Music video research


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Music video research

  1. 1. Codes and Conventions• Performance – Band / artist playing.• Narrative – Storyline involved• Cameo – Artist features in the narrative but doesn’t perform.• Animation – Digitally
  2. 2. Crane - The crane shots are able to move around the stage from manydifferent angles to capture what is happening.Pans - These are to move to each performer and can also be used toshow the setting or location as it pans around.Close ups – Close ups focus on the performers as their mouths move tothe lyrics and sometimes shows their emotions. It can also be used toshow certain props that relate to the lyrics.Low angle shot – Low angle shots are used to give a birds eye view typeof shot to show a prop or performer and can also be used to show thesurrounding.
  3. 3. The editing involved in music videos takes a lot of time andeffort and plays a major part in music videos. The lip synchingcertainly needs to be edited so that the musicians look asthough they are actually singing the song at the exact sametime as the music playing.Jump cuttingFootage used is edited to match what is said in the lyrics ofthe music, as part as parallel editing.Split screensChanges in the levels of sounds- in certain areas of the song,the music level changes for effect, narrative reasons or to suitwhat is going on.
  4. 4. Mise en scene is important in music videos as itincludes props (All music videos contain propsdepending on the genre and type of song.)Costume-This also depends on the lyrics of the songas well as the genre. Certain performers will havedifferent outfits suiting what they are representing inthe video.Location-The setting for music videos basically setsthe scene immediately and many settings used aresimple settings where many people can relate to.
  5. 5. At the start of the video, you see a very short clip of this piece ofjewellery. This shows the codes and conventions as jewellery is aregular prop for hip hop music videos. The letter `u` shown on thejewellery represents the initial of the artist `usher`
  6. 6. The setting of the dance floor and the laser discolights tells us the scene is set in a nightclub. The laserdisco lights also change angle in time with the beat
  7. 7. The lighting used here is focused on one person to make themmore noticeable then the other people. In this case, it isbecause the person is shown to have some sort of attraction tothe artist in the club.
  8. 8. These two shots show a sexual attraction between the twopeople. The shot on the right is a close up which tells us thatthey wanted us to know that there was a sexual attractionbetween the two. Then shot on the right shows more of thescenery to show they are on a crowded dance floor. This shotalso shows additional lighting added to the couple to makethem stand out more than the other dancers.
  9. 9. As you can see from this shot, the codes and conventions of anR&B music video have been followed as it is shown in thescenery as it is set in a nightclub, and the clothing and choiceof jewellery are all related to the stereotypes of the R&B genre.
  10. 10. This shot shows a performance taking place on the nightclub dancefloor. The spotlight again is on the main artist to give full attention tohis actions. This music video seems to have a mixture of bothnarrative and performance which seems to work well.