The art of being bruce seven v


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The art of being bruce seven v

  1. 1. The Art of Being Bruce Seven By Brendan Wade Ryan
  2. 2. EXT. BRUCE SEVEN’S RESIDENCE - JULY 4TH, 1986; LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - DAY FADE IN A shiny, brand new, fire engine red 1985 CHEVROLET CAMARO driven by BRUCE SEVEN pulls in to the home’s driveway. Loud HEAVY METAL MUSIC blares out the CAR’S SPEAKERS until Bruce parks his new car in the driveway and turns off the IGNITION. REBECA ALBA a beautiful young woman in her twenties with brunette hair and wearing lots of make-up, who is sitting in the front passenger seat of Bruce’s car opens the passenger door of the car to get out. Rebeca steps out of the car with two brown paper sacks full of liquor bottles that had been resting in her lap on the way to Bruce’s, hugging one sack in each arm she waits for everyone else to get out of the car. Rebecca looks amazing and has very large breasts and is wearing gold colored high-heeled shoes, sexy tight spandex pants that accentuate her amazing legs and match the color of Bruce’s Camaro, a white designer tee-shirt showing off her cleavage, and a gold head band that matches her shoes. There are two more BEAUTIFUL YOUNG WOMEN, JENNY MARGOLIS AND SARA SIMPSON sitting in the car’s backseat. They are crammed in between more brown paper grocery bags loaded with big bottles of name brand whiskeys, gins, and vodkas inside of them. Before opening the door to get out of his car Bruce remains sat in the driver’s seat checking all of his pockets to make sure he has everything he’d brought with him including his wallet, pair of SUNGLASSES, two packs of CIGARETTES, a CIGARETTE LIGHTER and a BOTTLE OF SUNSCREEN he’d bought. Bruce twists the key from out of the Camaro’s ignition and opens the car door to get out. Bruce looks at Rebeca from over the hood of the Camaro. Bruce makes eye contact with Rebeca and smiles at her, she smiles back at him. BRUCE SEVEN Thanks for coming with me Rebeca. I don’t know who else would have been able to pick out all of those fine brands of liquor the way you did. REBECA ALBA Oh no problem Bruce. Rebecca flashes another smile at Bruce. Bruce is about to say something to Rebeca but is interrupted by a voice coming from inside of the Camaro. (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. JENNY (V.O.) Hey, let us out of here! It’s too hot. Jenny and Sara are stuck still sitting in the backseat of Bruce’s Camaro. The backseat of his car is loaded with a surplus of brown paper sacks full of liquor bottles. Unable to move, Jenny and Sara are prevented from being able to get out of the two-door sports car because of the cargo. BRUCE SEVEN Hang on girls we’ll get you out of there. Hey Sara I can’t even see you, where are you? Bruce bends down to have a look into the backseat of his car. SARA SIMPSON I’m right here Bruce. Sara is talking to Bruce from behind a stack. It’s almost too difficult for Bruce to locate where she is in the back seat. BRUCE SEVEN Right where? I don’t see you. Don’t break any bottles, OK? I just bought this hot rod. I don’t want the backseat of my to smell like booze after the Fourth of July, you know? BIONCA SEVEN and JOHNNY SIMPSON appear outside and hurry down the driveway to meet Bruce and company. BIONCA SEVEN Bruce honey, you’re back already! BRUCE SEVEN Bionca this new car hauls ass. When Bianca reaches Bruce they enjoy a long kiss together. Rebeca walks up the driveway into the house through an open garage door. BIONCA SEVEN I’m glad you’re here. There is something in the backyard I want to show you. (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. BRUCE SEVEN Oh yeah, what is it? BIONCA SEVEN It’s a surprise baby. Johnny begins to help Jenny and Sara get out of the Bruce’s car. Sara realizes her husband Johnny has come to rescue her from the backseat of Bruce’s car. SARA SIMPSON (V.O.) Johnny! JOHNNY SIMPSON Hi baby, I’ve come to rescue you. SARA SIMPSON (V.O.) Aww, I love you. Bruce turns his head to check out the situation happening around his car. Jenny is waiting to hand paper sacks with bottles in them to Johnny who still clutching Sara and kissing her next to Bruce’s new car. BRUCE SEVEN Johnny you need any help? Johnny and Sara stop kissing. JOHNNY SIMPSON No Bruce