Cooks Community Garden Orientation

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  • 1. Garden Orientation
  • 2. Welcome to Cook’s Community Garden onlineorientation. This presentation is required for all thosewho wish to join our garden.The presentation should take about 10 minutes and atthe end, you will be given a link to sign up for thegarden.
  • 3. We were started in 2009 as a place for those whowanted to garden as a group. A place were we couldhave space to grow good food and socialize with otherswho share similar interests.Since then we have tripled our size, added classes,chickens, and other programs. Today we invite you tojoin us in this great place.
  • 4. Cooks Community Garden aims to:  Support the community through positive engagement  Educate and encourage ideals surrounding gardening, nutrition and community.  To be accessible to the community at large, including those from low- resource backgrounds  Encourage a sense of community for all, regardless of faith, color, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, etc
  • 5. We want to be sure that we are close enough to you for you to reasonably visit the garden two times a week. We get many people apply who are too far away and cannot get to the garden that often. If you are too far we are happy to help you find a closer garden.Please look up how far you are from the garden: 3201 Mt. Holly Huntersville Rd. Charlotte, NC 28216 click here to map it
  • 6. We have 27 plots, each year we will have a few slotsbecome available, so apply now! Plots are assigned ona first come, first served basis. The application is atthe end of this presentation.It should be noted that we are an all organic garden
  • 7. Each plot is rented out to individuals who are responsible for their own plots; dues for the use of each plot are $30 per year, plus a commitment to contribute 10 hours of labor for general garden upkeep.Note: We will work individuals on sliding scales if $30 is not possible.
  • 8. The $30 fee entitles each person to the annual use of aplot, use of a set of tools, water, free seeds, and accessto soil test results. Gardeners are held accountable forkeeping their plots maintained and weed freethroughout the year.
  • 9. You are responsible for your own plot, which includesweeding, keeping it neat and planting within 2 weeksof being assigned a plot.You get to keep all the produce you grow in your plot.
  • 10. If you are going out of town for a while or become ill,let us know and people are happy to step up and helpout. Remember to return the favor.
  • 11. •You need to visit the garden twice a week•You are responsible for your plot•You must plant within two weeks of being assigned a plot•Everyone must volunteer 10 hours per year
  • 12. We primarily correspond with people through our website, email and Facebook. Please make sure you submit an email address that you check often.Website: CooksCommunityGarden.orgFacebook:
  • 13. We kick of the season with a required meeting thattakes place sometime around mid-March.We start gardening April 1st You can be at the garden sun-up to sun-down, except Sunday, we are open noon to sun-downWe close the garden December 1st
  • 14. A key part of being part of the garden is the socialaspects. We are looking for those who are interestedin participating in the garden events and beingfriendly. All our events are posted on our events calendar on our website
  • 15. We realize that many people want to garden, but don’tknow how. That is where our free classes come in, theyare designed to take someone who knows nothingabout gardening and get them started on the rightfoot. All our classes are posted on our events calendar on our website
  • 16. When you first come to our garden located at 3201Mount. Holly Huntersville Rd. you will find us by ourbig sign.
  • 17. We have plenty of parking. Drive up the driveway andturn right though the hedge.
  • 18. Once you join the garden youwill have access to our toolslocated in the garage, the dooris locked with a combinationpadlock, we will provide thecombination when you havepaid your dues.
  • 19. The plots are rented out to individuals to garden. Eachplot is roughly 10 feet by 10 feet, so 100 square feettotal.
  • 20. The donation plot is a separate field where we growfood for those in need. Our produce is given toFriendship Trays, a non-profit that cooks meals forthose who can’t otherwise cook for themselves.
  • 21. Water is located at three places through out thegarden.
  • 22. We welcome anyone to volunteer with us. To find outwhen there are volunteer days, see our events calendar.Each Gardener is required tocomplete 10 hours a year as partof their payment. These can beachieved by many different ways,but hours only count onapproved actives that the gardenmanager runs.
  • 23. To meet the hours requirement we realize people are very busy and need flexibility. We have numerous ways to complete their hours.The following are acceptable ways, most require prior approval.  Work in the donation field  Organize your own project  Run a social event  Teach a class  Be part of a committee  Help with Grants  Become an Assistant Garden Manager (2nd yr gardeners only)
  • 24. Our Egg Co-Op is a program designed to allowindividuals to have access to fresh eggs, even in thecity! The program aims to teach people about raisingurban chickens in Charlotte and question where theirfood comes from.
  • 25. Essentially how the program works is a person joins, istaught everything they need to know, then is enteredinto the rotation. On their day they must come out tothe garden to feed the chickens, top off their water,move the coop (on wheels) so the chickens have freshgrass to eat. On the day a person works, they get tokeep all the eggs that day. Everyone shares in the workand everyone shares in the benefit.Apply at our website.
  • 26. Part of being part of a group is working together. Inorder to make sure we work together in a productivemanner the group has communally setup some commonsense rules which every gardeners must abide by.The full set of rules can be found at our website
  • 27. If everything seems reasonable to you and you still wish to apply to the garden we are very happy to have you! Apply here:
  • 28. If you wish to just volunteer or attend class, see our calendar.If you have questions, contact us through the “contact us!” tab