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Company Man Original Screenplay
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Company Man Original Screenplay


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  • 1. Company Man An Original Screenplay Written By Brendan Ryan
  • 2. FADE IN INT. BOBBY’S HOME-LIVING ROOM-PEORIA, ILLINOIS-DAY There is a BIRTHDAY PARTY going on in a one story home in a nice neighborhood in Peoria, Illinois. Lots of CHILDREN are inside of the home to celebrate BOBBY’S seventh birthday. In the crowded LIVING ROOM, JERRY MAYER, dressed as RONALD MCDONALD stands in front of his audience ready to perform his act. JERRY MAYER Hi everyone! Happy to see me? CHILDREN YAAAY! JERRY MAYER Good! Alright, how about we get first thing first, who’s birthday is it today? One of the children on sitting on the floor, Bobby, raises his hand. BOBBY Mine, Ronald! JERRY MAYER Great, happy birthday! Tell everybody your name and how old you are today. BOBBY My name is Bobby and I am seven years old. Today is my birthday! JERRY MAYER Wow! Seven, what an age to be! That’s super Bobby! BOBBY Look at what I got for my birthday. Bobby holds up a RED TOY FIRE ENGINE for Jerry and the rest of the children at the party to admire. JERRY MAYER A fire engine! Who gave you a fire engine for your birthday Bobby? (CONTINUED)
  • 3. CONTINUED: 2. BOBBY My Mom and Dad gave it to me. JERRY MAYER That was nice of them. BOBBY Yeah it was. JERRY MAYER May I see your new red fire engine Bobby? Bobby stands up and walks up to where Jerry is standing and hands him the red toy fire engine and then returns to where he was sitting. JERRY MAYER Thank you Bobby. This is a really nice fire engine.. have all of you seen one of these before? Do any of you have one like this at home? Jerry holds up the red toy fire engine so that everyone can see what he is referring to. CHILDREN Yes... Of course! Certainly Ronald. Yeah! JERRY MAYER Fire engines are so neat, they do all kinds of crazy things that we like, right? Every fire engine has big flashing colored lights and a loud siren on top of it. What kind of sound does the siren make? CHILDREN R-R-R-R-R-R-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-R-R-R R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O JERRY MAYER Right! You all made the right sound! A fire engine does go R-R-R-R-R-R-R-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-O-O-O-O-O-O-R-R-R-R-R-R-R... R-R-R-R-R-R-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-O-O-O-O-O-O-R-R-R-R-R-R-R! Good job! Will someone tell me, what else makes a fire engine special? Think hard you guys. (CONTINUED)
  • 4. CONTINUED: 3. BOBBY Fire engines have big ladders on top of them! JERRY MAYER Yes Bobby! You’re seven years old now, no wonder you’re so smart! Fire engines do have ladders on top them. Just like yours does... Jerry lifts up the ladder on Bobby’s new toy and pulls out the entire ladder for the young audience to see. JERRY MAYER Does anyone know why they have these ladders? CHILDREN For firemen to put out fires, ... To save people from burning buildings,... So they can fix things and rescue cats in trees! JERRY MAYER I’m impressed, you guys know so much about fire engines! FADE OUT FADE IN EXT. BOBBY’S HOME-FRONT YARD After the Bobby’s birthday party Jerry and BOBBY’S MOM are talking to one another next to JERRY’S CAR parked on the side of the street. BOBBY’S MOM Thank you so much for coming to Bobby’s birthday party today. The kids had so much fun, and you were great. Bobby had the best birthday part ever thanks to you. From a mother’s perspective, you did a great job with the children Jerry. JERRY MAYER Thank you very much ma’am. BOBBY’S MOM I mean the balloons, the cake and ice cream, the food from McDonald’s (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  • 5. CONTINUED: 4. BOBBY’S MOM (cont’d) you brought us, it all made for one very successful afternoon. My seven year old is still glowing from when you showed everyone the new toy we got him for his birthday. He loved it. JERRY MAYER Again, thank you very much. I’m glad I could help you out with the party. Bobby had a lot of fun today and so did everyone else, and that’s what really matters, right? BOBBY’S MOM Sure, you’re right. So you have the check I gave you, and I made it out to McDonald’s. It’s for the amount we discussed over the phone. JERRY MAYER Yes I have your check. BOBBY’S MOM Great then. We all enjoyed having you at Bobby’s party today. Thank you for coming Jerry. JERRY MAYER You’re welcome. I better let you get back inside the house, back to the party. BOBBY’S MOM Alright, bye then Jerry. Jerry smiles and waves Bobby’s Mom goodbye, gets in to his car and drives away. FADE OUT FADE IN EXT. MCDONALD’S RESTAURANT-PEORIA, ILLINOIS-DAY It’s busy and there are lines of customers waiting to place their breakfast orders and sitting down at tables enjoying their meals inside of the McDonald’s. Jerry enters the busy restaurant and slides behind the SALES COUNTER where MCDONALD’S EMPLOYEES are taking customers’ orders. Jerry greets two of the workers, SHERYL REDGROVE and ELLEN JOHNSON who are busy taking breakfast orders from customers. (CONTINUED)
  • 6. CONTINUED: 5. JERRY MAYER Good morning Sheryl. Sheryl notices Jerry greeting her good morning and smiles at him. SHERYL REDGROVE Good morning Jerry. Sheryl returns to helping one of the customers in line. SHERYL REDGROVE Your order will be right out sir. Jerry also greets Ellen Johnson good morning. JERRY MAYER Good morning Ellen. Ellen smiles. ELLEN JOHNSON Good morning! Nice to see you again Jerry. ASSISTANT MANAGER AMY WASHINGTON walks up to the front of the store from the back, she meets Jerry before he can get any further back in to the McDonald’s than the sales counter. ASSISTANT MANAGER AMY WASHINGTON Hi Jerry. JERRY MAYER Hi Amy. Good morning. ASSISTANT MANAGER AMY WASHINGTON Hank has something he needs to talk to you about. I don’t know what it’s over, Hank didn’t say. JERRY MAYER Hank has something he to talk to me about? I wonder what the deal is... he didn’t mention anything at all to you? ASSISTANT MANAGER AMY WASHINGTON Nope, I just saw him when I got in this morning and he said that if I saw you come in today to tell you he needed to see you in his office. He didn’t say anything other than that. (CONTINUED)
  • 7. CONTINUED: 6. JERRY MAYER That’s all he said? ASSISTANT MANAGER AMY WASHINGTON Yes. He’s in his office. JERRY MAYER Amy I just came to pick up my paycheck. ASSISTANT MANAGER AMY WASHINGTON Well do that and then go see Hank. It’s probably over nothing but I’d see what he wants just to be on the safe side Jerry. JERRY MAYER Yeah that’s a good idea. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll go pick up my paycheck from Joe and then go see what he wants. ASSISTANT MANAGER AMY WASHINGTON Joe is back there, he’ll have your your paycheck. JERRY MAYER O.K. thanks Amy. Jerry walks in to the back of the McDonald’s where several of the store’s EMPLOYEES are busy making customers’ breakfasts. Jerry greets JUAN GARCIA one of the people making preparing food. JERRY MAYER Hi Juan. How are you doing this morning? JUAN GARCIA Hey Jerry. How’s it going? JERRY MAYER Not bad. Hey do you know anything about Hank’s needing to see me this morning? JUAN GARCIA No man, I don’t. Is everything alright? JERRY MAYER Well I came in to get my paycheck this morning and when I saw Amy up (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  • 8. CONTINUED: 7. JERRY MAYER (cont’d) front she told me Hank wanted to see me in his office for some reason,.. that he needed to talk to me. I figured maybe I’d ask you about it. JUAN GARCIA No, sorry Jerry. JERRY MAYER All I can guess is that he’s going to tell me he needs me to work somewhere. You know, like somebody called him up about a party they’d like me to go to. JUAN GARCIA Yeah that’s probably all it is. JERRY MAYER Good to see you Juan. Jerry pats Juan on the back. JUAN GARCIA Yeah, you too. Jerry continues to walk more in to the back of the McDonald’s and knocks on JOE MCNEIL’S OFFICE DOOR. JOE MCNEIL (V.O.) Come in. Jerry opens the door to JOE MCNEIL’S small office. Joe sits behind a desk of paperwork and is busy doing the store’s accounting. Jerry walks in and closes the door behind him. INT. JOE MCNEIL’S OFFICE JOE MCNEIL Hello and good morning, how may I help you Jerry? JERRY MAYER Hi Joe. How are you? JOE MCNEIL I’m good, just doing this month’s books that’s all. (CONTINUED)
  • 9. CONTINUED: 8. Joe takes off his glasses, wipes a little sweat off of his brow and gives off a big sigh. Jerry has interrupted Joe’s work so Joe takes a moment to relax from working hard all morning and decides to lean back in office desk chair. JOE MCNEIL What can I help you with Jerry? JERRY MAYER I’m here to pick up my paycheck. JOE MCNEIL Oh sure, right.. your paycheck. Let me get it for you. Joe gets out of his desk chair and walks a few feet over to a filing cabinet. He opens the top drawer of the filing cabinet and sorts through a number of envelopes until he finds the one with Jerry’s paycheck in it. Joe pulls out the envelope with Jerry’s paycheck in it and hands it to Jerry from over his desk. JOE MCNEIL Has Hank talked to you yet? I know he needed to talk to you, ... better go see what he wants since you’re here. JERRY MAYER As a matter of fact I was going to go see him in his office after I got my paycheck from you. Thanks Joe, I’ll go see Hank now. JOE MCNEIL You’re welcome Jerry. Go see what Hank wants. JERRY MAYER Bye Joe. JOE MCNEIL Bye. Joe returns to his bookkeeping and Jerry opens the door and leaves the room. Jerry closes the door to the office and moves a few feet down to HANK WALDEN’S OFFICE. INT. BACK OF MCDONALD’S Jerry knocks on the door to Hank’s office. (CONTINUED)
