Digipaks job for a cowboy


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A look at four different digipaks

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Digipaks job for a cowboy

  1. 1. Research on digipaks
  2. 2. What is a digipak? Before I go and look at a few digipaks i should explain what a digipak is. Some of you may think it is just the album art work but no a digipak also includes the CD, Booklet, inside covers, spines, the back cover and anything else included in the CD’s packaging or contents. The term digipak doesn’t just cover CD’s but also DVD’s, Vinyls and Video Games.
  3. 3. Looking into digipaks Trivium - In Waves (Special Edition) In Waves is the 5th studio album by the American Heavy Metal band Trivium who released the album through their record label Roadrunner Records. The album was released worldwide on the dates of August 2nd 2011 and August 9th 2011. It was released as both a standard edition and a special edition which featured a bonus dick. In Waves was also the first Trivium album to feature new drummer Nick Augusto.
  4. 4. The digipak for In Waves looks different to a normal CD casing because it is made of a card like material and also doesn’t open and close in the normal CD casing way it doesn’t lock shut but flips open flaps like a leaflet would do. The special edition album also features 5 bonus songs which do not feature on the standard edition of In Waves.
  5. 5. The Artwork on the front is a odd bit off art work but when in an interview with front man Matt he said “I asked the artist what the cover is and he “ smiled and said “It is what it is” so he didn’t tell me what it is. So it follows suit with that same thing — it’s multi-interpretable. It’s great because when you look at it, it doesn’t look like any specific genre, you don’t think metal band, you don’t think rock band, you don’t think rap band, it’s just something else.” As well as having the CD in there it also has a bonus DVD which is advertised on the front of the album cover for featuring A 40 minute documentary on the making of the album, an exclusive 8 track set performed in Chapman Studios and the music video for the first single off the album In Waves.
  6. 6. Compared to their older albums like The Crusade and Ascendancy the colour scheme for In Waves digipak is more dark in that grey/black colour scheme with the lighter writing over it where as The Crusade and Ascendancy does have a darker colour scheme too but they have more colour then the gritty grainy feel of In Waves. The font is also very consistent. It is used all the way throughout the front, back covers and th inside of the case too. The colour scheme is consistent in the fact that it doesn’t change half way through the album it has the same colour no matter where you look front, back, sides or insides.
  7. 7. Biffy Clyro - Puzzle Puzzle is the 4th studio album from Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro released in June 2007 then later released in the United States in August. The album reached #2 in the UK album charts and #17 in Ireland. Puzzle was voted the best album of 2007 by Kerrang! and Rock Sound magazines.
  8. 8. The digipak for Puzzle is unique in using a image which can be taken in different ways by different people. As it features a photo of a man sitting naked on a stool in an empty room and looking by his body language looks depressed or upset but he also looks like he is made of jigsaw puzzle pieces and one has fallen out on the floor. This is illustrative with the album name and gives a visual representation of the albums name. The CD and Booklet also follow this idea and use the same image of the puzzle man one being a close up of him and the other a silhouette of him for the disk. Yet again being used to make anyone looking at it use their imagination and interprate the image for themselves and their own meaning.
  9. 9. A B-Side album named, Missing Pieces, was released not long after Puzzle featuring the B-sides that didn’t make it onto the album Puzzle and the theme of this digipak follows the exact same themes of puzzle in terms of the artwork, text, colour scheme and everything apart from the album cover which looks like it has been shot in the same room just opposite the guy on the puzzle artwork. The text used on and in the digipak is consistent throughout in font, size and colour, small white in a bold font. It gives that impression to whoever looks at it that they are a band who don’t need to use fancy fonts to grab anyones attention in order to pick it up like other albums. Same with the album art most mainstream artists albums feature them on it but Biffy Clyro do not need to do this as people will recognise the album and know it is Biffy.
