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  • 1. Target Audience By Ryan Soanes
  • 2. WhoOur short film is aimed at the age group of 15-45, but to gain thisyou need to get this age group to be able to see your film and aswe are not a big production company creating a feature lengthfilm that will be played in cinemas or on TV are best option is touse the internet to distribute our short film. Using websites likeVimeo and Youtube we are able to gain our target audience butthe problem with this is the main age group going onto websiteslike Vimeo and Youtube don’t tend to be over the age of 30.
  • 3. What do people watch on the Internet?Using the internet to distribute our film, meansthat we need to understand what people arewatching. When doing research we found mostpeople use sites like this to watch Viral videossuch as funny videos of cats and all the filmstend to be short videos around 3 minutes whichis ideal as we are creating a 3 minute short film.
  • 4. WhereI will use websites like Youtube and Vimeo todistribute my film as they are free and it’s agood way to gain my target audience and asCinemas and Television Channels aren’tavailable to a producer like me. If I was a biggerproducer and had access to famous actors I’dput my film on a show like Channel 4 – Randomacts a program dedicated to short films.
  • 5. When do people watch short filmsThanks to modern technology such as Phones andWireless internet, people can watch short filmswhen they want. The peak time for short filmswould be around 7-10pm when people are cominghome from work and school and want to watchsomething fun and interesting without having toput full commitment into watching a full featurelength film. This is the good thing about Youtube aspeople can watch the short film when it suits theminstead of sticking to a schedule witch in ourgrowing busy life styles is good.
  • 6. Why do people choose the Internet?The reason people will choose to watch shortfilms on the Internet on websites like Youtube ismany factors such as the fact that it’s free anddoesn’t cost you any money, also there is nocensorship and you can watch what you wantonline.