  • 10. CONTINUED: 9. HANK WALDEN (V.O.) Please come in. Jerry opens the door to Hank’s office and walks in. INT. HANK WALDEN’S OFFICE Hank Walden’s office is identical to Joe’s office with stacks of paperwork on the floor three (..even four) feet high surrounding Hank’s desk. Hank’s desk is a nicer one than the one in Joe’s office. Hank is sitting behind his desk drinking coffee out of a bright red coffee mug with McDonald’s Golden Arches logo on it. JERRY MAYER Hi Hank. HANK WALDEN How are you this morning Jerry? JERRY MAYER I’m fine Hank, Joe said you need to see me this morning. I just finished speaking with him in his office, so I thought I’d check in with you to find out what the deal was. HANK WALDEN Oh sure, have a seat. Jerry sits down in one of the two chairs in front of Hank’s desk. JERRY MAYER So what’s up? HANK WALDEN Jerry you’ve been working for McDonald’s for what, ten years now? Is that right? I’m right aren’t I? Ten years? JERRY MAYER Yes you are correct hank. I’ve been working in this area for almost ten years. HANK WALDEN And in those ten years you’ve done an incredible job with the whole (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  • 11. CONTINUED: 10. HANK WALDEN (cont’d) Ronald McDonald thing, you really have Jerry. I mean at one time there were three of you guys doing it, but for oh... the last what, eight years you’ve been the only person in charge of making the appearances as Ronald McDonald. JERRY MAYER I guess you could say that. I’ve been the only Ronald McDonald in Peoria for the last eight years, sure. HANK WALDEN So you’ve been of a great service here over the years. I’m going to break this news to you the only way I know how to, and that’s softly. Yesterday I got a phone call from our Regional Manager in Springfield, Steve Smalls. He only briefly told me what was happening but I’m going to tell you what he had to say. Steve said McDonald’s has decided they’ll no longer be using the Ronald McDonald as a part of their usual operations. He wasn’t really specific as to when or why they’re planning on doing this but he did mention that you’ll need to go to our Regional Office in Springfield this Friday. Then he can speak to you and maybe fill you in on any details I may be missing. In case you would like know, you are not getting fired Jerry, we’d like you to know that for your own sake. We’d still have work for you to do around here at the McDonald’s given a worse case scenario. JERRY MAYER Wow, are you serious? McDonald’s has just decided to... they’re doing a away with... Ronald McDonald? That’s awful. I mean really? I can’t believe this. (CONTINUED)
  • 12. CONTINUED: 11. HANK WALDEN I couldn’t believe the bad news either Jerry. Things will be alright though, like I said, you can work around here, you just might not be making the rounds as Ronald McDonald anymore. JERRY MAYER Well,... thanks Hank, that’s what it sounds like. What kind of stuff do you think you’ll have for me to do around here in replacement for my old job then? HANK WALDEN That’s what I thought you’d say Jerry. We’ll figure something out when the time comes. You’re a great worker Jerry and we’ve always enjoyed having you on our team. So I’m going to write down the information about this meeting with Steve Smalls I scheduled for you on Friday. JERRY MAYER That’d be great... Hank starts to jot down the information about the meeting Jerry has to go to on a sheet of paper. Jerry sinks into the chair he is sitting and lets out a big sigh. FADE OUT FADE IN EXT. ILLINOIS HIGHWAY-DAY Jerry is in his car driving down the highway from Peoria, Illinois to the McDonald’s Regional Office in Springfield, Illinois. FADE OUT FADE IN EXT. OFFICE BUILDING PARKING LOT-SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS-DAY Jerry arrives in his car in front of a three story OFFICE BUILDING in one of Springfield, Illinois’ business district neighborhoods. INT. OFFICE BUILDING LOBBY (CONTINUED)
  • 13. CONTINUED: 12. Jerry opens the doors to the building and is greeted by a RECEPTIONIST sitting behind a desk in the LOBBY. JERRY MAYER Hi I’m Jerry Mayer. I have a meeting scheduled to meet with Mr. Steve Smalls. His office is in this building, can you tell me what floor he is on? RECEPTIONIST Sure the McDonald’s office is on the third floor. Is there anything else you’d like me to help you with? I can call and tell them you’re here if you like. JERRY MAYER No you don’t have to call, but thanks. RECEPTIONIST You’re welcome. Jerry finishes his exchange with the RECEPTIONIST and walks through the lobby to the ELEVATORS. Jerry waits for an elevator to arrive after pushing one of the elevator buttons. When an elevator comes Jerry steps inside of it. INT. ELEVATOR In the elevator Jerry is calm and collected enough for his meeting with STEVE SMALLS. When the elevator reaches the THIRD FLOOR Jerry exits confidently. INT. THIRD FLOOR HALLWAY Jerry, feeling professional walks briskly down the hallway toward a doorway with an opaque glass door with the McDonald’s Golden Arches logo emblazoned on it. He opens the door to the OFFICE quietly and moves inside. INT. MCDONALD’S REGIONAL OFFICE The office lobby has two young SECRETARIES sitting behind separate fancy looking desks. One of the secretaries is on the telephone, Jerry approaches the secretary who isn’t busy talking. SECRETARY #1 Good morning, may I help you? (CONTINUED)
  • 14. CONTINUED: 13. JERRY MAYER Yes you can. My name is Jerry Mayer I have a meeting scheduled for eleven o’clock with Steve Smalls. SECRETARY #1 Oh sure your store manager Hank Walden called yesterday and said you’d be here. We’ve been expecting you. Go ahead an have a seat, I’ll call Steve and let him know you’re here. The secretary picks up the phone to call Steve. While on the phone she turns around to ask the other secretary a question. SECRETARY #1 Do you know if Steve is in his office? SECRETARY #2 Yes he is. SECRETARY #2 puts her hand over the mouthpiece of the telephone she is talking into and positions herself to ask Jerry a question. SECRETARY #2 Are you here to see Mister Smalls? Jerry has sat down in one of the comfy chairs reserved for visitors in the lobby. JERRY MAYER Yes I have an appointment at eleven to see Mister Smalls. SECRETARY #2 Great, he’s here. We’ll get you right in there since you’re on time. SECRETARY #1 (on the phone)... OK, that will work sir. Alright, ...thanks Steve. See you in a minute. Thanks. Bye. The secretary who’d been on the telephone with Steve hangs up the phone and turns back around to speak to Jerry. (CONTINUED)
  • 15. CONTINUED: 14. SECRETARY #1 Mister Smalls is expecting you and will be right out. JERRY MAYER Fine, thanks a lot. SECRETARY #1 You’re welcome Mister Mayer. Moments later a young looking Steve enters the lobby from one of the adjoining hallways. Steve greets both of the secretaries in the office lobby with a handsome smile and gives Jerry all of his attention by widening his smile and extending his right hand to shake Jerry’s hand. Jerry realizing he needs to shake hands with Steve stands up to shake hands and shakes hands for a moment. STEVE SMALLS Hi Jerry. I’m Steve Smalls, nice to meet you. JERRY MAYER Nice meeting you Mister Smalls, my name’s Jerry Mayer. STEVE SMALLS Oh I know who you are Mister Jerry Mayer. You are the guy who’s been doing the Ronald McDonald jobs around Peoria all these years, right? JERRY MAYER Yes sir, that’s me, Mister Ronald McDonald of Peoria, Illinois. STEVE SMALLS That’s what I thought. Let us you and I go back to my office, what do you say Mister Mayer? JERRY MAYER Fine by me, you lead the way. STEVE SMALLS Fine then follow me to my office. Steve motions for Jerry to follow him back to his office. As Steve and Jerry are leaving the office lobby Steve turns around to say something to thank the secretaries. (CONTINUED)