I think we’ve got it. Johnny motions for several men standing around drinking beer in Bruce’s garage to help him with the heavy paper sacks. JOHNNY SIMPSON Guys will you give us a hand? Two men who Johnny had motioned to each set their plastic cups of beer down and assist in unloading the car. BIONCA SEVEN Come on Bruce. Bionca grabs Bruce by the hand and leads him away from the driveway to the backyard. BRUCE SEVEN What the hell is it sweetheart? (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. CONTINUED: 4. BIONCA SEVEN You’ll see. Bionca and Bruce round the garage together, in the backyard a crowd of about twenty people has gathered around a naked couple having sexual intercourse. The party guests are cheering on the man and woman having sex on Bruce’s back porch. BIONCA SEVEN What do you think? BRUCE SEVEN Looks like a little sex show started while I was gone. BIONCA SEVEN I know, I couldn’t believe it! BRUCE SEVEN Lets watch too Bionca. Bionca lights up a cigarette. JETHRO a guest at the Bruce’s Fourth of July party walks up to Bruce with a beer to drink. BRUCE SEVEN Thanks Jethro, how’ve you been? Jethro hands Bruce a bottle beer and joins Bruce and the crowd of people watching the couple have sex on the back porch. BRUCE SEVEN Can you belive this? JETHRO I know, they’ve been at it for almost an hour. Bruce takes a rather big swig from his beer. BRUCE SEVEN Happy Fourth of July man! Bruce gives Jethro a fraternal slap on the back. JETHRO Hey thanks, nineteen eighty-six! Jethro takes a drink of beer from his plastic cup. (CONTINUED)
  6. 6. CONTINUED: 5. BRUCE SEVEN A good year to be alive. JETHRO You said it. Everyone outside quiets down and focuses intently on the couple having sex whose moans have become more audible. Bruce takes another drink of beer and pats Jethro on the back one more time. BRUCE SEVEN So are you still working in the valley? Making movies with what’s his name..? JETHRO Jim Hickory? Yes, we’re still in business. A group of three men, BILL, Bailey, and MIKE enter the backyard from inside of Bruce’s two-story home looking for Bruce. They interupt Bruce and Jethro’s conversation. BILL Hey Bruce we need you inside. Bruce adjusts his attention from the couple having sex to Bill. BRUCE SEVEN Happy Fourth of July you guys! BILL Happy Fourth Bruce! Bruce shakes Bill’s hand. BRUCE SEVEN Okay, I guess we better go inside then. BIONCA SEVEN I’m going to stay out here and watch. BRUCE SEVEN Sounds good Bionca. JETHRO I’m going to follow you in. (CONTINUED)
  7. 7. CONTINUED: 6. BRUCE SEVEN Fine. Bruce, Jethro, Bill, Bailey and Mike leave the backyard and enter Bruce’s home through the backdoor. FADE OUT FADE IN INT. BRUCE SEVEN’S RESIDENCE - FIRST FLOOR LIVING ROOM Inside of Bruce’s home the party is raging, there are many more people inside than there were outside in Bruce’s BACKYARD. The party in the LIVING ROOM is loud, there are women topless, a few people having sex, Bruce’s big screen television is on and there are fireworks on going off on screen, Van Halen rock music floods the air. Bruce’s popularity springs to life inside of his home where everyone recognizes him as the famous Bruce Seven, adult filmmaker and king the of throwing parties at his lavious estate. Mike, Bailey, Hill, and Jethro allow Bruce to greet his guests. BRUCE SEVEN Happy Fourth of July everybody! CANDY LYNN a famous adult movie actress stops making out with one of the men at the party and gets off of the sofa when she sees Bruce and friends come inside from the backyard. She rushes up to Bruce to talk to him. CANDY LYNN Hi Bruce, Happy Fourth of July big man! BRUCE SEVEN Thanks Candy! Same to you. CANDY LYNN What’s happening? BRUCE SEVEN The boys said they needed me, otherwise I’d still be watching two people fuck outside. CANDY LYNN There’s two people fucking outside? (CONTINUED)
  8. 8. CONTINUED: 7. BRUCE SEVEN There sure is, go see for yourself beautiful. CANDY LYNN I will, thanks a lot for telling me. Candy walks out the back door to the back yard. Bruce is confronted with another person from the party, STEVE RICHARDSON. BRUCE SEVEN Steve Richardson! What’s up man, it’s been ages since I last saw you. How are you? STEVE RICHARDSON I’m fine Bruce, thanks for inviting me to your party. Happy Fourth of July! BRUCE SEVEN Happy Fourth to you to Steve. STEVE RICHARDSON How’s the business treating you? BRUCE SEVEN Things are great, thanks for asking. We’re thinking of building a new studio around here. What do you think, good idea? STEVE RICHARDSON Oh definitely Bruce. That’s the best idea I have ever heard. By the way there are some really beautiful women here tonight Bruce. Before Bruce can say anything to Steve, Jethro returns to where Bruce is. JETHRO We need you upstairs Bruce. BRUCE SEVEN Are you serious? Lets go. FADE OUT
