How Testimonials Can Bring Your Business Social Proof


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This is easy to know, obviously, but it is much harder to actually carry out. Motivating your clients to leave a testimonial - is there a simple way to accomplish this seemingly difficult task? How can you make sure you're getting the best and most accurate testimonials from them? Here are some tips to help you get more and better testimonials for your business.
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How Testimonials Can Bring Your Business Social Proof

  1. 1. {Improving Your Testimonials - What to Do|How to Get Better Testimonials|WhatYou Can Do to Get Superior Testimonials|The Best Testimonials - How to Get Them|How to Get Better (and More) Testimonials|How To Improve The Quantity AndQuality Of The Testimonials You Get|The Quality And Quantity Of YourTestimonials - How To Improve Them Every Time|Best Ways To Get QualityTestimonials In Quantity Amounts - Tips Revealed|Acquiring Testimonials In BothQuantity And With Quality - Insider Secrets|Simple Ways To Enhance The QualityAnd Quantity Of The Testimonials You Receive|How To Get More Testimonials ForYour Business|Getting More Testimonials For Your Business - How To Do ThisEffectively|Proven Strategies For Getting More Business Testimonials|Tips On HowTo Get More Business Testimonials - What You Need To Know|Simple Techniques ForObtaining Testimonials For Your Business|How To Get More (and Better)Testimonials|Easy Ways To Get Testimonials - Tips You Should Try|GettingTestimonials - How To Do This Effectively|Acquiring Testimonials - How To DoThis Efficiently Every Time|Get The Best Testimonials - Trade Secrets Revealed|All About Testimonials - How to Get Them and How Many To Get|How to EffectivelyUse Testimonials in Your Business|The Best Ways to Leverage Testimonials|UsingTestimonials to Bring Credibility to Your Business|How Testimonials Can BringYour Business Social Proof}{{There is only so much you can do to convince people you are as great as yousay you are.|You can only do so many things to convince people that you live upto the hype you have shared about yourself.|You only have so many options whenit comes to proving yourself to people.|Proving you are as amazing as you sayyou are can only be done (by you) in so many ways.|There are only so manymethods you can use to convince clients and buyers that you are as good as yousay you are.} {This is true both in and out of business.|This is true both inthe business world and out of it.|This is equally true inside of and outside ofbusiness.|The business world is not the only place that this is true.|This istrue whether were talking about business or not.} {This is true both online andoffline.|It is true both on the web and off of it.|It is true of the web basedworld and the brick and mortar world.|This is the truth on the net and off thenet.|Its true whether or not you are online.} {You can write articles and showoff your expertise and participate in forums and have special deals.|You canshow off your expertise through articles, forums and offer special deals.|Youcan promote special deals and write articles and forum posts that show off yourexpertise.|You can write things like articles and post in forums and give yourcurrent buyers special deals.|There are special deals you can offer, articlesyou can write and forums in which you can participate.} {That sounds like a lotbut it only goes so far.|That might seem like quite a lot but it only does somuch.|It probably sounds like more than enough but it only goes so far.|There isonly so much you can do, even though that list probably sounds like enough.|Thatlist probably seems effective enough, but it will only carry you so far.} {Ifyou really want a successful business, you need reviews or testimonials.|Inorder to create a really successful business, youre going to need testimonialsand reviews.|Before you can build a successful business, you need to accumulatesome testimonials and reviews.|If you want your business to be genuinelysuccessful, it is important to get reviews or testimonials.|You are going toneed reviews or testimonials before you can make your business genuinelysuccessful.} {You need the people who have done business with you to tell otherswhat kind of experience they had.|You need to have the people youve donebusiness with to tell other people about the experience you gave them.|It isimportant that your current buyers tell others that theyve had a goodexperience with you.|What you need is for current buyers and clients to sharethe experiences youve given them with others.|The goal is to get buyers andclients to share the experiences theyve had with you with other people.} {Hereis how to improve the quality and the number of testimonials you can get foryour business.|Here are the best ways to get better (and more) testimonials foryour business.|If you want to increase the quality and quantity of thetestimonials you get, here are some things you can do.|The following techniquesshould help you accomplish this goal.|It is easier to reach this goal if you usethe following techniques.}|{Every business owner and entrepreneur knows that ifthey want to truly build a business, they are going to need to get
  2. 2. testimonials.|Getting testimonials is probably the best way any business ownercan build their business in the fastest way possible.|If you want to truly buildyour business, not only in size, but in regard to credibility, testimonials arereally the way to go.|Everybody that has a desire to be an entrepreneur can rampup their business by using testimonials on their website or at their physicallocation.|Do you want to build a truly staggering business? Then you need to getquality testimonials from as many people as you can.} {This is true of everybusiness in every field.|Regardless of what business you are in, this isabsolutely true.|This is true for every business, no matter what you sell.|Everybusiness can benefit, no matter what type of businesses it is.|Basically, everybusiness can benefit from having testimonials.} {Sometimes testimonials arecalled word of mouth advertising.|These are actually very similar to word-of-mouth advertising in some way.|Testimonials are just like word-of-mouthadvertising, but a little different.|Similar to word-of-mouth advertising,testimonials are very much the same.|Just like word-of-mouth advertising,testimonials serve the same purpose.} {What we are talking about how are reviewsoffered to you and published either through independent review sites or on yourown website.|You need to consider how you are able to get the reviews, and howthey are actually published, specifically independent reviews or something onyour website or blog.|There are different types of reviews. Some of them comefrom independent review sites. You can also have testimonials on your website ifyou want to.|Many people have testimonials on their websites. Others getindependent reviews. There are just many ways that you can get testimonials.|Testimonials come in all shapes and sizes, from different sources. You can getthem from customers, and post them on your website. Independent review sites arealso welcome.} {Getting these testimonials can be tricky at first, especially ifyou are just starting out.|If you are just starting out, getting thesetestimonials can be a bit difficult.|It may be hard to get these testimonials ifyoure new to running a business.|People that are newbies might not be thatadept at getting the testimonials that they need.|These testimonials are hard toget, especially when you dont know what you are doing.} {Here are some of thethings you can do to jump start your testimonial collection (and to make sure itis of top quality).|In this article, we will go over ways to increase the numberof testimonials that you get, plus make sure they are exceptional.|As youcontinue to read, we will discuss how you can get top quality testimonials tojumpstart your efforts with your business.|Now lets look at some proven tacticsfor getting high quality testimonials, in bulk amounts, for your businessstarting today.|The following information will help you understand how to getthe best testimonials using strategies that are proven to work.}|{You alreadyknow that one of the best ways to improve your business credibility is to getyour current customers to tell other people about you.|One of the secrets tohaving a successful business is to have your existing clientele talk about howwonderful your products and services actually are.|Business credibility is oftenbased upon what other people say. By having current customers talk about yourbusiness in a positive way, this can improve your sales and more.|Customers thattalk about your business, a positive way, can really help cement yourcredibility. This is a &quot;secret&quot; that has been known for many years.|Ifyou really want to take your business to the next level, you can get yourcustomers to talk about you, showing people that what you have to offer reallyis worth looking at.} {You know that the testimonial is the best way to lendlegitimacy and proof of your reputation to your business.|When you have atestimonial that represent your business, it can make it seem very legitimate tothose that see it.|Anyone that doubts the reputation of your business, if theysee a testimonial, it will lend credence to a legitimate you really are.|Legitimacy can be easily established when people are able to read a testimonialand see that your business is indeed credible.|Its all about seeing proof thatyour business is as credible as you say it is - testimonials can provide thislegitimacy.}|{This is easy to know, obviously, but it is much harder to actuallycarry out.|Getting this done is actually the hard part, even though you knowthis is what you need to do.|Although this seems like childs play, itsactually a little more difficult to accomplish.|Simply doing this seems prettyeasy, but its actually harder than it looks.|You might think that this issomething very simple to do, yet its easier to talk about than actually getdone.} {How do you make sure that your current buyers and clients actually leave