  • 16. CONTINUED: 15. STEVE SMALLS Thanks a lot ladies. SECRETARY #1 You’re very welcome. The two friends proceed to walk down the same hallway from where Steve entered the office lobby until they reach STEVE’S OFFICE. STEVE SMALLS It’s this one on the right. I’ll get the door for you Jerry. Steve opes the door to the office that clearly says ’Steve Smalls, Regional Business Management’ on it. INT. STEVE SMALLS’ OFFICE STEVE SMALLS Please have a seat Jerry. Steve motions for Jerry to sit down in a comfortable looking leather sofa chair in front of Steve’s beautiful wooden desk. JERRY MAYER Thank you. Jerry sits down and Steve walks to behind his desk and sits down in an expensive black leather office desk chair. STEVE SMALLS So do you know why you’re here today Mister Mayer? JERRY MAYER I think so, McDonald’s is canceling its Ronald McDonald promotions, am I right? STEVE SMALLS For the most part,... for the most part. I know McDonald’s is planning on doing away with Ronald McDonald in the United States, surprisingly that means us in Illinois too though. There may be a few places in the U.S. that will still have a Ronald McDonald character or two working for them, but for the most part it’s quickly becoming a part of the company’s (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  • 17. CONTINUED: 16. STEVE SMALLS (cont’d) rich history. It seems Ronald McDonald is no longer important to the people of Oak Brook, Illinois. JERRY MAYER Are you implying that I am going to be out of a job soon? STEVE SMALLS Well not exactly Jerry. As you may know your Mister Walden and I have spoken on the phone. We talked a little bit about yourself and your popularity at home and Hank mentioned he still has appointments scheduled for the next month and a half for you in Peoria. So what we did was come up with a plan where I agreed to finance these appearances that you have left, under the table, so to speak. In other words, big bad McDonald’s will be busy ridding themselves of the Ronald McDonald’s of the world, while we here at the District Office in Springfield will be picking up the cost needed to pay you for these last couple of engagements you have in front of you. I’m alright with this and so is Mister Walden so it won’t be a problem. Are you with so far Jerry? JERRY MAYER I’m with you so far Mister Smalls, you’ll be paying me under the table as you put it, for the remainder of the work that I’ve got lined up for the next month and a half. Steve am I going to be out of a job soon? STEVE SMALLS That’s the other thing, Mister Walden and I talked about this and he think he’ll have some... things, ... excuse me, some work for you at the McDonald’s in Peoria. We suggest you could make the transition to this new job while you’re still making your rounds as Ronald McDonald, and you could come (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  • 18. CONTINUED: 17. STEVE SMALLS (cont’d) on as a full-time employee whenever the month and a half is up. So Walden is looking out for you you too, plus he seemed happy to give you a job. JERRY MAYER So immediately after the month and a half is up I’ll be working full-time for Hank at the McDonald’s in Peoria? That doesn’t sound so bad. At least I know that people are looking out for me at this point. It’s such short notice though, I’m surprised I didn’t hear about this big lay-off myself. No phone calls, no letters in the mail leading up to it, nothing at all, not even a word... come to mention it. It’s just strange. STEVE SMALLS It is really sudden notice you’re right and I’m sorry. McDonald’s just sent word out to everyone last week. We all share the same state of shock that you feel. You’re not alone in all of this. I myself couldn’t believe it when they called and told me about the things taking place and the decisions being made in Oak Brook. If it’s any consolation to you Jerry, you’re one of the lucky ones. You’ll still have a job as Ronald McDonald for the most part, most guys in your position won’t as soon as they find out what’s happening to their jobs. JERRY MAYER Thanks Steve and I really appreciate what you’re trying to say. It means a lot to me that you’re doing everything within your power to help me. STEVE SMALLS Hank said you were the grateful sort, and so if we are both in agree I do have a contract already written up and ready for you to take a look at and sign. (CONTINUED)
  • 19. CONTINUED: 18. Steve opens one of his desk drawers and pulls out a contract several pages long that he has drafted regarding Jerry’s employment. STEVE SMALLS Basically this contract says that we’ll be paying you for the rest of the work as Ronald McDonald you have left. It also says you’ll be working as an employee at McDonald’s during that same time. JERRY MAYER OK lets have a look at it. Both gentlemen lean over the desk and begin to examine the details of the contract that Steve has presented to Jerry. FADE OUT FADE IN INT. JERRY’S CAR-ILLINOIS STATE HIGHWAY-NIGHT Jerry drives down the highway from Springfield, Illinois on his way back home to Peoria, Illinois, the highway traffic is very busy. FADE OUT FADE IN EXT. JERRY’S HOME-PEORIA, ILLINOIS-NIGHT Jerry approaches his HOME driving his car from down the street, Jerry pulls his car into his driveway. CUT TO: INT. JERRY’S CAR-NIGHT Jerry puts his car into PARK, turns of the car headlights, and then turns the car’s ignition off. His car’s engine quiets and Jerry unfastens his seat belt and rests his forehead on the steering wheel. Jerry remains sat in the drivers seat, taking deep breaths in an attempt to collect himself from the day he’d just been through. Then without a moment’s warning Jerry suddenly comes to life and opens the car door to get out. FADE OUT FADE IN (CONTINUED)
  • 20. CONTINUED: 19. INT. JERRY’S HOME-DOWNSTAIRS-NIGHT The front door opens and light from the street illuminates Jerry’s silhouette as enters his a dark home. Jerry flips a light switch and now the downstairs of his fancy home is lit up. Jerry shuts the front door behind him and re locks it. Jerry’s dog REXIE meets him near the front door barking and pawing Jerry on the legs. JERRY MAYER Rexie you monster! Have you been waiting for me to come home all day? Somebody’s got to feed you, right? Lets get you something to eat. Jerry proceeds to walk through the downstairs of his home, turning on lights in the house making his way to the kitchen. Jerry picks up Rexie’s food bowl off of the kitchen floor and fills it with dog food from the cupboard, he also checks Rexie’s water dish that’s empty and fills it with water for Rexie to drink. Rexie busily begins to eat the dog food Jerry has prepared. Jerry opens the door to his refrigerator and stares at its contents, he doesn’t pick anything for himself to eat or drink. Rexie has made a mess eating food out of his bowl and now there is a small mess of dog food and water on the kitchen floor. The sound of dog food hitting the kitchen floor switches Jerry’s attention from looking inside of his refrigerator to the mess on the floor. JERRY MAYER Aw Rexie! Look what you did dammit, now I’m going to have to clean up after you. FADE OUT FADE IN INT. JERRY’S BEDROOM-UPSTAIRS-DARK Jerry sits on his bed. The only light enters the room from a streetlight outside. The light from outside illuminates Jerry’s face as well as a framed picture of him and an ex girlfriend (In the picture is a younger looking Jerry with his arm around a young and pretty blond woman) on top of his bureau. Jerry stares at the old photograph. FADE OUT (CONTINUED)
  • 21. CONTINUED: 20. FADE IN INT. JERRY’S LIVING ROOM-DOWNSTAIRS-DAY Sitting on a burgundy leather couch in his downstairs living room Jerry watches the local TELEVISION station’s six o’clock news. ON TELEVISION: NEWS ANCHOR WOMAN Last week McDonald’s announced that they are officially laying off all of the fast food chain’s employees that currently work at hospitals, schools, and other McDonald’s sponsored events making appearances as the company’s famous mascot Ronald McDonald best known for their dressing up and acting as the fast food chain’s forty-eight year old mascot. The decision has resulted in the laying off of thousands of workers who had been employed by the McDonald’s Corporation. Don’t worry though Ronald McDonald fans, McDonald’s has said that it has no plans of getting rid of the Ronald McDonald character or any of the other McDonaldland characters associated with its brand completely. McDonald’s has released a statement "You’ll still be able to find Ronald on items like McDonald’s Happy Meals and starring in some commercials." Jerry turns off the television, rubs his eyes and falls asleep on the couch. FADE OUT FADE IN INT. NORTHWOODS MALL-FOOD COURT-DAY An AUDIENCE has gathered in the NORTHWOODS MALL’s FOOD COURT to celebrate Northwoods Mall’s annual Opening Day Celebration. There is a STAGE set up in front of the food court so the audience can sit in the food court area and watch the people onstage. (CONTINUED)
  • 22. CONTINUED: 21. Miss Illinois ANNE IVERSON is onstage and is about to begin speaking to the audience in the food court. ANNE IVERSON Good afternoon and hi everybody! I’m Miss America’s 2013 Miss Illinois Anne Iverson and I’d like to welcome everyone to the Thirty-Seventh Anniversary of the Opening Day Celebration that’s going on here today in Peoria, Illinois’s one and only Northwoods Mall! We have big crowd here today so I’m really excited. There is a lot going today including some big sales at all of the stores in Northwoods Mall, there’s going to be a fireworks show happening here tonight, and right now outside in the parking lot there are some fun carnival rides, a giant Ferris wheel, and even a petting zoo for anyone interested. A lot of great stuff, I know! We even have a very special guest with us today who I know you’re all going to just love, the Ronald McDonald! Ronald will be taking my place on stage in just a few moments. He’s going to have a lot of prizes to give out and he also has brought some food from McDonald’s that should be arriving very soon. Ronald will also be talking to you about the history of Northwoods Mall and why today is such a special day for Peoria. So without much ado I’d like to welcome Ronald McDonald to today’s Thirty-Seventh Anniversary of the Opening Day Celebration at Northwoods Mall! Lets give Ronald a big welcoming round of applause when he gets onstage! The audience begins to CLAP and CHEER for Jerry who is dressed up as Ronald McDonald and makes his way onto the stage. JERRY MAYER Hey everybody! I would like to welcome you all to the Thirty-Seventh Anniversary of Peoria, Illinois’s Northwoods Mall Opening Day Celebration! (CONTINUED)
