Project planning training


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Project planning training

  1. 1. Project planning training
  2. 2. • The first thing that you need to know is… a little secret about you. YOU HAVE A POWER AND AUTHORITY
  3. 3. Ideal team? Open communication Building on DifferencesSense of purpose Shared leadership Flexibility and Continues Adaptability Learning Trust in your teamEffective working mates differentprocedures Mutual respect abilities
  4. 4. Teamwork — Necessary attitudes • Open • Supportive • Trust • Respect Teamwork – Necessary skills• Leadership • Communication• Active Listening • Receiving and• Effective Meeting Giving Feedback
  5. 5. Homework
  6. 6. Choosing a test project theme• Night Club (for example striper)• Hot Dog Car• Beer Company
  7. 7. What is project planning?
  8. 8. What is project planning?Project Planning is …“How to complete a project within a certaintimeframe, usually with defined stages, and withdesignated resources. “
  9. 9. What are the stages?
  10. 10. What are the stages?Project PlanningWhere do you want to go? - Duration- Vision - Timeline- Goals - Main task- Measurement - Secondary taskWhat do you have now? What do you need?- Description- Values- Target audience
  11. 11. Where do you want to go?Example:
  12. 12. Where do you want to go?Example:
  13. 13. Where do you want to go? What is vision?
  14. 14. Where do you want to go?VisionGeneral wish to the future:- To build a new economy based on solidarity.
  15. 15. Where do you want to go? What is a goal?
  16. 16. Where do you want to go?GoalsConcrete objetives:- To help ten cooperatives per year.
  17. 17. Where do you want to go? What is measurement?
  18. 18. Where do you want to go?MeasurementMeasuring results using indicators:- How many cooperatives have been helped?
  19. 19. Where do you want to go?What do you understand by:- Vision- Goal- Measurement
  20. 20. Simulation
  21. 21. What do you have now?Project DescriptionACT.IN.UA – national educational project of AIESEC inUkraine for student and recent graduates based on“learning by doing” concept and internationalexperience, which is aimed to get and implementproject management skills.
  22. 22. What do you have now?
  23. 23. What do you have now?Values
  24. 24. What do you have now?
  25. 25. What do you have now?Target Audience
  26. 26. What do you have now?Duration
  27. 27. What do you have now?Timeline
  28. 28. What do you have now?Main TaskWhat I am doing principally is…
  29. 29. What do you have now?Secondary TasksWhat I am doing to support mymain task is…
  30. 30. Simulation
  31. 31. What else do you need?
  32. 32. What else do you need?• Money• Knowledge (original ideas, specific knowledge, competence, expertise on production)• Partners ( common costs,increase profits, more clients, more area of market “share market”)• Mashines• Engagement• Perserverance
  33. 33. Questions & Answers
  34. 34. Thank you for attention