  3. 3. a testimonial for you?|So if you have clients, how do you get them to leave atestimonial for you regarding what they have purchased?|If you have people thathave purchased your merchandise or services, exactly how do you motivate them toleave a testimonial?|Is there actually a legitimate way to motivate a person toleave a testimonial for a product or service that they have purchased from you?|Motivating your clients to leave a testimonial - is there a simple way toaccomplish this seemingly difficult task?} {How can you make sure youre gettingthe best and most accurate testimonials from them?|Is it possible to get a greattestimonial from them every time?|Can you actually condition the situation sothat those leaving testimonials will do so in the best possible way?|Leavingaccurate testimonials for your product or service - how can you get them toleave a great one?|Getting accurate and phenomenal testimonials from yourcustomers - is there a way to do this that is actually not hard to do?} {Hereare some tips to help you get more and better testimonials for your business.|Inthis article, we will go over ways to get better testimonials for your productsand services.|To improve your business, lets look at a few ways to gettestimonials starting today.|Now lets take a look at how to get testimonialsfrom your buyers that will improve your business manyfold.|If you want to learnhow to get testimonials for your products and services, continue reading thisarticle.}|{Any business can create a website and fill it with content and copy.|It is very easy for a business to create a website with lots of content prettyfast.|If you, or a business, wants to create a website, putting content on thesite really takes no time at all.|People that own businesses, that have awebsite, understand how simple it is to populate it with pages of content.|Putting content and copy on a business website is actually not that hard to do.}{Any business can make sure that the websites content and copy is writtenwell.|Also, a business can make sure that the copy and content is excellent andreadable.|Business websites can also make the content very readable, along witha copy that they produce.|Website copy and content should be readable andgrammatically correct, something most businesses try to accomplish.|Typically,the content, and the web copy, is extremely well written if the business isserious.} {Any business can say that people love its products and services.|Businesses can also say how wonderful their products actually are.|It is alsopossible for a business to claim how incredible their services and productsmight be.|Grandiose claims regarding their products and services is something abusiness can also state or mention.|Regardless of what they sell, a business cantell you how much they love their quality products.} {Until potential buyers seeor hear from previous buyers, however, they have no reason to believe the claimsyou are making.|There really is no reason to believe these claims, however,unless potential buyers can be contacted about their actual experience.|Nomatter what the business has to say, buyers of the product or service are thebest sources for truthful information.|However, it is only by hearing whatcustomers have to say that you can actually get a true reading on the quality ofany product or service.|These claims by a business are actually meaningless,unless they are backed up by customer testimonials that say the same things.}{This is why it is important to get testimonials from your buyers and clients.|Getting testimonials from your clients, and your buyers, is therefore veryimportant.|It is in your best interest to contact clients and get theirtestimonials firsthand.|For this reason, testimonials from happy customers, arevery valuable to possess.|You need to get customer testimonials. They are veryimportant to your business.} {Thats easy enough to say, obviously, but how doyou actually get people to leave you high quality testimonials?|The difficultyis trying to get people to leave high-quality testimonials that can actually beused. How can you get them?|So what you have to figure out is how to get thesequality testimonials from happy clients. Isnt this hard to do?|What you need todo is contact your previous customers, and get testimonials from them. But howcan you get this done?|You need to get testimonials, as they can be veryhelpful, yet is there a trick to getting them, or is it something reallysimple?} {More importantly, how you get a lot of people to leave you highquality testimonials?|What will motivate people to leave high-qualitytestimonials that you can use?|How can you get these people to provide you withhigh-quality testimonials to begin with?|Exactly what strategy or technique mustbe utilized to get high-quality testimonials from your previous customers?|
  4. 4. Getting these testimonials cant be that hard, but what do you have to do to getthem?}|{You already know that the most powerful method of advertising availableto you is word of mouth advertising.|Getting word of mouth recommendations foryour business is always preferable to paid advertising.|Nothing enhances theimage of your business more than having it praised via word of mouth.|When itcomes to getting publicity for your business, nothing beats word of mouth.|Thereare many ways to publicize a business, but when you can, you should alwaysstrive to get word of mouth publicity.} {Word of mouth advertising carries withit more weight than any other marketing or advertising method you could evertry.|This is a form of social proof that is more persuasive than other types ofmarketing.|People are always more likely to be persuaded by genuine comments ofother customers than by paid advertising.|When people hear honest, positivefeedback about your business, it makes them want to try your product.|Nothingbrings more customers to a business than when prospects hear the sincere remarksmade by existing customers.} {This is why getting people to review your site andleave testimonials for you is so important.|For this reason, you should alwaysseek to get as many legitimate testimonials as you can.|Honest reviews, alsoknown as testimonials, can do wonders for your website or product.|This is whatmakes testimonials so valuable to anyone who is promoting any type of product orservice online.|When you can display convincing testimonials on your website,people have proof that you have some satisfied customers.} {The testimonial iswhat proves to potential buyers that real people have tried your product or usedyour services.|This lets everyone know that others have bought your product andwere happy with it.|A good testimonial can be more convincing that the slickestcopy you could write.|Everyone wants to see social proof, rather than feelinglike theyre taking a big chance on something new.|A testimonial provides peoplewith the reassurance that they arent the first customers to purchase thisitem.} {So how do you get these testimonials?|How then, do you go aboutobtaining testimonials?|What are the best ways to find testimonials?|Sincetestimonials are so valuable, how can you obtain them?|Whats the secret ofgetting testimonials?} {More importantly, how do you make sure that they are ofthe topmost possible quality?|And how do you ensure that youre getting onesthat are truly going to help your business?|Additionally, what must you keep inmind when seeking them out and using them?|What are some of the tricks of thetrade when it comes to getting truly helpful testimonials?|How can you tellwhich testimonials will be most useful to you?}}{{Perhaps the best form of content you can have on your business website is theclient testimonial.|Just about the best kind of content you can have up on yourbusinesss website is a client testimonial.|The client testimonial is the mostvaluable content you can place on your business website.|It is important thatyour business website have client testimonials published on it.|The clienttestimonial is the most important piece of content you can publish on thewebsite youve built for your business.} {People see this as a form of socialproof and it carries more weight than any of the rest of your content or copy.|People view these as a type of &quot;social proof&quot; that carries far moreweight than any other content or copy you can publish.|These serve as a sort of&quot;social proof&quot; and will carry quite a lot more weight than any othercontent or copy you put up.|Site viewers think of these as &quot;socialproof&quot; and place more value on them than anything you could produce on yourown.|Your traffic will see these things as &quot;social proof&quot; and givethem more weight than any other content or copy you put up.} {One of the bestways to get these testimonials is to ask if you can share the feedback that youare given as a testimonial on your site.|Just about the best way to get thesetestimonials is to ask if you can share peoples feedback as a testimonial onyour site.|One of the easiest (and best) methods of getting more testimonials isto ask people who send you feedback if you can publish that feedback intestimonial form.|Just about the simplest and best method of increasing yourtestimonial count is to ask people who send you feedback if you can share thatfeedback in the testimonials section of your website.|One of the very best waysfor you to get these sorts of testimonials is to ask if you can share whateverfeedback you are sent as testimonials on your business site.} {You can also setup a comment form on which people can leave opinions that they type inthemselves.|You can also put up a comment form through which people can send you