  • 23. CONTINUED: 22. More applause erupts out of the crowd, CHEERING and CLAPPING go on for a few minutes. JERRY MAYER Wow, so many of you here today! That’s super, I’m glad all of you made it, because you’re the ones who make this possible. Clap your hands if you like to have fun, let me hear you Peoria! The audience in food court gives Jerry the big applause he’d asked them for. JERRY MAYER Great... great.. thanks you guys. I’m happy so many of you are like me and love to have fun too. As you all know my name is Ronald... what’s my name? Jerry puts his hands behind his ears cuing the audience to give a response. CROWD McDonald! JERRY MAYER I can’t hear you, what’s my name? CROWD Ronald McDonald! JERRY MAYER OK thanks I almost forgot. No just kidding, but all of you are correct my name is Ronald McDonald! Now, you all did a good job with my name but I was wondering, maybe some of you recognize me from a few TV commercials. I’ll give you a clue it starts with the letter "M". Can anybody tell me? CROWD McDonald’s!!! JERRY MAYER What? I can’t hear you, louder! Jerry puts his hands behind his ears again to suggest to his audience he hadn’t heard their first answer. (CONTINUED)
  • 24. CONTINUED: 23. CROWD McDonald’s!!! JERRY MAYER McDonald’s! You are a smart group of people. I’m impressed, you guys have all of the right answers. I’ll have to think up some harder questions next time. The audience laughs at Jerry’s joke. JERRY MAYER Right and I live in McDonaldland but I don’t expect many of you to know that one. Now you do. Anyway today is the Thirty-Seventh Anniversary of Northwoods Mall. Thirty-seven years ago today the doors to Northwoods Mall opened for the very first time so people like you and me could shop here. Today is pretty special and to celebrate this anniversary Northwoods Mall has invited everyone in Peoria to have a good time! There are some really fun things going on today and I get to tell you about them, and when I’m done there is even going to be some free food from McDonald’s for all of you in today’s audience to enjoy. Now I’m going to have the pleasure of telling you about the amazing activities and events the incredible people at Northwoods Mall have organized today. First of all I have a question, who here likes carnival rides? A number of smiling young audience members raise their hands as do some of the older people in the food court. CROWD I DO!... I DO!!... ME!....I LOVE CARNIVAL RIDES RONALD! JERRY MAYER Terrific! I have another question and I think you will all know the answer to this one, what goes "M-O-O-O-O-O" and what goes "N-E-E-E-E-I-I-I-I-I-I-G-G-G-G-H-H-H-H-H"? (CONTINUED)
  • 25. CONTINUED: 24. CROWD COWS!!!.... COWS!!!.... HORSES!!.... HORSES!!.. PONIES!!.. A HORSE AND A COW! JERRY MAYER Incredible! The reason I asked those two questions, ’What goes "M-O-O-O-O-O-O"?’ and ’What goes "N-E-E-E-I-I-G-G-G-G-H-H-H-H"?’ is because today Northwoods Mall has cleared a big space in the parking outside for a petting zoo, as well as a Ferris wheel and a few carnival rides. There’s also gong to be a tractor show later on this afternoon, plus hayrides all day long in the mall parking lot. So be sure to check out all of those things when you’re done in here. I think that you will like what is outside there’s definitely going to be something fun for everyone. Jerry gives his audience some time to discuss amongst themselves the information he has just shared with them. Jerry directs his audience’s attention some Northwoods Mall employees close to the stage carefully wheeling tables with McDonald’s food them. JERRY MAYER It looks like our friends from McDonald’s have brought us all something to eat! Here is what we’ll do, I’ll take a break from talking and you guys can help yourselves to some hamburgers and cheeseburgers as well as some cake and ice cream. When you’re done we’ll get started on drawing those raffle tickets you all finished filling out before I got here. Most of the audience get out of their chairs and help themselves to the free food. Jerry waits until all of the food on the tables is gone to speak to his audience again. JERRY MAYER Well you all were hungry by the looks of things. There’s no more food on the tables! Jerry’s audience laughs. (CONTINUED)
  • 26. CONTINUED: 25. JERRY MAYER Now that almost all of you are finished enjoying your McDonald’s it’s time we got started on today’s raffle drawings! Remember to stick around because there is a good chance you could win something! Jerry starts to crank the handle of the giant barrel onstage with everyone’s raffle tickets inside of it. FADE OUT FADE IN INT. MCDONALD’S-MORNING-DAY Today is the first day that Jerry will be working at the McDonald’s in Peoria, he walks inside the McDonald’s by using the doors at the FRONT ENTRANCE and is greeted by Amy. ASSISTANT MANAGER AMY WASHINGTON Hi Jerry, ready for work this morning? JERRY MAYER I am in fact ready for my first day of work Amy! ASSISTANT MANAGER AMY WASHINGTON Good. Oh Jerry, when you come in for work you need to use the other entrance that’s at the back of the store behind the drive-thru menu. Also be sure to park your car near the back of the parking lot, the spots up front are reserved for customers. JERRY MAYER That’s OK I did make sure to park in the back this morning. ASSISTANT MANAGER AMY WASHINGTON Great then, I’ve got some work I want done around here but I’m going to let Juan..., wait you know Juan right? JERRY MAYER Yeah I know Juan. (CONTINUED)
  • 27. CONTINUED: 26. ASSISTANT MANAGER AMY WASHINGTON ...So I told Juan to show you around and explain things, what to do, that kind of stuff. Since you are on time this morning I guess I’ll just send you on back. Juan’s back there you’ll see him, just tell him we talked and that you’re ready to start work today. JERRY MAYER Alright I guess I’ll go find Juan and I’ll be sure to tell him you and I went over what we’re supposed to do. Thanks Amy. ASSISTANT MANAGER AMY WASHINGTON You’re welcome and good luck on your first day of work Jerry. Jerry sees Juan working in the back of the McDonald’s, he is busy emptying a large plastic trash barrel. Juan looks up and sees Jerry watching him. JUAN GARCIA Hey Jerry. What’s up man? Good to see you. Amy wants me to show you around the place so you can learn how to do some of this shit. Juan continues to tie a knot in a plastic bag full of trash, when he is through knotting the bag he sets it on the ground next to the empty barrel and replaces it with an new trash bag from his back pocket. JUAN GARCIA Are you ready? Juan straightens up to talk to Jerry. JERRY MAYER Yeah Juan, absolutely. I’m glad we’re going to be working together. JUAN GARCIA Well we can start by throwing this trash away, follow me outside and I’ll show you where the dumpster is. When we’re through with the trash I’ll show you how to punch in at the time clock. Do you have a time card yet? (CONTINUED)
  • 28. CONTINUED: 27. JERRY MAYER Uh.... no not yet. JUAN GARCIA We’ll have to talk to Joe then and get you a time card to punch in and out of work with. JERRY MAYER Fine. Juan and Jerry grab some trash bags that are full. Jerry follows Juan to the BACK ENTRANCE of the McDonald’s. JUAN GARCIA Follow me. Juan opens the door of the back entrance and the two men walk outside. EXT. BACK OF THE MCDONALD’S-DAY JUAN GARCIA The door that we just came out of is the door you need to use when you come in to work and when you leave from work. Usually it’s open but if it’s locked just knock it someone should be around to open it for you. Make sure you use that door from now on and not the ones up front, OK? Jerry and Juan reach the dumpster. JERRY MAYER Amy mentioned it to me when I got here. I’d never used the back door before though. I always walked in through the front. JUAN GARCIA Yeah because you’re the Ronald McDonald guy, it’s OK to come in through the front when you’re Ronald McDonald but if you’re like me and you just work here you’ve got to come in through the back. JERRY MAYER Got it, I guess I’ll be using the back door from now on. (CONTINUED)
  • 29. CONTINUED: 28. JUAN GARCIA Yeah really, what is the story anyway? JERRY MAYER McDonald’s decided to fire all of it’s Ronald McDonald clowns a few weeks ago, unfortunately I was one of those people who lost their job. Juan and then Jerry each throw their bags full of trash into the dumpster. They remain by the dumpster and continue their conversation. JUAN GARCIA That is awful. I’m sure sorry to hear you lost your job Jerry. So what, you’re going to be working here now? JERRY MAYER Yeah Juan. A week and a half ago I drove out to Springfield and met with this guy Steve Smalls. He and Hank Walden cut me a deal. JUAN GARCIA Oh yeah? What kind of deal? JERRY MAYER Steve Smalls offered to pay me for the rest of my scheduled appearances ’under the table’ as he liked to put it. Hank and he also came up with the idea to give me a job working here, that way I won’t have to go crazy looking for a new job. JUAN GARCIA So you’re still doing things as Ronald McDonald? JERRY MAYER For a little while at least and then I’m going to to work here full-time. JUAN GARCIA Not bad. Will you miss being Ronald McDonald? (CONTINUED)
