10 Ways to Leverage Facebook for Startups: Part 1
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10 Ways to Leverage Facebook for Startups: Part 1



10 Ways to Leverage Facebook for Startups: Part 1

10 Ways to Leverage Facebook for Startups: Part 1



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10 Ways to Leverage Facebook for Startups: Part 1 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 10 Ways to Hook Into & Onto Facebook. Part I: Off-FacebookRyan Spoon: ryanspoon.comPolaris Venture Partners: polaris.vcDogpatch Labs: dogpatchlabs.com
  • 2. About Us:Sample Companies
  • 3. Off-Facebook.
  • 4. 1. Be StrategicDetermine what’s strategic to you.Outsource the rest to Facebook.It’s faster, easier and FB’s probably better at it than you :)Questions to consider:- what must you own, control for long-term value?- what can you migrate back ‘in-house’ over time?- what are the associated switching costs?
  • 5. 2. IdentityWe think of Facebook as a social network. Of course!But Facebook has become the web’s identity platform.From user registration to verification to user data.Consider impact on:Activation: registration & conversion.Activity: prepopulate data, share virally, etc.Acquisition: these both have impacts on paid and viralmarketing efforts.And Platform: relevant for web, mobile, app, etc.
  • 6. 2. Identity (examples)Registration speed & simplicity.Less intimidating, more familiar. Less room for drop off.
  • 7. 2. Identity (examples)Identity verification. Imagery & single password.Can’t stress enough the value of not having to createnew passwords for each site!
  • 8. 2. Identity (examples)Even easier on Mobile. Facebook authentication is eveneasier on mobile where the FB app is almost universallyinstalled and typing emails & passwords is harder.One click login / reg Authenticates in background Phone # login > email address
  • 9. 2. Identity (examples)Security & Passwords. Zappos breach was a reminder of:1. how difficult password management is.2. how Facebook can assist / play a role.
  • 10. 3. Progressive RegistrationRisk of outsourcing identity is loss of data, control.Benefit is conversion through familiarity, simplicity.Simple guideline:Each registration field cuts completion rate by 50%.Middle ground is a ‘progressive registration’:- Use Facebook for basic registration.- Then ask / collect more information as usage evolves.
  • 11. 3. Progressive Registration (example)This is as simple as possible.Two fields. Prepopulated. Familiar faces.eBay can ask for more data later in the experience.
  • 12. 3. Progressive Registration (example)How much of registration flow can be prepopulated?Balance between what you want, what you need andwhat user is willing to provide.
  • 13. 4. The Facepile + LikesFacebook’s Facepile is under utilized.It provides familiarity in new settings.Think of it as a continuation of the Like Button.Facepile + Likes = better conversions.You are more likely to visit a restaurant your friendfrequents right? Likewise, the Facepile is a friendlyrecommendation engine for the web.
  • 14. 4. The Facepile + Likes (example)“It’s more fun with friends!”I have 889 Facebook friends on Foursquare. Remarkable.
  • 15. 4. The Facepile + Likes (example)Doesn’t have to befriends only.Facepile as conceptshowcases activity &popularity.You’re generally morelikely to visit the crowdedbar than the empty one…
  • 16. 4. The Facepile + Likes (example)Think beyond conversions too. Likes can:Drive virality on Facebook. Be used for onsite data / finding.And can be first step of content publishing.
  • 17. 5. Data & PersonalizationDon’t stop at registration and virality.Tailor your experience for each user.Remember:- this is applicable to new & active users alike!- instantly accessible: geography, birthday, friends, etc.- active users: likes, shares, comments, etc.General guideline: I will be more compelled & engagedthe more relevant to the experience is to me.
  • 18. 5. Data & Personalization (example)JibJab uses birthdays & events to drive e-card gifting:
  • 19. 5. Data & Personalization (example)Amex Link, Like, Love: Integrated activity & rewards.
  • 20. 5. Data & Personalization (example)Washington Post’s Social Reader is a newspaper entirely‘editorialized’ (curated) by activity of you and your network.
  • 21. On-Facebook.Coming tomorrow…
  • 22. Learn more.Connect with us. polaris.vc dogpatchlabs.com ryanspoon.com @polarisvc @dogpatchlabs @ryanspoon fb.com/polarisventures fb.com/dogpatchlabs fb.com/ryanspoon