  5. 5. opinions that they type in themselves.|Its also really easy to set up a commentform in which people can type in the feedback they want to send themselves.|Youcan also set up a comment form and let people type their feedback inthemselves.|Its also simple to put up a comment form and let people type theirfeedback in on their own time.} {However you go about doing it, make sure thatyou have at least a few on your website.|Whatever you do to accomplish this,make sure that youve got at least a few of them on your website.|However you goabout doing this, make sure you put up at least a few on your site.|The methodof capture isnt important, what is important is publishing at least a few onyour website.|How you gather these up doesnt matter nearly as much as yourpublishing at least a few of them on your site.}|{Encourage your buyers to behonest in the testimonials they give you.|It is important that your customersleave testimonials that are honest.|Your customers need to leave honesttestimonials when they give you one.|Anyone that gives you a testimonial shouldalways be honest with what ever they say.|Make sure that you ask your customersor buyers to leave only honest testimonials for you.} {This is going to mean,from time to time, accepting criticism.|Sometimes you are going to receivecritical testimonials.|Some people may be critical of you, which is somethingyou need to be prepared for.|You need to realize that not all of thetestimonials will be good.|Getting some bad testimonials may actually be whatends up happening.} {Remember even critical testimonials can be leveraged in apositive way.|You can still leverage these negative testimonials in your favor.|It is possible to take these negative testimonials and use them to yourbenefit.|Using these negative testimonials, to your benefit, can certainly stilloccur.|Even if you get negative critical testimonials, you can use them to helpyour business.} {Take the negativity to heart and see if there isnt somethingabout your business or service that you need to improve.|All you need to do islook at what they are saying, and see if the criticism is legitimate, and thenfix the problem.|Perhaps there is an area of your business that you need to fix.Only the negative testimonials will help you know what to do.|By looking at thenegative criticisms, and fixing problems that are really there, you can helpyour business immensely by taking them seriously.|Criticisms are a great way tolook objectively at your business, fix potential problems, and make yourbusiness better than ever.} {Actually addressing the criticism proves that youcare about keeping your clients and buyers happy.|When you actually take thesecriticisms to heart, and do something about them, it shows your customers thatyou care.|Your clients and buyers will be much happier once you fix thesedifficulties with your business.|Criticisms that are taken seriously showcustomers, and potential clients, that you are serious about the products andservices you provide.|At the very least, your customers will be happier whenthey see that you are actually doing something about the legitimate criticismsthat are made.} {It also endears you to the person who left the review.|Theperson who left the review will also see you in a different light.|The criticalpeople will see that you are actually trying to do something.|You may win thefavoritism of the critical person who left the review.|In the end, even theperson who criticized you will appreciate what you have done.} {This makes themmore likely to do business with you in the future.|Later on, they may actuallydo more business with you.|At some point, they made you more business with youbecause of this.|Since you did something in regard to their criticism, they maybuy from you later on.|It is possible that you will win a new client once theysee that you took them seriously.} {So really, honest testimonials makeeverybody a winner.|This is why honest testimonials make a winner out ofeveryone.|Everybody is a winner when honest testimonials are given.|As you cansee, honesty is the best policy, especially with testimonials.|This proves thattestimonials, which are honest, can be the most helpful.}|{While you can askcustomers for testimonials try to remember that you shouldnt bribe yourcustomers for testimonials.|Bribing your customers for testimonials is probablythe worst thing you can do when trying to get testimonials for your business.|Ifyou want to get testimonials for your business, you should not try to bribe yourcustomers to get ones that you like.|Anytime you attempt to get testimonialsfrom your customers, make sure you do not bribe them for the testimonials thatyou receive.|Getting testimonials from your customers is a fantastic way to helpyour business, but you should not bribe them in any way.} {This means that youshouldnt offer them anything in return for leaving their opinion about you on a
  6. 6. comment card, website or elsewhere.|In essence, dont tell them they will get agift for leaving their opinion, regardless of where they leave this testimonialfor you.|Whether they use a comment card, or submit their testimonial on yourwebsite, you should not give them anything for the testimonial that yourequest.|Every testimonial that you get should be received freely, and not theresult of giving the customer a gift or reward for their efforts.|If yourcustomer offers you a testimonial, then take it. However, never ask for atestimonial by offering a bribe of any sort.} {For one thing, if they aregetting something for free to do it, you cant be sure that the testimonial isan honest one.|More than likely, any testimonial that you get that is not freelygiven will not be completely honest in the long run.|You can probably believethat you are not going to get an honest testimonial if you offer a bribe inexchange for it.|Every testimonial that you receive will probably be honest,only if you do not offer something in exchange.|If you have to give someonesomething in exchange, the testimonial will probably not be as honest as itshould be.} {For another, if word gets out about what you are doing, you riskdoing damage to your reputation.|You could actually damage your reputation ifyou do pay for your testimonials in any way so dont do this for the sake ofyour business.|It is important that you not do this also because it can tarnishyour reputation in the industry you are in.|You actually risk damaging yourreputation in your particular industry, especially as word spreads about gettingtestimonials the wrong way.|If you do decide to get testimonials by offering abribe, and word gets out, your reputation can be tarnished for quite sometime.}|{Nobody trusts a testimonial that had to be bribed out of someone.|If atestimonial came from a bribe, you really cannot trust it at all.|You reallycannot trust a testimonial that you have to bribe someone for.|If you have tobribe someone for a testimonial, it really isnt trustworthy.|Testimonials thatresult from bribing someone should certainly be avoided.} {Make sure they aregenuine and given of the persons own free will.|The person giving it should doso by their own free will insuring that is genuine.|The only way to get atestimonial that is genuine is to get one because someone wanted to send it.|Genuine testimonials only come from people that give it freely, not because of abribe.|The best testimonials to get are those genuinely given by people thatactually wanted to give you one in the first place.}|{Make sure that thetestimonials you publish on your website have a real persons name and alocation attributed to them.|You need to have a real persons name, and aspecific location, attributed to the testimonials that you use on your website.|If you use testimonials, it isrequired that you have the persons actual location, and their real name, on thetestimonial.|Once you get testimonials, before you can put them on your website,you need to use their real name and wherever they live, once its on your site.|After you have received the testimonials, use their real name, and place ofresidence, on the testimonial for it to be legitimate.} {You dont need aspecific street address.|A specific street address is not necessary.|It is notnecessary to include a specific street address.|Using a specific street addressis not required.|The street address does not have to be specific.} {A city andstate is good enough.|As long as you include city and state, thats fine.|Justuse the city and state, and it should be okay.|You just need the city and stateand you are good to go.|All you need is the city and state to be legit.} {Realnames and locations add extra legitimacy to the testimonials that you arepublishing.|The testimonials that you publish should have real names andlocations because they look more legitimate.|The locations, along with theirreal names, will add to the legitimacy of the testimonials themselves.|Testimonials should include the name and location. This way, they will looklegitimate, not fake.|By using locations and names, the testimonials that youreusing will seem authentic.} {They make them seem more real and trustworthy.|Infact, they will seem extremely real to those that read them.|Anyone that seesthem will feel that they are legitimate.|It adds to the trustworthiness of thetestimonials themselves.|By using these in this manner, people who see them willbe confident they are not fakes.} {You cant do anything about this on offsitereviews, which are often published under screen names.|Sometimes offsite reviewsare not usable because screen names are used when they are published.|Screennames are used with offsite reviews, so you really can use these in the sameway.|Its difficult to use offsite reviews because when published under a screen
