Mapping and Geolocation on the Flash Platform


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A presentation on mapping and geolocation with the Flash Platform. Covers using the geolocation APIs in AIR 2 and various mapping examples and APIs.

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  • Mapping and Geolocation on the Flash Platform

    1. 1. Mapping and Geolocation with the Flash Platform
    2. 2. Ryan Stewart @ryanstewart Based in Seattle Like beer a little too much Into mountaineering, backpacking, etc
    3. 3. Geolocation API Mapping APIs Agenda Custom Maps Managing Geodata Q&A
    4. 4. Geolocation APIs on the Flash Platform
    5. 5. Using the Geolocation API
    6. 6. Using the Geolocation API
    7. 7. Only supported if the device supports it Provides whatever attributes the phone provides Uses the underlying phone API
    8. 8. “Where am I World” Example
    9. 9. The GeolocationEvent Object Latitude and Longitude Accuracy Altitude Heading Speed Timestamp
    10. 10. setUpdateRequestInterval API to configure how often to get location data Device won’t let you do updates in small intervals
    11. 11. Debugging Location
    12. 12. HTML5 as a Fallback The HTML5 Spec provides a Geolocation API Gives access to Geolocation via the browser On devices it leverages the Native API in the same way that AIR does
    13. 13. Mapping APIs
    14. 14. Comparing Mapping APIs Street/ Terrain Topo Traffic 3D Satellite Google Maps Yes Yes No No (JS) Yes Yahoo Maps Yes No No Yes No MapQuest Yes No No Yes No ESRI Yes Yes Yes No No
    15. 15. Mapping with
    16. 16. Uses a layered approach for bits of data Has advanced components for editing and viewing things sequentially Allows for querying specific bits of data for mapping
    17. 17. Making Touchable Maps
    18. 18. Building your own maps
    19. 19. Dealing with Geodata Main Formats: GPX - Most widespread GPS Format KML - Includes ability to draw shapes But there are many others.
    20. 20. Geo projects GPXAS3 - Library for Parsing GPX files AIRGPSBabel - AS3 Wrapper for GPSBabel
    21. 21. Questions @ryanstewart
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