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  • 1. Magazine Research By Ryan Scollon
  • 2. Masthead - title used to make the readers become familiar with what magazine they are reading Main Image – this image attracts the readers Strapline – Introduces the reader of an insight of the magazine. Pug – the logo or price in the top corner the catch the readers eye. School Magazine Cover
  • 3. School Magazine Cover Masthead – The masthead shows the magazine is related to the school. Strapline – this lets us know that Sheldon have came up of some ideas. The main image shows students the school is a musical school
  • 4. School Magazine Cover The layout of this magazine shows that it is only for the pupils and is free as it has no barcode. The images are related to the school and the royal family to show the high class of the school.
  • 5. School Magazine Contents Page The number points tell us where the information's is Pug- the logo in the corner catches the readers eye. The images show what might be included in the magazine.
  • 6. School Magazine Contents Page The contents follow around the image instead of layering over the top. The contents is organised in to categories making it easier for the reader.
  • 7. School Magazine Contents Page The contents covers the image of the limited space on the page. The contents and logo stand out because it is bold and above the main part of the image.
  • 8. Left Third- Main articles attract the readers eye when stacked on the shelf with the left side showing Masthead- Is bold and colourful to attract the readers eye. Main image – close up of a rap artist hints the reader that the magazine will include some sort of information about the artist. This also attracts the female audience. Music Magazine Cover
  • 9. Music Magazine Cover The left third is full of articles to attract the readers eye when put on the shelf because they only show the left hand side. The large image blends in with the articles and colour schemes
  • 10. Music Magazine Cover The Strapline has been placed on the left third to catch the readers eye when stacked on shelves. the main image catches the readers eye because it shows a sign of suicide.
  • 11. The images are male models that attract the female audience but also relate to the latest fashion. The contents title is eye catching because it is a unique style but also bold text to stand out from the plain background Music Magazine Contents Page
  • 12. Music Magazine Contents Page Have a special category for the contents for the band that is the main subject in the magazine. The reviews help readers decide what concerts to go to and music to buy. The large image relates to a part of the contents. This shows the reader the band that are included in the magazine.
  • 13. Music Magazine Contents Page The contents is separated in to categories to make it easier for the reader to find what they are looking for. Articles to save money by subscribing to the magazine Small article to interest the reader into information about a band.
  • 14. This column makes the reader feel connected as its telling you the latest gossip. The image stands out because the picture is large with lots of colour The name of the band stands out because it is large, bold and black text. Music Magazine Double Page Spread
  • 15. Music Magazine Double Page Spread The large bold text stands out because it covers most of the page. The large image is a mid shot showing the attitude with the body language. This is eye catching because it covers the whole right hand side page.
  • 16. Music Magazine Double Page Spread The large long shot image shows the band and there attitude that relates to the genre of music they produce. Text layered out in columns in small font size. Small bold piece of text catches the readers eye because is stands out from he rest.