  7. 7. name, theres not much you can do with it.|Since offsite reviews are usingscreen names, not real names, you will have trouble using them in an authenticmanner.} {Do not allow someone to use a screen name or a pseudonym on yoursite.|They should not use a pseudonym or screen name on your website if theypublish a testimonial.|Any testimonials that you get should be real names, notpseudonyms.|It is important that you do not allow pseudonyms or screen names tobe used if possible.|Every testimonials should be a legitimate name, not apseudonym or screen name that might make people wonder.} {If they hedge, allowthem to drop their last name but always get at least a legal first name.|Thelast name does not have to be used, but its nice if they can use their firstname instead.|Usually people balk at using their last name, which is why usingtheir first name is just fine.|Just let them use their first name, and leavetheir last name off if thats what they prefer.|To fix this, if there is aproblem, simply ask them to leave their last name off of the testimonial.}|{Havea method of recording testimonials given to you over the phone.|Dont just relyon written testimonials; take them over the phone as well.|Its important to beable to record testimonials that you receive by phone.|Phone testimonials can bejust as valuable as ones you get via email, so have a way to record them.|Youshould have a system in place that allows you to capture phone testimonials.}{Remember, not everybody likes to type in a testimonial and send it in.|Noteveryone likes to write long email testimonials.|Written testimonials are great,but not everybody is inclined to write them.|You want to receive testimonialsfrom people who might not want to type one up.|Some people dislike typing andwriting, and you want to be able to get testimonials from them as well.} {Somepeople prefer to call you and tell you what a great job you did.|Certaincustomers will find it much easier to praise your product over the phone.|Itsmuch more natural for some people to talk to you on the phone and complimentyour business.|You have a much better chance of getting a great testimonial fromsuch people by phone.|For this type of person, its much more convenient tospeak to you on the phone and talk about your products virtues.} {A simple andcheap method of solving this problem is to have a Skype based phone number and aSkype app that automatically records your incoming and outgoing calls.|You donthave to spend a fortune on long distance phone charges to do this if you haveSkype on your computer as well as an app for recording Skype calls.|Skype makesit very easy and cheap to talk to people anywhere by phone, and there are evenapps that allow you to record all your calls.|All you need to make this simpleis Skype, which can be used on any computer; you should also find an applicationfor recording each call.|With a Skype phone number and an app for recordingcalls, you can conduct all of these phone calls for pennies no matter where yourcustomers live.} {When someone calls in with a review, type it up and then askthem -while being recorded so you have proof -if you can publish theirtestimonial on your site.|You will only have to transcribe any testimonials youget by phone -but make sure you always ask permission from the customer first.|The only extra work for you is typing up the review, and you should of courseonly do this when the customer tells you that you can use it.|Always be sure toask customers if you can use their testimonial before you type it up and publishit.|To publish a testimonial you receive by phone, you only have to write it out-and only do this when you explicitly get permission from the customer to doso.} {If they say no, thats okay, just file away their words.|Not everyone willgive you permission, so dont worry about this.|If someone doesnt want theirtestimonial used, thats fine.|Some people will refuse, and in this case, simplykeep their statement for your files.|Dont get upset if someone doesnt givetheir okay, as some people would rather remain anonymous.} {If they say yes, goahead and publish it on your site.|Many, people, however will say&quot;yes,&quot; and then you have a testimonial you can use.|When you do getpermission, though, you can transcribe their words and publish them.|Anytime youdo get the green light, you can use the testimonial on your website or salespage.|You can be sure youll also get plenty of people who will give theirpermission, which will provide you with some great testimonials.}} {{Make surethat you know about the testimonial rules that the Federal Trade Commission hasset up.|Make sure that you understand the testimonial rules that the FTC has putin place.|The FTC has definite rules for testimonial use, make sure youunderstand them.|Make sure you have read and that you understand the rules abouttestimonials that have been set up by the FTC.|The Federal Trade Commission has
  8. 8. strict rules about testimonials; make sure that you both read and understandthem.} {A few years ago the Federal Trade Commission rewrote their rules forclient testimonials and publishing them on your own site.|A few years ago, theFederal Trade Commission reworked the rules they had about testimonials fromclient and how you are allowed to publish them on your site.|A few years ago,the FTC rewrote their rules both on gathering testimonials and on how they canbe published on your site.|Not that long ago, the FTC revised the rules it hadin place for collecting and publishing client testimonials on websites.|Theyrecently revised the rules they have set up for getting client testimonials andhow those testimonials can be published on a website.} {They did the same thingfor what you can do when you report on the results your product or service hashad for your buyers.|They did the same thing to the rules about resultsreporting.|The rules they have in place about publishing the results yourproduct has given to your clients have been revised as well.|They also reworkedthe rules they have in place for the publishing of product results.|The rulesabout how you publish the results people have gotten from your products andservices have also been changed.} {For more information, visit the Federal TradeCommission website to make sure that you are following the rules to the letter.|To learn more about this, visit the website for the FTC and make sure that youare following their rules exactly.|You can learn more about this by going to theFTCs website and following the rules they have set up.|Visit the FTC website tolearn more about this and to make sure that you are complying with the rulestheyve put in place.|You can learn more about these rules (and make sure youare in compliance with them) by visiting the Federal Trade Commissionswebsite.} {You dont want to have to yank down the testimonials once you havethem!|The last thing you want is to have to take down testimonials once you getthem.|After all, you dont want to have to take down the testimonials thatyouve worked so hard to get!|Think about it: do you really want to be forced totake down the testimonials once youve gathered a few of them?|You dont want tojust have them tell you to take down those testimonials that you worked so hardto get, do you?}|{Leverage the power of social media by encouraging onlinetestimonial givers and reviewers to share their thoughts through Twitter andFacebook.|Another thing you can do to get testimonials online is to use Twitterand Facebook, leveraging the power of social media for your business.|If you useFacebook or Twitter, you know how powerful social media can be. Getting onlinetestimonials and reviews using these platforms is actually quite easy.|You might want to use social media platforms likeTwitter and Facebook to get online testimonials since social media is wherepeople tend to be.|One of the best ways to access millions of people that couldgive you fantastic testimonials for your product or service is through socialmedia networks like Facebook and Twitter.} {Come up with a good hash tag theycan use to help you collect these testimonials.|Using the right hash tag, youcan collect testimonials very quickly.|Testimonials can be gathered as long asyou use the proper hash tag to get them.|Anyone can get testimonials utilizingthe right hash tag on the services.|Its easy to get testimonials - you justhave to use the proper hash tag to induce the right response.} {Better yet havean account or a page on which they can post them themselves.|You might want tohave a page where they composed the testimonials themselves.|Perhaps set up apage where posting testimonials is actually easy to do.|You could have aseparate page set up on your website where people could go to the testimonialsfor you.|Testimonials can be collected on a specific page designed to gatherthem from people that visit.} {This shows that you are willing to leverage anymeans necessary to communicate with customers.|You can leverage anything youwant to using this form of communication with your customers today.|Leverage isso important in todays online market. It really is a great way to connect withcustomers in our technological world.|By using leverage like this, you can tapinto millions of people, and allow your customers to help your business grow.|When you do things like this, it clearly shows your customers that yourewilling to do what you need to in order to make your business better than ever.}{This, in turn, proves that you are committed to your business.|It showscommitment on your part for your business as well.|They will see that you arecommitted to your business more than ever.|When you do things like this, it alsoshows your commitment level.|Your commitment to your business - this will shinethrough when you do things like that.} {Remember, the more avenues of