  10. 10. In Biffy Clyro’s next two album after Puzzle they follow the same pattern in the way that they keep to the theme on the front and back covers. The colour schemes stay the same apart from on 2013 album opposites where the front cover is a lighter less harsh tone unlike on the back where it is more dark in terms of shades of colours used which may portray the name of the album.
  11. 11. Rammstein - Mutter Charts (2001) Peak position Australian Albums Chart 10 Austrian Albums Chart 1 Belgium Albums Chart (Flanders) 7 Belgium Albums Chart (Wallonia) 45 Canadian Albums Chart 14 Danish Albums Chart 22 Dutch Albums Chart 4 Finnish Albums Chart 7 French Albums Chart 23 German Albums Chart 1 New Zealand Albums Chart 12 Norwegian Albums Chart 12 Swedish Albums Chart 2 Swiss Albums Chart 1 UK Albums Chart 91 US Billboard 200 77 Mutter is the third studio album by the German Metal band Rammstein. Released on 2 April 2001, through Motor Music, the album reached a number of spots in charts around the globe some good and some. Despite the mixed reviews Mutter reached 324 in the Rock Hard magazine's book of The 500 Greatest Rock & Metal Albums of All Time and acclaimed world wide success as one of the bands most known albums.
  12. 12. The outside covers for mutter stick to the same colours, font and themes on both sides and not change the font half way through or the colour schemes and make the album look less professional. They have gone with the same theme of a dead foetus which is illustrative of the album name as ‘Mutter’ means ‘mother’ in German. The white small font works well against the yellowish green colour of the foetus skin tone and make it stand out. The size of the font works well people that know rammstein will know it is Mutter simply because of the album artwork and even if you don’t it is big enough to read without the text taking up too much space and looking dominant compared to the
  13. 13. The inside of the digipak also sticks to the theme that the outside portrays. You can easily tell this because on the back of the booklet you get it has a heart rate line of a person presumably a baby and DNA codes sticking to the whole ‘Mother and baby‘ theme which yet again illustrates the album name Mutter. The colours are also constant inside as well as on the outside of this digipak which like Puzzle and In Waves before it makes the albums look more professionally done than if the inside was to be bright blue or white and the outside these black and greenish colours.
  14. 14. Job For A Cowboy - Demonocracy Demonocracy is the third studio album from American death metal band Job For A Cowboy released in 2012 it charted at 87 on the Billboard 200 in the first week and racked up 4,900 sales. Source Rating Thrash Hits 4.5/6 stars Peek from the Pit 9/10 Real Metal Reviews 9/10 allmusic 3/5 stars Metal Underground 4.5/5 stars Rockfreaks.net 8.5/10 stars Metal Injection 8.5/10 stars
  15. 15. Like the In Waves digipak this one for Demonocracy is also not your traditional plastic glass like case but is made of that laminated card like material. The colours itself are a pallet of black, dark blue, light blue and some brighter near white shades. This does On the back this digipak clearly stereotypically portray a darker side to shows the record label by showing the album but this may not always be the its symbol in the bottom corner and case. This colour scheme is kept sticks to the theme that the front constant on both the back and front of has by having a close up of the the digipak and that is the same for the woman's face on it yet again giving font colour and style, apart from the the idea of that political themed bands logo. album The colour scheme on both the back and the front covers are following the same pattern in both the colours and images that they show. The front has a body shot of this woman who has a rams scull on her head and sword in one hand and scales in the other like Lady Justice which suggests maybe a political background and theme to some songs. This can also be backed up by the armed guards in the
  16. 16. They’ve kept to the same dark colour palette but have just gone for a simple black around the edge and when you open up to see both CD’s you see that the image behind the CD clearly is the same image as demonocracy's CD, keeping that that continuity aspect Now the inside of this digipak is different as it then has a second cover inside as the album also features a second disk, their EP ‘Gloom.’ By doing this we get an idea that the rams skull is actually the bands mascot or symbol and we can tell this by looking to their other album covers and seeing that same skull on each. The skull making appearances on other JFAC albums