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New target audience

New target audience






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    New target audience New target audience Presentation Transcript

    • Target Audience by: dominic Ball & Harry longman
    • Introduction - What we are looking to achieve •The final outcome which is hoped to have been achieved at the end of this presentation is to have discovered WHO the target audience is for our music video. •We hope that from this we would have gained an understanding of how to address that audience through the structure of our video in terms of; its storyline, subject matter, mise en scene,camerawork and editing.
    • Kanye West - His Profile Age: 36 Gender: Male Nationality: American Fact File Ethnicity: African American Genre: Hip Hop - Kanye West is nothing short of a world wide superstar. He has heavily collaborated with Jay Z and many other international stars and its therefore no surprise that he sells out top venues from around the world. - Since first coming on to the music industry in 2001, Kanye’s lyrics have always represented struggle in the modern world but although the lyrics have the same meanings the genre of his music over the last couple of years has slightly differentiated with more attention on rap. - His very unique style in life is shown through his music videos as well as his music as his videos try to incorporate a conceptual yet exciting element to them.
    • demographics • Gender - From the research gathered from musicmetric.com you can see there is a fairly even split between the male and female target audience, with a 57% male audience and 43% female audience. This slightly higher male audience could be due to the overt swearing in the rapping and lyrics which includes violent connotations, which might not appeal quite as much to a female audience. • Age - The 18-24 category dominates the age distribution of his audience (35%), but also 19% of his audience are 25-35 year olds. This is to be expected and I believe it’s linked to the genre of music (rap/hip hop). With this genres the themes in the lyrics, beat of the music, and image of the artist all connect to a younger audience.
    • demographics continued • Ethnicity - He is an American star so it follows that a lot of his fans would be Western. However the worldwide distribution of fans (including East and West) would suggest that the ethnicity he appeals to is very diverse. Therefore no ethnicity can be prioritised. • Class - There is nothing to dispute that most class categories would listen to his music as his audience is so worldwide. However, from his lyrics we can take an educated guess that he would be more popular with the classes E-B. Therefore we can assume that people from Class A might not make up a huge part of his fan base.
    • Psychographics • THE EXPLORER - Young in nature, if not in reality. They are driven by the need for discovery, often trying new things out first. • THE ASPIRER - Driven by others’ perceptions of them. They make choices based on what is popular at the time and whether other people will like it. Their core need in life is for status. • THE SUCCEEDER - Tend to be very organised and self confident. They need control and when it comes to brands they seek the best. • THE REFORMER - They value their own independent judgement and are often perceived as intellectual. They also crave enlightenment. • THE MAINSTREAM - Daily routine is fundamental to their everyday life and as their name implies they belong to the largest group across the world. They look for security in life. • THE STRUGGLER - They live for today rather than tomorrow. They are heavy consumers of alcohol and junk food and are likely to only become successful in life due to a lottery win. Escape is what they look for. • THE RESIGNED - Predominately older people who like familiarity above all else. This determines many choices they make in life and their main aim is simple: to survive. • Based on these definitions, we believe that the psychographic profile of his audience would be of three different categories; Aspirer, Mainstream and Struggler. His music, as already mentioned, is seen as very popular and cool. An inspirational element is also included in his music which would make it appeal to people who aren’t doing so well in life. We also know from our demographics slide that younger people listen to his music which also justifies these choices.
    • Survey • In order to learn more about the genre of the music we are going to make a video of, we conducted a survey of 20 people. • The questions we asked our shown in the box below (left). The reasons why we asked these question are also shown below (right). 1. What is your preferred category of music video - narrative, performance or conceptual? 2. What media do you consume? 3. Where do you go to listen to your music? 4. What other genre’s of music do you like? 5. Whats the most memorable music video you have watched? 1. We will be able to gather an idea on what the best category is for fans of Hip Hop. 2. By knowing the answer to this, we will know what modern technology they are used to and how to potentially advertise the video in the future. 3. This could give us extra ideas of where to shoot some of the video. 4. After obtaining answers from this question, we could look at music videos of these genres and see if there are any elements we could include from them into our video. 5. If there is a popular answer to this question we will be able to see what makes a music video truly great!
    • Survey - The Results 1. 2. The general consensus from question 2 was that in this modern age almost all media is consumed. However, social networking sites tended to be a very popular answer when asked to be more specific. 3. - Concerts at venues such as The O2 Arena, Wembley and Brixton Arena. - Festivals are also common place for these fans to listen to their music. 5. Various answers came back for this question, but one video that came up a few times was ‘What I’ve Done’ by Linkin Park. This video is on the following link http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=8sgycukafqQ
    • Mood board - This mood board represents everything that would interest a typical member of our audience.
    • Attracting The Audience • We will create a Digi Pack which shall look very current and we will do this by keeping to a sophisticated colour scheme and things will be basic. • The storyline that we are looking to create shall directly inspire a ‘struggler’ as it shall show of how someone from the bottom of society gradually makes something of himself. • As there is a slightly higher proportion of male fans to female fans, we shall try to incorporate things that would interest men such as: cars, male clothing, sporting items etc.
    • Addressing The Audience • After watching various music videos of Kanye West we have learnt that there is a very strong conceptual element to all of his videos. We intend to follow this trend.We believe that this would be enjoyed by his audience and because of this we will also include this element. The editing shall play a large part in creating this. • The mise en scene of our video shall incorporate modern things, from clothes, to phones, to buildings. This shall address our youthful audience as they are used to being in a world surrounded by modern media/equipment. • We also hope to do some filming in the heart of London, as the idea of a city will excite a younger audience as a city represents innovation and opportunity.