  9. 9. communication you have open, the more testimonials and reviews you stand toget.|As long as you continue to expand your ability to communicate with people,you will garner more reviews and testimonials for your efforts.|The reviews andtestimonials that you get will continue to commit as long as you continue tofind new and innovative ways to connect with people.|Communication on thislevel, and many others, will allow you to get the testimonials and reviewsnecessary to improve your overall business.|Its all about connecting withpeople, allowing them to help your business grow, by simply contributing throughtestimonials and reviews that they give.}|{Make sure that your customers andclients know how to give you a testimonial.|The next thing that you want to besure of is that your clients are aware of how to give a testimonial when theywant to.|Testimonials can be tricky things, which is why you need to tell yourclients and customers how to do them.|Your customers may want to give atestimonial, but may not know how to do that. Thats why you need to help them.|Giving testimonials is easy, but not for all people. You need to provide atestimonial tutorial to help your customers out.} {Not everybody is well versedin where to leave reviews of a product or service.|Perhaps they do not even knowwhere to leave a product or service review.|If you have never done one before,they may not know where to go to do this.|This might not be something they knowhow to do, and therefore wont know where to go.|Customers may want to reviewyour product or service, but if they have no idea where to go, they cant doit.} {Most people know about Amazon, sure.|Amazon is easy to do.|If you go toAmazon, its easy to do at there.|Its actually easy on larger sites likeAmazon.|Websites like Amazon make this very simple.} {But what about CNet? OrGoogle? Or Yelp?|Have you tried to do this on CNet, Google, or Yelp?|HoweverCNet, Yelp and Google may not be that easy.|Google, CNet and Yelp may not be asuser-friendly.|You will find that Yelp, CNet and Google may not be that easy todeal with.} {Or any of the other sites out there that exist for the sole purposeof allowing customers and clients to leave reviews.|Sometimes websites that aresimply there to collect customer and client reviews are not easy to work witheither.|There are some websites that are simply designed for this purpose, yetproviding a customer review is not easy to do.|It is probably more expansive,with many other sites (specifically designed to collect reviews) making it toughfor clients and customers to leave them.|If the sole purpose of a website is tocollect customer reviews and testimonials, you may find them difficult to use aswell.}|{A simple email requesting a review with a list of places they can do soshould be sufficient.|You should probably use a simple e-mail request, and givethem a list of places to go.|Giving them a list of websites via e-mail isprobably a good place to start.|Providing the customer with links in an e-mailcan help them find the right places to go.|Sending URLs to them is probablyeasiest - all they have to do is click, and then leave their testimonial.} {Youcan also provide links on your website or cards at your business.|If you have aplace of business, leave some cards with this information. Websites should havethese URLs.|So on your website, put the right links. At your place of business,put some cards.|You should use cards at your physical business, and providelinks on your website.|Simply put links on your website, and if you have aphysical business, but testimonial cards there.}|{Do not ever write testimonialsfor yourself.|Writing testimonials for yourself is not a good idea.|It is badjudgment to write your own testimonials.|Never write your own testimonials forany reason.|Next, when using testimonials, never create your own.} {You canwrite all sorts of great things about yourself and what you have to offer onyour website.|Its okay to write about yourself, and talk about your website ifyou want to. This is perfectly fine.|Writing about your website and what you dois completely permissible and actually recommended.|If you want to talk aboutyourself, and the website that you are promoting, thats fine.|Talking aboutyourself, and what your website has to offer, is okay to do.} {Thats calledcopywriting and selling.|This is called selling or copywriting.|You are actuallycopywriting and selling your product or service.|In a way, you are simplyselling what you have to offer.|All you are doing is talking about what you haveon your site.} {There are definite places for this.|This is okay to do it theright time.|You can do this.|It is okay to do this.|You really can get away withdoing this.} {Do not, however, write up a testimonial and attach a fake name toit.|Never attach a fake name, however, to a fake testimonial.|You should avoidwriting a testimonial for yourself, using any fake information.|What we are
  10. 10. talking about is creating a testimonial with fake information on it.|Using fakeinformation - this is what we are telling you not to do.} {For one thing, thanksto rules put in place by the FTC, it is illegal.|The FTC clearly says this isillegal, so you cant do it.|This is something you should not do, at leastaccording to the FTC.|If you do this, you are violating the laws set by the FTCwhen this happens.|When you do this, the FTC codes of conduct will be broken.}{For another thing, if anybody found out that you had done such a thing, yourreputation would be ruined.|This would also ruin your reputation if anyone wereto find out what you had done.|This could actually run everything for you,including your reputation, once people found out.|If people discovered that youwere doing this, your good reputation would be all but over.|And if you areactually caught, not only would you be in trouble, but your reputation would betarnished forever.} {Sure, when youre first getting started, gettingtestimonials is going to be difficult.|Getting testimonials will be difficult todo at first.|Of course, when you first start out, getting testimonials will notbe the easiest thing to do.|Testimonials are sometimes difficult to get,especially if you are new to the business.|If youre just starting out,obviously, its going to be more difficult for you to get testimonials likethis.} {But its better to be patient than to use this black hat method and riskdoing irreparable damage to yourself and to your business.|You just dont wantto damage or business by using a method that is considered black hat, as yourbusiness could be ruined as a result.|Irreparable damage could be done to yourbusiness if you use methods like this (which are considered black hat) which iswhy you want to avoid them.|It is best to avoid these ways of gettingtestimonials because it will inevitably lead to the end of your business becauseof these black hat methods.|By using methods like this, you could cause yourbusiness to fail, all because you decided to get testimonials using black hatstrategies.}|{Keep an eye out for positive comments left on your blog.|If youhave a blog, keep track of all the comments you get.|A positive comment on yourblog might be material that can be turned into a testimonial.|One place to findtestimonials is on your blog, when people leave supportive comments.|Certaincomments left by readers on your blog could potentially become testimonials.}{If someone leaves a comment that is particularly positive, contact that personprivately and ask for permission to post that comment on your testimonialspage.|When you see a positive comment, write to the author and ask if he or she would mind if you published it as a testimonial.|As long as youremember to request permission first, theres no reason why you cant use apositive blog comment as a testimonial on your site or sales page.|So alwaysread your blog comments, and when you see a very positive one, email the personwho wrote it and ask if youd be able to publish it as a testimonial.|When youdo see a comment youd like to use as a testimonial, make sure you ask thewriters permission before actually using it.} {This does two things: itincreases the number of testimonials for your page.|This is an unorthodox way toget more testimonials for your business.|Not many people use this method ofgetting testimonials, but it can be very useful.|For one thing, this will giveyou another source to draw upon for testimonials.|Theres no reason not to mineyour blog for testimonials, as long as youre getting some positive feedback.}{It also shows your blog readers that you are paying attention and actually careabout the comments they leave for you.|This is also a good way to stay incontact with your readers and show them that their comments are valuable toyou.|When you do this, youre also demonstrating to your readers that you valuethe comments they leave on your site.|People who leave comments also like toknow that their effort has been appreciated.|When you do this, youre alsoshowing people that when they leave comments you actually read them carefully.}{Word of this will spread as well and before you know it, youll have all sortsof comments and testimonials that you can publish.|This will encourage morepeople to leave comments on your blog, giving you even more testimonials thatyou can use.|Building up this type of relationship with your readers encouragesmore people to provide you with positive feedback that you can also turn intotestimonials.|The more interaction you have with readers, the better, as thismakes it more likely that people will leave you great feedback in the future.|When you have the reputation of someone who responds to feedback, you get moreof it, and even more potential testimonials.}}