  • 30. CONTINUED: 29. JERRY MAYER Yeah, ...I think I’m already beginning to miss it, being Ronald McDonald was my job for ten years Juan. Juan interrupts Jerry. JUAN GARCIA Ten years? At least they’re giving you a little time to finish up your life’s work it sounds like, not like those other guys losing their jobs. JERRY MAYER The thing is I can’t believe McDonald’s is doing this, just laying everyone off this way. It’s sad Juan. JUAN GARCIA It is sad. JERRY MAYER I mean what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of McDonald’s? JUAN GARCIA job,.. hamburgers,.. french fries,.. the friendly people at the drive-thru.. Juan smiles. JERRY MAYER No Juan! Ronald McDonald! Come on, ever since either you or I were kids Juan, whenever one of those McDonald’s commercials would come on, who was in them? Ronald McDonald. Now there isn’t going to be a single goddamned Ronald McDonald left because of these lay-offs. It doesn’t make any sense! JUAN GARCIA I don’t get it either man. Well hey Jerry lets go inside so we can get you fixed up with a time card. FADE OUT (CONTINUED)
  • 31. CONTINUED: 30. FADE IN INT. BACK OF THE MCDONALD’S Juan and Jerry are standing outside of Joe’s office, Juan knocks on the door. JUAN GARCIA Hey Joe you in there? JOE MCNEIL (V.O.) Yeah I’m here, come on in. Juan opens the door to Joe’s office. INT. JOE’S OFFICE JOE MCNEIL Juan I thought that was you, and look you’ve brought someone else with you too. How are you Jerry? JERRY MAYER I’m fine Joe, how about yourself? JOE MCNEIL I’m well thanks for asking. What can I help you boys out with? JUAN GARCIA Today is Jerry’s first day of work, he’s going to be working with us now. JOE MCNEIL Is that right? You’re going to be working here now Jerry? JERRY MAYER According to McDonald’s Ronald McDonald is a thing of the past. Oak Brook announced a big lay-off a three weeks ago, they’re firing all of their clowns Joe. JOE MCNEIL Really? Terrible. Oak Brook needs its head screwed back on. Just like that, everybody out? JERRY MAYER Yeah just like that, all at once. (CONTINUED)
  • 32. CONTINUED: 31. JOE MCNEIL I;m real sorry Jerry. This is really terrible news. Just think, what’s McDonald’s going to do without Ronald? JERRY MAYER Good question. JUAN GARCIA Jerry needs your help getting a time card Joe. You’re the man in charge of those aren’t you? JOE MCNEIL I sure am. Let me get one of those for you Jerry. Do you need one too? JUAN GARCIA No. ‘Joe leans back in his chair and opens a drawer in the filing cabinet close to his desk. He sorts through the drawer with his fingers and pulls out a package of blank time cards. He opens the plastic on the package and pulls out a blank time card for Jerry. JOE MCNEIL Here you go. Joe hands Juan the blank time card from across his desk then leans back in his chair. JOE MCNEIL Is there anything else I can help you guys with? JUAN GARCIA Come to think of it there, Jerry needs some shirts to wear to work. JOE MCNEIL Oh sure he does. Shirts are actually in the storage closet in a stack on the floor. Check it out for yourself you’ll see ’em. JUAN GARCIA OK. (CONTINUED)
  • 33. CONTINUED: 32. JOE MCNEIL If that’s everything I guess I’ll get back to work. Welcome to the team Jerry! JERRY MAYER Thanks Joe. Jerry and Juan exit Joe’s office. CUT TO: INT. BACK OF THE MCDONALD’S-OUTSIDE OF JOE MCNEIL’S OFFICE JUAN GARCIA Lets see if we can find those shirts Joe said were in the storage closet. JERRY MAYER Sounds like a good plan. CUT TO: INT. BACK OF THE MCDONALD’S-STORAGE CLOSET Juan opens the STORAGE CLOSET and looks for Jerry’s new work shirts, he finds the stack of new shirts wrapped in plastic on the floor. JUAN GARCIA What size shirt are you Jerry? JERRY MAYER Uh... I’m a large. Juan finds three shirts for Jerry and closes the door to the storage closet. JUAN GARCIA Here you go, all larges. Juan hands Jerry three new shirts for him to wear to work. JUAN GARCIA Do you want me to hold the other two shirts while you put one on? JERRY MAYER You’re right, if I’m going to be working here I need to look like it. Here... (CONTINUED)
  • 34. CONTINUED: 33. Jerry hands Juan back two of the shirts, he tears away the plastic wrapping containing one of the new shirts, balls up the plastic in his hands and gives the trash to Juan to hold. Jerry takes off his tee-shirt and puts on the McDonald’s shirt and tucks it in to his pants. Jerry poses for Juan to look at him in his new McDonald’s shirt. JERRY MAYER How do I look? JUAN GARCIA You look great man, you look great. FADE OUT FADE IN INT. MOVIE THEATER Jerry sits inside of an almost completely empty MOVIE THEATER in Peoria enjoying a film. FADE OUT FADE IN INT. JERRY’S BEDROOM-UPSTAIRS-NIGHT Jerry is asleep in bed. The telephone on the bedside table next to Jerry’s bed RINGS. Jerry wakes up and picks up the phone. JERRY MAYER Hello? Mayer residence. HANK WALDEN (V.O.) Hi Jerry? It’s Hank Walden from McDonald’s. Sorry I’m calling you so late. Jerry sits up in bed and turns on the lamp on the bedside table next to his bed. JERRY MAYER Oh hi Hank, no problem. What can I help you with? HANK WALDEN (V.O.) That is exactly why I’m calling, for you help Jerry. I’m aware that you’ve already started you job (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  • 35. CONTINUED: 34. HANK WALDEN (V.O.) (cont’d) working at the store. How do you like it so far? JERRY MAYER So far, so good. Juan did a great job of training me and everyone at work are real nice. Why, what’s up? Jerry waits for Hank to answer his question and continue their conversation over the phone. HANK WALDEN (V.O.) The reason I called you tonight Jerry, is because McDonald’s just released a new product. It’s a new strawberry-banana flavored frozen drink. They’re going to be launching a whole line of these new frozen drinks Jerry, they’re great. We just received the equipment to make these drinks last night. So tomorrow we’re adding this drink to our menu and we’re going to start serving it to customers. Are you with me so far? JERRY MAYER Sure, I think so. HANK WALDEN (V.O.) We thought that you could show up for work tomorrow in your Ronald McDonald costume and stand outside the McDonald’s with a sign advertising for the new product. What do you think? JERRY MAYER Really? You guys want me to show up for work tomorrow in my clown costume... and stand outside of the McDonald’s, with what, a big sign advertising this drink? For the whole day? HANK WALDEN (V.O.) More than likely all day Jerry. JERRY MAYER OK, yeah sure. I can do that. What time do I need to show up for work? (CONTINUED)
  • 36. CONTINUED: 35. HANK WALDEN (V.O.) How does nine o’clock sound? JERRY MAYER Nine o’clock? You’re talking all day then. Fine I’ll be there at nine o’clock on the dot Hank. HANK WALDEN (V.O.) Great Jerry. I’m glad you’re doing this for me. I think your being outside tomorrow will bring in some business don’t you? JERRY MAYER Yeah definitely. I mean it’s a good idea. HANK WALDEN (V.O.) Thanks, I’m really excited about it Jerry. We’ve never done anything like this before. So we will see you tomorrow morning around nine, clown suit and all. JERRY MAYER I’ll be there, clown suit and all. HANK WALDEN (V.O.) Great, thanks again, what you’re doing means a lot to me. You’re a real sport. JERRY MAYER You’re welcome Hank. HANK WALDEN (V.O.) See you tomorrow then. JERRY MAYER Sounds good. HANK WALDEN (V.O.) OK, well bye then Mister Mayer. Good night. JERRY MAYER Bye Hank. Jerry hangs up the telephone and turns out the light next to his bed and goes back to sleep. FADE OUT (CONTINUED)
  • 37. CONTINUED: 36. FADE IN INT. JERRY’S BEDROOM-UPSTAIRS-MORNING An alarm clock begins RINGING causing Jerry to wake up from sleeping in his bed. Jerry gets out of bed and stretches. He turns off the alarm clock and looks into the mirror on top of his bureau and notices that it is 7:30 AM in it’s reflection. Jerry retrieves his Ronald McDonald clown costume out of his WALK-IN CLOSET and lays it out on his bed. INT. JERRY’S BATHROOM-UPSTAIRS-MORNING Jerry walks into his BATHROOM, looks closely at his face in the bathroom mirror and realizes he needs to shave before applying his clown make-up. When Jerry is through taking a shower he wraps a towel around his waist and lathers his face with shaving cream. When Jerry is done shaving he walks back into his bedroom to get dressed. INT. JERRY’S BEDROOM-UPSTAIRS-MORNING Jerry can hear Rexie pawing at his bedroom’s door so he lets the dog come in. Jerry puts on his clown costume. CUT TO: INT. JERRY’S KITCHEN-DOWNSTAIRS-MORNING Jerry feeds Rexie and then makes himself breakfast. Jerry sits down at the breakfast table in his clown costume and eats breakfast. CUT TO: INT. JERRY’S BATHROOM-UPSTAIRS-MORNING Jerry stands very close to mirror in his bathroom and applies the make-up that’s needed for him to become Ronald McDonald the clown. CUT TO: EXT. JERRY’S HOME-MORNING Jerry dressed in his entirety as Ronald McDonald opens the front door of his home and steps outside ready to go to work at the McDonald’s. It is a bright and sunny day outside, Jerry takes a moment to enjoy the beautiful morning from his (CONTINUED)
