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  1. 1. The Most Used and Viewed Live Video Destination in the WorldUstream’s Audience and Reach Total Streams Unique People U.S. People Avg. Live Video View Mobile & Tablet per month per month per month Time, US Onsite App Downloads Source: Quantcast, April 2012 Source: Comscore, March 2012 Source: Comscore, Past 30 DaysMedia Icons | Content Producers | Brands | Sports Organizations | U.S. Government
  2. 2. Over 200 Million Tweets happen every day How do you stand Over 1 Million links areshared every 20 minutes out in a sea of 48 hours of video are social media uploaded every minute noise? Ustream harnesses the massive reach of social media and channels your communities to engage with interactive live video content
  3. 3. • LIVE creates community conversation around an event and drives buzz• Extremely high engagement times for brand integration and recall• Allows you to “break the fourth wall” to create multiple layers of real-time conversation: • Talent to Talent On-Screen • Talent to Online Community • Online Community Conversation • Brand Messaging to Online Community• A real-time metrics dashboard allows you to see exactly where your viewers are watching to enhance real-time messaging all the way down to the local level• LIVE video is more enticing than VOD for consumers because "anything is possible”
  4. 4. Owne • Targeted d Editorial andDisplay & In- •Website and/or marketing Stream Microsite outreach to • Video • Ustream Channel, Facebo gain qualitySyndication ok, Twitter, Goo earned gle+, YouTube placements Paid Earned
  5. 5. Social Stream is a Chat Tool that allows users to interact with live video content via their established social identities within a single seamless conversationCheck-into a show to alert your Your chat messagesfriends and let them know you simultaneously update to your are here watching! social networks! Comments in the Social Stream post directly to your Facebook wall or appear as TweetsSocial Stream attaches your custom hashtag and linkand pulls in matching ones from the Twittersphere…driving sharing and virality! Protect your brand’s image: Pre-moderation is now available!
  6. 6. LIKE LOCK Customer BannerLive Video feed right onto your Facebook Fanpage Link to Sponsors /Application can be added to as many Facebook Merchandisingpages as you like, and is able to be continually used for all your other events! VOD Content Social Stream / Facebook Chat
  7. 7. Ustream has blazed the trail on CE and mobile devices, giving us the largestreach out of any live streaming company: iOS, Android, Honeycomb & more!
  8. 8. •••••••
  9. 9. Case Studies
  10. 10. State Farm had exclusivity on allUploaded videos display and in-to YouTube have stream advertising1,000,000+ views and counting! The event was Total Unique mentioned in over Total Views Views 972 television Within 48 hrs. 250,000+ 175,000+ news broadcasts!
  11. 11. Total Uniques Total ViewsTotal 1,154,879 2,096,421Mobile-only Total Uniques Total ViewsTotal 26,598 50,939 Average View TimeTotal 43 minutes
  12. 12. Average Comparison to Avg. Live View Time TV CommercialTotal 10 minutes 20x Longer
  13. 13. ••••
  14. 14. • • • •Mark Ruffalo Fran Drescher Phillipe Cousteau Renee Zellweger Al Gore
  15. 15. Ryan ZakeriSales and Business 323.450.4552