  11. 11. {{If you can get it from the reviewer or person offering the testimonial, getthe persons picture.|If you are able to get one, have the person offering you atestimonial send in a picture.|If you can talk them into it, ask the person whois sending you the testimonial send a picture as well.|Try to get pictures fromthe people who have sent in testimonials, if you can.|If you can get them, itsgood to get pictures from the people who have sent you their testimonials.} {Apicture, preferably a snapshot that the person has taken himself (or herself),carries a lot of weight with a testimonial.|Pictures, especially when they aresimple snapshots, can add quite a lot of weight to your testimonials.|Atestimonial gains a lot of weight when it is accompanied by a picture(preferably a snapshot) of the person who has sent it in.|You can add more heftto your testimonials by including pictures (preferably home taken snapshots) ofthe people who have sent them in.|Testimonials automatically carry more weightwhen the person who sent it in sends in a (snapshot preferably) picture too.}{It shows what the review was offered by a real person and not just typed up byyou and published under a fake name.|It shows viewers that the testimonial hascome from an actual person and not been generated falsely.|This proves that yourtestimonial was sent in by an actual person and not simply made up by you.|Thiswill prove that your testimonials are genuine to the people reading yourwebsite.|This proves that real people are sending you testimonials and that youare not just fabricating them yourself.} {Pictures show that real people aretalking to you and buying what you have to offer.|Pictures prove that realpeople are talking about you and what you have to offer to them.|Pictures provethat real men and women want to share their experiences with your products andservices.|Pictures show traffic that actual humans want to share theirexperiences with you and your products.|Pictures offer proof that actual realpeople are writing in to share their experiences working with you and whatyouve got to offer.} {If the person declines, accept that gracefully, butalways at least ask for a photo to go alongside the words they have written foryou.|If the person doesnt want to share a picture, accept that with grace, butdefinitely always at least ask for a picture.|You always want to ask for thepicture but try to accept a declination gracefully.|In addition to always askingthe testimonial giver for a picture, make sure you accept it gracefully if theyturn you down.|If they turn you down, you can always accept that with grace butdefinitely always at least ask them for the picture in the first place.}|{If youhave a physical business location, make sure that there are comment cardsavailable.|Always make comment cards available if you have an actual physicalbusiness.|When you have a physical business, the best way to get testimonials isto offer comment cards.|Comment cards are the best way for you to collecttestimonials from a physical business location.|Do you have a physical business?You need to provide comment cards for customers who walk in.} {Have a designatedlocation at which people can take a comment card.|Comment cards should have aspecific location at your place of business.|They should be able to find yourcomment cards in one specific area.|Make the comment cards available at aspecific location in your store.|Put your comment cards on the counter forcustomers to easily access.} {Then make it easy for them to return it to you.|Thisll make it easier for them to get it back to you as soon as they can.|Thisway, customers can easily return it when they are done.|Once customers are done,they can get it back to you ASAP.|Doing this will make it easier for customersto help you out.} {You might even have them printed up as pre-postage paidpostcards so that the customer can take the card home and fill it out at his orher leisure.|Pre-postage-paid postcards are also very useful. They can fill itout and drop it in the mail once they are done with it.|If you are able toprovide the customer with postage-paid postcards, they can take them home, andsend them once theyre done.|To make it easy for customers to do this at theconvenience, create pre-postage paid postcards that they can take with them.|Customers will often fill out a testimonial whenever they have time, which iswhy having pre-postage-paid postcards is really the way to go.} {Remember,testimonials dont just come from internet based sources.|Although you can getInternet testimonials, not all of them are digitally based.|Believe it or not,you can get testimonials from sources other than the Internet.|Internettestimonials are nice, but there are so many other ways to get them.|You can gettestimonials from many different venues, not just ones submitted online.} {Somepeople prefer to write down their thoughts and give them to you then.|People do
  12. 12. not always have time to give you a testimonial, which makes this convenient forthem.|Your customers will have the added convenience of being able to do thiswhen they get a chance.|If they can take the card home, and send it later, thisallows them to do this for you once they get a moment of free time.|When acustomer takes this home, they can do this during their free time, and send itat their convenience.} {Plus, this way youll get their opinions of you whilethose opinions are fresh.|The opinions that they write down regarding you andyour business will be clearly articulated.|By giving them this option, they willalso write testimonials that are from the heart.|The opinions will be fresh intheir minds when you allow them to do this.|Businesses that provide this optionfor their customers usually get great testimonials sent in.} {What could bebetter?|Could it get any better than this?|Is it possible to top this?|Really,could it get any easier?|Seriously, is there a better way to do this?}|{Makesure that your business is actually listed with all of the different review andtestimonial sites out there.|There are many different testimonial and reviewsites on the web. You need to make sure your business is on them.|The next thingyou need to do is make sure that your business is on each of the testimonial andreview sites on the net.|You should find the mini testimonial and review siteson the Internet and make sure your business is listed on the sites.|Your websiteshould be listed on the review and testimonial sites on the Internet so thatpeople can find them.} {You already know about Amazon and Google.|Google andAmazon are two places to go.|Listing your website on Google and Amazon is a goodidea.|You probably know you can list your website on Google and Amazon.|BothAmazon and Google will allow you to list your business there.} {Did you knowabout Bing Local?|Bing Local is another place.|You can go to Bing Local too.|Another choice is Bing Local.|Using Bing Local is another possibility.}|{Did youknow about| is another website.|You could as well.|Many people use to list their business.|Have you heard of} {Did you know about Angies List?|AngiesList is another place to start.|You can list your site on Angies List as well.|Use Angies List to list your business too.|Many people like Angies List forlisting their business.} {There are so many different sites on which you shouldlist your business (whether it is online or off).|You just have so many choicesto choose from when it comes to listing your online or off-line website.|Listingyour website, whether online or off-line, it is possible using these websitesand services.|All you need to do is list your real world or online website withthese many different sites.|So whether you have a brick-and-mortar business, ora webpage, you need to list your business with these websites as soon as youcan.} {For one thing it will build links which is good for your SEO.|You willget good SEO when you add links back to your site.|Once your business is listed,the back links will give you SEO juice.|Another benefit is SEO links that youwill get by listing your businesses.|When you list your business, you will getSEO links that can help boost your website ranking.