  • 38. CONTINUED: 37. porch steps, he locks the front door to his home and walks down a stone walkway from his home’s front steps to his car parked in the driveway. FADE OUT FADE IN EXT. MCDONALD’S-PARKING LOT-8:55 AM Jerry’s car pulls into the McDonald’s parking lot. Jerry parks his car at the back of the parking lot, gets out of his car and locks it. Jerry walks to the entrance at the back of the McDonald’s, he tries to open the back door to the store but it’s locked. He KNOCKS on the back door and Juan opens it from inside. When Juan realizes it’s Jerry who’s dressed up as Ronald McDonald he smiles. JUAN GARCIA Hey Jerry! You’re dressed up like Ronald! Alright, come on it man! JERRY MAYER Thanks for getting the door for me Juan. INT. BACK OF THE MCDONALD’S Jerry walks into the McDonald’s through the back door, he and Juan stand by the entrance once inside. JUAN GARCIA No problem man. I’m glad you remembered to use the back entrance, that’s good. Even though you’re Ronald McDonald, right? JERRY MAYER Even though I’m Ronald McDonald, Juan. You’re right. JUAN GARCIA So how come you’re in costume? Do you have a show to do somewhere? JERRY MAYER Actually no, Hank called me last night and asked if I’d come to work in it. Instead of working inside today, I’ll be outside advertising for a new McDonald’s drink. (CONTINUED)
  • 39. CONTINUED: 38. JUAN GARCIA Oh right, the new drink, sure. I know which drink you mean. I helped install the machine this morning, it’s a new frozen drink. JERRY MAYER Yeah, the frozen strawberry-banana drink. JUAN GARCIA They’ve got a whole bunch of those drinks coming out pretty soon I heard. JERRY MAYER Yeah I know, Hank told me all about it on the phone last night. JUAN GARCIA He did? It should be pretty cool. JERRY MAYER Is Hank in his office? JUAN GARCIA Uh... he should be. Lets go check. Jerry and Juan walk across the back of the McDonald’s to Hank’s office. Jerry KNOCKS on the door of Hank’s office. Hank yells to from inside of his office. HANK WALDEN (V.O.) Yes? JERRY MAYER Hey Hank, it’s Jerry Mayer, can I come in? HANK WALDEN (V.O.) Oh hey Jerry, come on in. Jerry opens the door to Hank’s office, Juan grabs Jerry by the should before he enters. JUAN GARCIA Well hey, have fun out there today. I’ve got to get back to work. JERRY MAYER Thanks I will. Juan walks back over to where he’d been working. (CONTINUED)
  • 40. CONTINUED: 39. INT. HANK WALDEN’S OFFICE Hank is already standing up from behind his desk with a big smile on his face. HANK WALDEN Here he is! Let me see you. Jerry raises his arms and spins once around for Hank to see him in his Ronald McDonald costume. Hank comes closer to where Jerry is standing. HANK WALDEN Wow! You look great Jerry! No one can pull off a good Ronald McDonald like you can. Are you ready to be outside today? We already made a sign for you this morning and some of the girls from the front put balloons up outside. Everything is ready. JERRY MAYER I noticed the balloons when I was pulling into the parking lot. HANK WALDEN Did you see them? They did a nice job with those balloons. JERRY MAYER They looked good when I saw them. HANK WALDEN So we’re going to gave you advertising this new fruit flavored frozen drink today. Basically you’ll just be holding the sign that tells people about the new drink. Mainly it’s for the people in their cars to see and come in and buy a drink if they’re interested. If you see anybody walking by today you know what to do, talk to them. Tell them about the new frozen fruit flavored drink, Jerry.. ask them if they’d like to come in and try it. More than likely they’ll want to come in and buy one. (CONTINUED)
  • 41. CONTINUED: 40. JERRY MAYER This what I’ll be doing all day? Doesn’t sound that hard. HANK WALDEN Great, so are you ready? JERRY MAYER Yeah sure, I think I’ve got it. HANK WALDEN OK, lets go outside. Hank grabs his coat and picks up the big sign off of his desk. Jerry and Hank exit the back of the McDonald’s. INT. McDonald’s-DINING ROOM Jerry and Hank walk out of the front entrance of the McDonald’s. Jerry greets some of the customers on their way outside. EXT. MCDONALD’S Jerry and Hank walk to the front of the McDonald’s where there are bunches of red, yellow, and white balloons set up close to where Jerry will be advertising all day. HANK WALDEN So this is where I want you to stand. The girls did a nice job with the sign and the balloons, so I think you’ll be all set Jerry. JERRY MAYER I guess so. HANK WALDEN You ought to be fine. Hank smiles at Jerry and hands Jerry the sign advertisement for the new McDonald’s frozen drink. The sign reads: "Please come in and try McDonald’s new frozen strawberry-banana drink!" HANK WALDEN So here you go. If you see anybody walking by, just greet them, be nice, and tell them they are welcome to come in and try one. (CONTINUED)
  • 42. CONTINUED: 41. JERRY MAYER Just like the sign says, I get it. HANK WALDEN Great, good luck. I’ll come back outside later and see how you’re doing. Hank walks back inside of the McDonald’s. Jerry starts to hold up the sign advertising for the new drink and waves at the cars going by. CUT TO: EXT. MCDONALD’S-9:45 AM A car full of TEENAGERS drives by Jerry while he’s standing in front of the McDonald’s. The car pulls around and stops by the side of the street next Jerry. One of the teenagers rolls down his car window and signals for Jerry to come closer to the car. TEENAGER #1 Hey Ronald, what’s up? JERRY MAYER Hey guys, how’s it going? TEENAGER #1 Good man. What does the sign say? The teenager in the car points to the sign Jerry is holding. JERRY MAYER This is an advertisement for one of McDonald’s new drinks. It’s a strawberry-banana flavored frozen drink. Would you like to come in and try one? TEENAGER #1 .. Strawberry-banana... sounds kind of good right about now. Have you tried it Ronald? JERRY MAYER No I haven’t but you guys are welcome to be the first to try it. Another one of the teenagers in the car rolls down his window to talk to Jerry. (CONTINUED)
  • 43. CONTINUED: 42. TEENAGER #2 How come you haven’t tried it yet Ronald? JERRY MAYER Because it’s brand new. McDonald’s just released it yesterday. TEENAGER #2 Really? Yesterday? No wonder I’d never heard of it. The second teenager to talk to Jerry turns to speak to the driver of the car. TEENAGER #2 Let’s check it out. The same teenager turns around to talk to Jerry. TEENAGER #2 Hey well we’re going to try the new drink. Thanks Ronald! JERRY MAYER You’re welcome! The car full of teenagers does another U-turn and pulls into the drive-thru lane. INT. CAR FULL OF TEENAGERS TEENAGER #1 I’ve got to get one of those drinks Ronald McDonald was talking about, they sound good! TEENAGER #2 Yeah, some strawberry-banana flavored shit, I could use some of that! TEENAGER #3 I’m glad we’re not at school yet! The car full of teenagers pulls up to the drive-thru menu to place an order. The second teenager to speak to Jerry looks at the menu and talks into the microphone to place an order. TEENAGER #2 Hello? Are you still serving breakfast? (CONTINUED)
  • 44. CONTINUED: 43. Ellen Johnson’s voice can be heard through the speaker attached to the drive-thru menu. ELLEN JOHNSON (V.O.) Yes we are still serving breakfast, welcome to McDonald’s may I please take you order. TEENAGER #2 Yeah, give me three of you new frozen strawberry-banana drinks, larges by the way. Also I’d like three sausage biscuits and five breakfast burritos with hot sauce. ELLEN JOHNSON (V.O.) Alright I’ve got three frozen strawberry-banana drinks, larges, and three sausage biscuits and five breakfast burritos with hot sauce. Will there be anything else? TEENAGER #2 Nope. ELLEN JOHNSON (V.O.) That’ll be fourteen dollars and seventy-two cents at the second window. The car full of teenagers pulls ahead in the drive-thru lane. CUT TO: EXT. MCDONALD’S-11:30 AM A WOMAN PUSHING A BABY STROLLER approaches Jerry on the sidewalk. JERRY MAYER Hello ma’am. Would you like to try McDonald’s new frozen drink? It’s strawberry-banana flavored. WOMAN PUSHING A BABY STROLLER It is kind of a hot day isn’t it Ronald? I guess I could use a nice cold refreshment this afternoon, I’ve been pushing this baby around for nearly an hour now. (CONTINUED)
  • 45. CONTINUED: 44. JERRY MAYER Today is McDonald’s first day offering this new drink. You should go inside and try one. WOMAN PUSHING A BABY STROLLER I think I will thanks. The woman pushing the stroller goes inside of the McDonald’s to try the new product. CUT TO: EXT. MCDONALD’S-2:30 PM The weather outside has gotten hot and Jerry’s Ronald McDonald clown costume is making it twice as hot for Jerry and causing him to sweat. Jerry touches his face and a portion of the white make-up he’d applied that morning wipes off onto his hand. Jerry looks at his hand with white make-up smeared on it and almost begins to cry. Jerry feels that he is being used by Hank and the McDonald’s but he ignores his own feelings and carries on with his job, waving and smiling to people driving by in their cars. CUT TO: EXT. MCDONALD’S-5:00 PM Jerry stands close to the busy street in front of the McDonald’s. Jerry holds up the advertisement Hank had given him that morning. A car with a pretty YOUNG WOMAN inside of it pulls up close to the curb next to Jerry. YOUNG WOMAN Hey Ronald McDonald! What does your sign sign say, anything about buying me a beer when you get off? I bet you’re pretty cute underneath that costume of yours. JERRY MAYER Ha ha ha ha. Uh... no, it says to please come in and try McDonald’s new frozen strawberry-banana flavored drink. You should check it out. YOUNG WOMAN Sounds like a good idea. It’s hot outside and I’ve been working all day. I could use something cold right about now. Are you hot in that clown costume? (CONTINUED)