  9. 9. 8. BRUCE SEVEN’S RESIDENCE - SECOND FLOOR HALLWAY FADE IN BRUCE SEVEN So who’s in here Jethro? JETHRO Her name is Crystal. BRUCE SEVEN OK Crystal, cool. FADE OUT BRUCE SEVEN’S RESIDENCE - SECOND FLOOR BEDROOM FADE IN CRYSTAL, a beautiful woman with long brown hair with hairspray and wearing a lacy white nightgown is sitting on a BED. Mike and Bailey are standing at the end of the bed holding on to film equipment. Bruce enters the BEDROOM with Jethro, Bruce notices Crystal on the bed. BRUCE SEVEN Hi, what’s your name? CRYSTAL Crystal. BRUCE SEVEN Well nice to meet you Crystal, my name’s Bruce, Bruce Seven. This is my house you’re in by the way. CRYSTAL Is it really? You’ve got a nice house Mister Bruce Seven. I know what I’m supposed to do. BRUCE SEVEN You do? CRYSTAL Yes, Bailey said ya’ll are going to film me having sex with myself. BRUCE SEVEN We are? Great! Mike and Bailey are you guys ready to rock? (CONTINUED)
  10. 10. CONTINUED: 9. MIKE Yes sir. BAILEY I’m ready when you are Bruce. Bruce starts to give directions to Crystal about how she is supposed to look for the camera. BRUCE SEVEN Now darling, I want you to get real comfortable before we start shooting. CRYSTAL I am comfortable, I wasn’t before you came in but now I am. BRUCE SEVEN Now when you’re on the bed touching yourself I want you to look into the camera and make the sexiest face. CRYSTAL Like this? Crystal strikes a pose for Bruce to see. BRUCE SEVEN Yes, and remember you can leave your nighty on for part of it but eventually you’ll need to be completely naked, the lingerie’s going to need to come off. CRYSTAL Alright, I can’t wait. I think I’m ready Bruce. BRUCE SEVEN Super! Boys get ready. ’Cheerleader Virgins’ take one, and... action! Bruce backs away from Crystal on the bed, Mike and Bailey step in and begin to film her touching herself. Behind them Bruce motions to her that she is doing a fine job of starring in her first adult movie. BRUCE SEVEN Yes baby! Yes! Good! (CONTINUED)
  11. 11. CONTINUED: 10. Crystal is doing an excellent job in front of the cameras, soon she is completely naked and the two cameramen are doing close-ups with Bruce watching over their shoulders. FADE OUT INT. BRUCE SEVEN’S BEDROOM - LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 1996 - NIGHT FADE IN Bruce Seven wakes up in bed, sits up and checks to see if Bionca is laying asleep next to him, she is. Bruce wakes up Bionca. BRUCE SEVEN Hey Bionca, wake up. Bionca doesn’t wake up the way Bruce wants her to, he wants to tell her about the dream he’s just had. BRUCE SEVEN Wake up babe, I have to tell you about my dream. Bionca moves around a little in bed and rolls over on to Bruce. BIONCA SEVEN What’s up Bruce? BRUCE SEVEN I just had a dream, it was ten years ago at one of our Fourth of July parties. BIONCA SEVEN No way! What happened? BRUCE SEVEN Well Rebeca Alba and I went to the liquor store in my old Camaro, and we bought so much liquor! When we got back to the party there were two people fucking in our back yard. BIONCA SEVEN Woah Bruce, there were two people fucking in our back yard? That’s wild. (CONTINUED)
  12. 12. CONTINUED: 11. BRUCE SEVEN Yeah and everyone was watching, you know drinking beer and watching these two have sex. BIONCA SEVEN Heavy baby, anything else? BRUCE SEVEN When I went inside there was this girl, she said her name was Crystal and she reminded me of you. BIONCA SEVEN She reminded you of me? BRUCE SEVEN It was her first time to ever be in a movie. BIONCA SEVEN You were filming a movie, on the Fourth of July? Wow Bruce! BRUCE SEVEN She reminded me of when the two of us first met, she was nervous like you were. I helped Crystal relax and then she was fine and real good when we started filming. BIONCA SEVEN Was I in the dream? BRUCE SEVEN Yes, you were there too. Bruce kisses Bionca and the couple takes a rest from talking. FADE OUT