} {For another, the moreplaces you are listed, the easier it is for people to leave testimonials for youbecause youll be easier to find.|You will be easier to find, and people willhave an easier time leaving testimonials for you, when they are able to findyour business in this way.|Since you will be easier to find, it will be morelikely that people will find your business, and be able to leave a testimonialfor you should they like your products or services.|This makes it really easyfor people to leave testimonials for your products and services because you arelisted all over the web.|The more places that you show up on the Internet, themore likely it will be that you will get testimonials for your business.}|{Encourage people to write reviews and leave testimonials for you from their owncomputers.|One thing you can do is ask people, from their own computers, toleave you testimonials.|It is in your best interest to ask people to leavetestimonials for you using their PCs.|If you have customers with computers(which you probably will), have them write testimonials for you.|Using theirPCs, have your customers write testimonials about you and your business.} {Whenyou offer them your own computer (or put one in your place of business) thisputs pressure on them to write something good.|People will be pressured to writesomething really good if you actually offer this to them using your owncomputer.|You might actually get people to write phenomenal testimonials if theyuse your personal computer to write them.|For some reason, people feel pressured into writing great testimonials if you asked
  13. 13. them to do so using your own PC.|If you have a PC, and the customer comes in,have them write a testimonial. More than likely, you will end up with afantastic one for your efforts.} {Beyond that, every time a comment is loggedwith your site, the IP address from which it was sent gets logged also.|The IPaddress for visitors that come to your website from all over the Internet isactually logged when a comment is made.|Whenever someone gets to your website,their IP address is logged the moment that they post a testimonial on yoursite.|People that post testimonials usually have their IP address logged whenthey provide you with a testimonial on the Internet.|Testimonials are typicallylogged (including the persons IP address) when they leave a comment on yourwebsite.} {You want those comments, reviews and testimonials to have differentIP addresses so that you dont run the risk of getting in trouble with the FTC.|The FTC will see that the comments all came from different IP addresses, whichmeans that your testimonials and reviews are legitimate.|IP addresses that aredifferent are a clear sign to the FTC that you are getting these testimonialsfrom people all over the world.|To prevent getting the FTC mad, you couldactually provide the different IP addresses from which the testimonials weremade to show them that they were provided by real people.|The best way toprotect yourself against the FTC is to show them the different IP addresses frompeople that logged in and left genuine testimonials for you and your business.}{It might feel like youre helping your customers to offer a &quot;reviewterminal&quot; but dont do it.|Although providing your customers with a a&quot;review terminal&quot; might seem like the thing to do, its not in yourbest interest to do so.|You should avoid providing your customers with a&quot;review terminal&quot; because this might backfire completely.|Try to notoffer a &quot;review terminals&quot; for your products and services, even thoughyou may think it will be helpful.|Never use a a &quot;review terminal&quot; -this will only end up looking bad in case you have to prove the testimonials arelegitimate.}|{If someone sends you positive feedback ask if you can republish iton your website as a testimonial.|You should always consider any positivecomments you receive as potential material for a testimonial.|When you receivecompliments about your product or business, never forget to contact the personand ask if you could publish these remarks as a testimonial.|Be on the lookoutfor any encouraging feedback you receive, so you can ask the writer if theydmind if it were republished on your site.|You should see any positivecorrespondence you receive as something you could use as a testimonial, providedyou get permission to do so.} {This works especially well when the complimentwas received through an email.|Any comments you receive via email fall into thiscategory, naturally.|Emails, or portions of them, are very easily converted intotestimonials.|Any email that you receive that has positive feedback can be usedin this way.|Nothing is easier than turning a complimentary passage in an emailinto a testimonial for your website.} {It can also be done when you received thewritten comment via regular mail or through a comment card at your physicallocation.|You should, however, also be open to using other types ofcorrespondence, such as those sent through the post office of left at your storeor office.|If you have comment cards at a retail spot, or receive letters orpostcards in the mail, these can also be used in this manner.|Dont overlookcomments sent in other ways as well, such as something that arrives in yourphysical mailbox.|But anything in writing is suitable for this purpose, whetherits handed in at a brick and mortar business or sent in the &quot;snailmail.&quot;} {Most of the time the authors of these comments wont mind yourputting them to use building your business.|If someone likes your businessenough to write a positive comment, chances are he or she wont object to yourusing it as a testimonial.|The majority of people who write such complimentarycomments will have no problem with your using them for your own purposes.|Youllfind that when people take the trouble to compliment your business, they wontusually mind if you turn their words into testimonials.|Since these people arealready expressing satisfaction with your product or service, they most likelywill be glad to help you out by providing a testimonial.} {Do not, however, everpublish their words as testimonials without their permission.|Yet, you shouldnever skip the step of actually requesting their permission to do so.|But itwould be a mistake to simply assume that you can use their comments astestimonials without asking them first.|On the other hand, its still necessaryto ask permission before publishing anyones private comments in a public place
  14. 14. such as your website.|You must not, however, take the liberty of publishingtestimonials using someones words without first requesting their permission todo so.} {That is one of the quickest ways to turn a buyer against you and ruinyour credibility.|This could anger the customer and damage your reputation.|Somepeople will not want their words published like this, and you must respect thiswish.|You always want to stay on the good side of your customers, and that meansrespecting their wishes at all times.|If someone sees their comments publishedin this way when you didnt ask them first, it could turn them against you.}}{{Testimonials are the bread and butter of doing business.|Testimonials are themeat of doing business.|Testimonials are the ultimate goal of doing business.|Testimonials are highly important to your business dealings.|Testimonials arethe cake and ice cream of being in business.} {This is true on the web and offthe web.|This is true of both web based and traditional businesses.|This is truefor businesses that operate online and offline.|Its true whether your businessis traditional or based on the Internet.|This is the truth whether or not yourbusiness is web-based.} {A testimonial carries quite a lot more weight than yourcopy or content.|Testimonials weigh a lot more than your copy or your content.|Atestimonial carries a lot more heft than your site content or copy.|Your copyand content do not carry nearly the weight that a testimonial carries.|Thecontent and copy you write come in a distant second to the testimonials that youpublish.} {It even carries more weight than a media-authored review.|They carryeven more weight than reviews in the media.|They even mean more than mediaattention.|They will weigh even more than whatever attention you can get fromthe media.|They matter and weigh more than even reviews offered through bigmedia sources.} {Testimonials represent what real people think of you and whatyou have to offer.|Testimonials represent what actual people think both of youand of what youve got to offer.|Testimonials tell others what your customersthink both of you and your products/services.|A testimonial tells others whatactual buyers think of you and what youve got to offer.|Testimonials illustrategenuine responses to your products and services and even to you.} {This is whyyou need them.|This is why you need to get as many as possible.|Thats why theymatter.|That is why you should work to get them.|This is why they are soimportant.} {Use the tips and techniques weve shared with you in this articleto improve the quality as well as the quantity of testimonials that youreceive.|Use the things weve taught you here to help get more and betterwritten testimonials for your business.|Put the things weve taught you to workto help you get higher quality and a larger quantity of testimonials for yourbusiness.|Put the techniques weve shared here to work to improve both thequantity and the quality of the testimonials sent in to your business.|Each ofthe techniques weve shared here can be put to use to help you get better (andmore) testimonials for yourself and your products or services.