  • 46. CONTINUED: 45. Jerry is in fact hot and tired from standing outside in the heat all day. Jerry stops waving at passerbys. JERRY MAYER I am pretty tired to tell you the truth. I’ve been out here all day. YOUNG WOMAN Well you’ve convinced me Ronald! I’m going to go inside and order one of those drinks, I deserve it. Good luck out here in the heat. Jerry smiles and steps away from the car with the young woman in it. She does a U-turn just like the teenagers earlier that morning and parks somewhere in the McDonald’s parking lot. CUT TO: EXT. MCDONALD’S-6:30 It is starting to get dark outside and Jerry is still waving to potential customers passing by in their cars. Hank comes outside to see how Jerry is doing and relieve him from his standing outside. Hank approaches Jerry and places his hand on Jerry’s shoulder. Jerry is so focused on what he is doing he doesn’t even notice Hank beside him. Jerry spins around when he finally feels Hank’s hand on his shoulder. HANK WALDEN Hey Jerry! You’ve been working hard out here, I can tell. JERRY MAYER Oh, I sure have Hank. It’s been really hot, I must have gotten fifty or sixty cars to come in and try the new drink. HANK WALDEN That’s great. I came outside to tell you that you’re done. You did a good job today. You can go home now. Jerry and Hank stand next to one another in front of the McDonald’s. Jerry finally goes a limp a little and lets go of the sign and it softly drops to the ground. Both Jerry and Hank stand there in front of the McDonald’s for a while watching the evening’s traffic drive by on the street. (CONTINUED)
  • 47. CONTINUED: 46. FADE OUT FADE IN EXT. MCDONALD’S PARKING LOT-MORNING Jerry parks his car in the back of the parking lot and gets out of his car. He walks to the back entrance of the McDonald’s and tries to open the door but it’s locked. Jerry KNOCKS on the door and waits for someone to open it for him. Juan opens the door for Jerry to let him in the McDonald’s. INT. BACK OF THE MCDONALD’S Juan closes the door of the back entrance behind Jerry. JUAN GARCIA Good morning Jerry. JERRY MAYER Good morning Juan. Thanks for opening the door for me. JUAN GARCIA Oh you’re welcome. How come you’re not dressed up like Ronald McDonald today? Not working outside? JERRY MAYER No not today. That was a one time deal I think. JUAN GARCIA Oh yeah? How did it go yesterday? Did anyone come in and try the frozen drink? JERRY MAYER Yes a lot of people actually. JUAN GARCIA Wow, really? That’s great! I’m impressed Jerry. That’s what I like about you, you’re a hard worker. Juan smiles at Jerry. JERRY MAYER Thanks Juan, it means something coming from a guy like you. (CONTINUED)
  • 48. CONTINUED: 47. JUAN GARCIA Speaking of work though, there’s a lot to do around here today. They’ve got me busy as hell this morning. I’ve been moving things around to make room back here for stuff. When you knocked on the door I was moving these boxes. Juan points to some boxes on the floor next to the back door. JUAN GARCIA It’s a good thing the door was locked or you might have tripped right over them. JESSE GARCIA approaches Juan and Jerry having a conversation. Jesse is wearing a McDonald’s work shirt and hat, it looks like he has been busy working all morning too. JESSE GARCIA Hey Juan what are you doing man? We’ve got work to do, not time for standing around. JUAN GARCIA I know, Jesse. I was just letting Jerry into the store. JESSE GARCIA Oh I see. To get acquainted Jesse focuses his attention on Jerry. JESSE GARCIA Are you Jerry? JUAN GARCIA This is my brother Jesse. He’s going to be working here too now. Today is his first day of work. I’m training him kind of like when i was showing you how to do shit around here. Jesse’s been helping me all morning. JERRY MAYER That’s great, nice to meet you Jesse. I’m Jerry, Jerry Mayer. Jerry reaches out his hand to shake with Jerry, they shake hands for a few seconds. (CONTINUED)
  • 49. CONTINUED: 48. JUAN GARCIA Don’t shake his hand, you don’t know where it’s been. No just kidding Jerry. He’s only been working here for one day, they aren’t dirty yet. Juan smiles and laughs, Jesse and Jerry join him in laughing. JESSE GARCIA Nice to meet you Jerry. JUAN GARCIA Jerry used to be the Ronald McDonald around here in Peoria, but McDonald’s just fired all of its clowns so he works here now. JERRY MAYER Well guys I have one more appearance as Ronald McDonald to make, but for the most part what your brother is saying is true. You’re in good hands though Jesse, Juan trained me when i first started working at McDonald’s. Juan is great, he knows this place inside and out. JESSE GARCIA Yeah he does. He’s been showing me what to do all morning, introducing me to everyone, showing me the ropes.. got me some shirts too. So far I like working with my brother. JUAN GARCIA I enjoy working with mine too. Juan give Jesse a friendly slap on the back, it’s obvious the two of them enjoy working together at the McDonald’s. JERRY MAYER That’s super you two. JUAN GARCIA Yesterday Jerry dressed up in his Ronald McDonald costume and stood outside advertising with a sign. You know the machine I installed yesterday that I showed you? That’s what he was advertising. (CONTINUED)
  • 50. CONTINUED: 49. JESSE GARCIA I know which machine you’re talking about. Really? You stood outside of the McDonald’s dressed like Ronald McDonald? JERRY MAYER That’s exactly what I was doing. JESSE GARCIA Did they pay you anything extra to do it? If I were going to stand outside all day in the heat they’d have to pay me a little something extra. Do you know what I mean? JERRY MAYER I know what you mean Jesse, but no they didn’t pay me anything extra to do it. I was out there all day yesterday though, and it was hot, man it was hot. JUAN GARCIA I know what you mean too Jesse. No one is going to make any money just standing around. Jesse help me move these boxes, we’ll stack them in the corner. There’s already a small stack back there, you’ll see it. Jesse picks up two of the boxes off of the floor. JESSE GARCIA It was nice meeting you Jesse. JERRY MAYER Nice meeting you too Jesse. Just remember what I told you, you’re in good hands. JESSE GARCIA Thanks. Jesse walks away with the two boxes he’d picked up off of the floor. JERRY MAYER So your brother is working here too? (CONTINUED)
  • 51. CONTINUED: 50. JUAN GARCIA Yeah, Jesse moved in two weeks ago. He was living in Cincinnati working in a warehouse but he didn’t like it there much so he moved. He’s cool, a little young though and still wet behind the ears. JERRY MAYER Sure but that’s great you two are working together and that you’re training him. JUAN GARCIA Yeah I thought they were going to give him a job working up front as a cashier but what do you know, i guess we’re going to be stuck together back here. JERRY MAYER OK, I’m going to clock-in, it’s getting close to being that time and I don’t want to punch-in late. I’ve only been working here a little while, it wouldn’t look good if I punched-in late. JUAN GARCIA OK, man. I’ll let you go Jerry. JERRY MAYER Thanks for letting me in this morning Juan. JUAN GARCIA You’re welcome. Juan bends over and picks up a few of the remaining boxes he’d shown Jerry and leaves in the same direction Jesse had gone. Jerry walks over to the time machine and finds his card to punch-in for work with. INT. FRONT OF THE MCDONALD’S Jerry walks up to the front of the McDonald’s after punching in for work. He looks around at Sheryl and the other employees taking orders from customers. (CONTINUED)
  • 52. CONTINUED: 51. JERRY MAYER Hey Sheryl how are you? Have you seen Amy around? SHERYL REDGROVE Hi Jerry. She doesn’t come in until ten o’clock. JERRY MAYER Thanks Sheryl. Jerry turns around and heads to Hank’s office. Jerry KNOCKS on Hank’s office door. Hank responds to Jerry’s knocking from inside of his office. HANK WALDEN (V.O.) Please come in. Jerry enters Hank’s office. INT. HANK’S OFFICE JERRY MAYER Morning Hank. HANK WALDEN Good morning Jerry. What can I do for you? JERRY MAYER I punched in this morning and then looked around for Amy. Sheryl told me she won’t be here until ten o’clock. HANK WALDEN Oh sure, Amy doesn’t come in until ten o’clock on Thursdays. So what do you need, someone to tell you what you should be working on this morning? JERRY MAYER Yeah. I also ran into Juan when I got here but he was busy training his brother Jesse. HANK WALDEN His brother works here now, yeah.. just let those two work together today. Don’t interfere with all of that business you know what I’m saying? Juan is training Jesse so (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  • 53. CONTINUED: 52. HANK WALDEN (cont’d) just let them be. I guess you can sweep and mop the back of the store. By the time you’re done doing that Amy will be here. JERRY MAYER Alright Hank. Thanks a lot. HANK WALDEN You’re welcome Jerry, and thank you for everything you did yesterday. INT. BACK OF THE MCDONALD’S Jerry leaves Hank’s office and gets the broom out of the storage closet and starts sweeping the floor. FADE OUT FADE IN INT. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GYMNASIUM-DAY A few hundred ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS are sitting on the floor of the SCHOOL GYMNASIUM facing the STAGE. The school’s VICE PRINCIPAL SMITH is standing in front of the crowd and is about to address the students before the assembly begins. VICE PRINCIPAL SMITH Good afternoon everybody! ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS Good afternoon Vice Principal Smith! VICE PRINCIPAL SMITH We have a very special guest with us today. he’s come all the way from McDonaldland and his name is Ronald McDonald. I think you may recognize him when we see him onstage. