual Violence
  • 8. Each state differs
    Laws against all forms of violence
    Include jail time, fines
    Crimes against children more punishable
    Sex Offenders List
    Laws Against Sexual Violence
  • 9. How can you help a victim?
    What if you witness sexual violence?
    When should you report it?
    Who can help you?
    Discussion Time!
    Juliejordanscott, End Violence, March 25, 2011 via flickr, Creative Commons Attribution
  • 10. Harassing person because of person sex
    Unwelcomed sexual advances
    Verbal/physical harassment of sexual nature
    Offensive remarks about a persons sex
    Ex) “Women can’t do anything right”
    What is Sexual Harassment?
  • 11. Anxiety, frustration
    Feelings of shame and guilt
    Fear of absenteeism
    Poor academic performance
    Loss of job
    Effects of Sexual Harassment
  • 12. Sex discrimination laws in the workplace
    Harasser and employer can be punished
    Illegal in schools
    Along with school sponsored activities
    Laws Against Sexual Harassment
    ProgressOhio, Judge Eric Brown, February 1, 2010 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution
  • 13. Quid Pro Quo: “this for that”
    Authority stipulates that an individual will be punished (either academically, being able to participate at work or on a sports team) if an individual does not succumb to unwelcome sexual conduct.
    Hostile Environment: severe, persistent or persuasive unwelcomed sexual conduct
    Types of Sexual Harassment
  • 14. Why is sexual harassment wrong?
    Who can it affect?
    Who can help?
    Discussion Time
  • 15. NEVER a victims fault
    Tell someone you trust
    You don’t have to be alone
  • 16. Everyone can make a difference
    Sign a Pledge!
    Register for Stand Up Bullying Day
    Get involved in school programs
    Take a Stand