}|{Getting a goodnumber of testimonials doesnt necessarily need to be difficult.|Believe it ornot, getting phenomenal testimonials does not have to be hard at all.|It reallydoesnt have to be difficult to get testimonials that are great for yourbusiness.|Getting testimonials doesnt have to be hard, especially quite a fewof them that are positive.|As you can see, its not too hard to get qualitytestimonials from your customers every day.} {Making sure that the testimonialsyou get are of the highest quality is going to take a little bit more work andpatience on your part.|Although it will take a lot of patience on your part,getting testimonials, that are high-quality, are really worth the effort.|Sometimes its more effort and work to get high-quality testimonials, but in theend, your business will benefit greatly.|This is going to be a lot of work, butyou will end up with high-quality testimonials for the effort that you put in.|Patients really is the key, along with putting in the hard work necessary togather fantastic testimonials that will help your business.} {We have shared afew of the things you can do to encourage this within this article.|This articlehas shown you several things that can help you along the way.|Hopefully what wehave provided in this article will encourage you to get started.|In thisarticle, we have shared with you several strategies that really do work.|Whatyou have to realize is that these strategies work, and that you need toimplement them.} {As you work to grow your business and learn from your peersand buyers, youll come up with plenty more.|You will more than likely come up with other strategies, some better than these, as you work yourbusiness and work with your customers.|You will learn from your customers, and
  15. 15. peers in your business, gradually amassing even more strategies than we havejust discussed.|In the end, you will have many more strategies come your way,simply by working your business every single day.|Without a doubt, you will findmore strategies to use, and these will come from simply working your businessand interacting with your clientele.} {Remember, the only thing stopping you isyour own creativity!|By getting overly creative, you can really do anything youwant.|Anything is possible. You just have to try to make it happen.|Its up toyou, but in the end, through your own efforts, you will succeed.|Yourcreativity, and your desire for success, will make your business better thanever.}|{There are so many things that go into getting a proper testimonial froma client or a buyer.|When it comes to getting a proper testimonial from a clientor a buyer, there are many things you need to do.|It is important that you gettestimonials from clients, yet you have to do this in a specific way.|Gettingtestimonials from buyers and customers is something every business should do,and there are many ways to do this.|People that have businesses, online or off-line, should work at getting great testimonials from customers that like theirproducts.}}{{There is more involved than simply asking or using something someone has saidin a conversation.|You cant just use something that someone shared with you ina conversation one day out of the blue.|Conversations cannot be used fortestimonials. There has to be a little more to getting this information.|Itsmuch more involved than writing down what someone told you about your product orservice.|Using someones offhanded comment about your business is not reallywhat you want to do.} {Weve talked about a few of the techniques you can use tobetter your testimonials (in quality and quantity) in this article.|This articlehas shown you many ways to get quality testimonials in bulk using severaldifferent techniques.|There are many ways that you can get testimonials, bothquality ones, and hundreds of them, using the strategies we have provided.|Testimonials that are used can be gathered in mass quantity, plus you can getquality testimonials using the techniques we have presented.|Just using thesimple strategies in this article, you can get more testimonials then you candeal with, plus they will be of high quality.} {As you keep learning and doingbusiness, youll find plenty of other ways to accomplish this goal.|Obviously,as you continue to learn about this business, you will be able to find out moreways to get them on your own.|You will be able to get more testimonials as youdiscover new ways to acquire them from your customers.|Through experience, anddoing your business everyday, you will learn how to get testimonials in easierways than we have presented.|By experience alone, you will be able to not onlyget more testimonials, but learn how to get even more using techniques that youlearn.} {So get out there, get to work and lets see what you can do!|All youneed to do now is go get your testimonials starting today.|Just go out and gettestimonials. Dont worry! You can do it!|Its easy to get testimonials. Youjust need to use these strategies.|Now, use the strategies, and start gettingtestimonials for your products and services.}|{There are all sorts of ways toencourage people to leave testimonials for you.|In conclusion, you can motivatepeople to leave testimonials for you in a variety of ways.|Its easy to getpeople to leave testimonials, if you use the proper motivating factors.|Peoplewill leave testimonials for you, but there are a few things you have to do tomotivate them.|Getting testimonials is not as hard as it seems, and you can getpeople to do this for you quite easily.} {There are a lot of ways to ensure thatthe testimonials you get are of the highest possible quality.|The testimonialsthat you receive can also be high-quality, something that you can ensure aswell.|Its easy to get high-quality testimonials for doing the right things andasking the right questions.|Testimonials that are high-quality are simple enoughto get - you just have to do the right things to get them.|Getting legitimatehigh-quality testimonials is a piece of cake once you understand what you needto do.} {We have shared some tips for this with you in this article.|Thisarticle has provided you with many tips that can help you.|Hopefully, the tipsin this article can help you out in some way.|It is our hope that this articlehas helped you in some manner.|After reading this, you should understand a fewmore things that can help you get testimonials.} {As you work on your businessand learn more about this, youll find plenty of other methods you can use toaccomplish this same goal.|You can accomplish the same goals by doing different
  16. 16. things, which you will learn as you run your business every single day.|Throughexperience, youll find additional methods to help you accomplish this goal ofgetting testimonials that are legitimate and powerful.|There are so many methodsthat you can try to get testimonials, many of which you will learn on your ownas you run your business.|So as you learn these techniques, and even morethrough trial and error, you will slowly get more testimonials for your businessthan you can handle.}|{Publishing testimonials on your website is one of thebest things that you can do to help build your business.|Theres no better wayto make your business grow than to publish testimonials on your site.|Testimonials are among the most convincing types of publicity you can get forany business.|Nothing is more effective than testimonials when it comes totelling the world how great your products are.|If you want everyone to see whythey should try your product or service, you should definitely seektestimonials.} {Testimonials are real life examples of why your product orservice has helped someone (or not so much as the case may be).|These are verydifferent from ads, as you are publishing actual comments from satisfiedcustomers.|A testimonial is a legitimate review of your product or business, asopposed to copy thats simply meant to be convincing.|A good testimonialprovides readers with useful information about why the product or service isworth buying.|When people read testimonials, they are seeing actual proof thatthis product has been tried and reviewed by people much like themselves.}{Getting them can sometimes be a lot of work.|Its not always as easy to getthem as you might like.|You sometimes have to put in some effort to get them.|Finding them may take some creativity and using your skills of persuasion.|Ifyou dont get them automatically, dont be afraid to solicit them (in an ethicalmanner).} {Once you do get them, however, they can help your business in waysyou havent yet dreamed.|They are worth fishing for, though, as they can helpmore than almost anything else.|Their value, however, is beyond question, somake every effort to get them.|You should be alert to every opportunity toreceive and use them.|Their effectiveness, however, is something thats beyonddispute.} {Use the tips weve shared here to help you get your first few andfrom there the sky is the limit!|The guidelines weve shared in this articlewill help you get some testimonials, and there are many other ways it can bedone as well.|Make sure you implement the above suggestions, but you should alsoget creative and find your own ways to attract testimonials!|Once you start toget some genuine testimonials, youll realize how valuable they are forspreading the word about your business!|Weve supplied you with a few good hintsand tips for getting testimonials, and if you put on your thinking cap you cancome up with some more on your own!}}