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS YES!! RONALD MCDONALD!!! MCDONALD’S!!! MCDONALDLAND!! RONALD! VICE PRINCIPAL SMITH Ronald will be here momentarily but I want you all to be on your very best behavior out of respect for (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  • 54. CONTINUED: 53. VICE PRINCIPAL SMITH (cont’d) him because we’re very lucky to have him with us today. Also, he has some very special news to tell us about when he gets here. INT. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL-STAGE The curtains are drawn and the stage is set up for Jerry to perform his act, there is a bicycle for Jerry to ride, and scenery made out of painted cardboard that takes up most of the space around the stage. At the front of the stage are red, white, and yellow colored balloons tied to some of the gifts that McDonald’s has donated to the school, including a baseball bat, four new soccer balls, some footballs, dodge balls, as well as stacks of new textbooks. Jerry can hear Vice Principal Smith introducing him to the children on the other side of the curtains. VICE PRINCIPAL SMITH (V.O.) You guys, I’ve just been informed that Ronald has made it here, so everyone be polite and give him your full attention. Enjoy today’s assembly everybody. Jerry can hear the crowd in the gymnasium CLAPPING and CHEERING and then it begins to get very quiet on the the other side of the curtains, this is Jerry’s cue to start riding the bicycle onstage. Jerry gets on the bicycle and starts to pedal, riding around in circles onstage. The curtains between Jerry and the audience begins to separate and hundreds of school children watch Jerry riding the bicycle across the big stage. Jerry gives his audience a big wave. JERRY MAYER What a wonderful day it is, I am so happy that I have this chance to ride my bike. I can think of a million things to do on a beautiful day like this one. You can play a game of basketball with your friends, play hide and go seek in the woods, build a fort in your back yard, you could even ride your bike on a day like today. Jerry RINGS the BELL on the bicycle’s handlebars. (CONTINUED)
  • 55. CONTINUED: 54. JERRY MAYER Almost anything is possible. Jerry stops riding the bicycle at the front of the stage and rests it on its kickstand. JERRY MAYER Hi everyone I’m Ronald McDonald. The crowd of school children erupts in LAUGHTER, CHEERING, and CLAPPING. When the audience is quiet once more Jerry continues. JERRY MAYER I’m so glad that I’ve been invited to speak with you guys about recycling. Does anybody know what it means to recycle? Raise your hand if you know what it means to recycle, or if you already recycle at home. A number of children in the audience raise their hands at Jerry’s request. JERRY MAYER Super! A big number of you by the looks of it recycle or know what it means to recycle. Today I’m going to tell you what it means to recycle and how to do it at home or here at school. Recycling means taking our trash like candy wrappers or our scraps of construction paper and throwing it away so people can take our old trash and turn it into new and usable materials. At McDonald’s we recycle a lot and all of the packaging we use for our products is made from recycled material. There are specific places for you to throw stuff away to be recycled, they’re marked with a symbol indicating that is where your recycling needs to go. Some things that are recyclable already have a special marking on them that lets you know. It’s the one with the three arrows all pointing together to form a triangle, and at McDonald’s you’ll see a little picture of me, Ronald McDonald busy (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  • 56. CONTINUED: 55. JERRY MAYER (cont’d) recycling on all of the stuff we use to package or wrap your food with. The reason we need to recycle is so that we don’t waste materials or pollute. Pollution is the dirty stuff that gets into the air, and polluting is what can happen if we don’t recycle. So now we all know what it means to recycle as well as its importance. Jerry walks to the side of the stage where the gifts McDonald’s has donated to the elementary school. JERRY MAYER Now I have something very special to share with all of you, are you ready for the news? McDonald’s has donated your school’s physical education department some brand new equipment. All of these things you see here on stage are for you. Let’s hear a big round of applause for McDonald’s and everybody who works at the school. The audience CHEERS and Jerry waits for their applause to cease to continue. JERRY MAYER I bet they really appreciate your cheering for them. I’ve got some balloons up here on stage, why don’t some of you sitting on the floor in the front row come up to the stage and I’ll give you each a balloon to give to your teachers. Several members of the audience do what Jerry suggests and are given red, white, and yellow balloons tied to a string to present their teachers with. JERRY MAYER Here you go,.. here you go. Here’s a balloon for you to take to your teacher,.. thanks you guys, lets hear it for them! DISSOLVE FADE OUT FADE IN (CONTINUED)
  • 57. CONTINUED: 56. INT. BACK OF THE MCDONALD’S-NIGHT Jerry is cleaning the back of the McDonald’s. Juan and Jesse are walking through the back of the McDonald’s about to leave using the back entrance. JUAN GARCIA We’re about to take off for the night. JERRY MAYER I’m probably going to be here for another two hours. JUAN GARCIA Seriously? They’ve got you working late tonight. JERRY MAYER It’s because I didn’t work yesterday, I was busy doing my last Ronald McDonald appearance at an elementary school. JUAN GARCIA How did it go? JERRY MAYER I’m going to miss my old job. JUAN GARCIA I’m sorry Jerry, did you finish on a good note? JERRY MAYER Yes actually, McDonald’s had donated the school some new textbooks and stuff. JUAN GARCIA No shit? Cool. JESSE GARCIA At least you have a good job working here now. JERRY MAYER I’ll have the Garcia brothers to work with. JUAN GARCIA Maybe they’ll ask you to dress up like Ronald McDonald again. (CONTINUED)
  • 58. CONTINUED: 57. JERRY MAYER I doubt it but you never know. JESSE GARCIA That’s the spirit Jerry. JUAN GARCIA It’s OK, just keep working hard around here, you’ll get promoted. That’s what happened to me, no I’ve got Ronald McDonald working next to me. JERRY MAYER Thanks for the vote of confidence Juan. I’m just a former Ronald McDonald though. JUAN GARCIA Well we’re going to take off now, you have a good night. JESSE GARCIA See you later Jerry. Be good. JERRY MAYER See you guys later. Jerry watches Juan and Jesse disappear out the back entrance. FADE OUT FADE IN INT. JERRY’S BEDROOM-UPSTAIRS-NIGHT Home from work Jerry is in bed watching television. Tired, he turns off the television with the remote control and pulls the covers over himself trying to fall asleep after a long hard day work. Jerry sleep is interrupted by the telephone next to his bed RINGING. Jerry sits up and turns on the lamp next to his bed. Jerry picks up the telephone to answer it. JERRY MAYER Hello Mayer residence. (CONTINUED)
  • 59. CONTINUED: 58. HANK WALDEN (V.O.) Hello, Jerry? JERRY MAYER Yes this is Jerry Mayer. Who’s calling? HANK WALDEN (V.O.) Hi Jerry it’s Hank Walden. How’s it going? I hope I’m not calling too late. JERRY MAYER No Hank it’s fine. I was just getting ready to go to bed that’s all. HANK WALDEN (V.O.) Oh good, I’m glad I caught you before you went to sleep. JERRY MAYER What’s up? HANK WALDEN (V.O.) I’m calling you tonight because I have some very interesting new that’s come my way and I think you may like to know what it is. JERRY MAYER What’s that? HANK WALDEN (V.O.) Yesterday when you were busy over at the elementary school i got a phone call from Steve Smalls in Springfield. Steve had some information that could pertain to you if you’re interested. JERRY MAYER I’m listening.. HANK WALDEN (V.O.) OK, Steve happens to know a lot of people with jobs in higher up positions for McDonald’s like his. Apparently last week he was attending a meeting up in Wisconsin with some of these other ’higher ups.’ He said he happened to mention to some people at the (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  • 60. CONTINUED: 59. HANK WALDEN (V.O.) (cont’d) meeting that despite the layoffs he still had someone who was working making Ronald McDonald appearances around Peoria. It turns out a group from Arizona was there and they’re in the middle of opening a new McDonald’s in Phoenix. Steve explained to them your current situation and they told Steve they would like to hire you as their new Ronald McDonald in Phoenix! JERRY MAYER Really? That’s great news! HANK WALDEN (V.O.) Steve called me yesterday and informed me of this and said for me to call you and to let you know. Does this thing in Phoenix sound like something you might like to do with your life? JERRY MAYER Absolutely. FADE OUT FADE IN EXT. MCDONALD’S PARKING LOT-PHOENIX, AZ-NIGHT The parking lot is full of local television station broadcasting vans and people who have come to celebrate the grand opening of the new McDonald’s in Phoenix, AZ. Newspaper photographers busily take pictures using their flashes of the black limousine arriving. Jerry steps out of the back of the black limousine dressed as Ronald McDonald and is greeted with a sea of admiration and camera flashes from people taking his photograph. THE END