The Election of 1800


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The Election of 1800

  1. 1. The Election of 1800 Our Country’s First Real Election John Adams Thomas Jefferson vs.
  2. 2. Issue #1 Who is our friend?
  3. 3. Read the Expert Information on the XYZ Affair and answer the guided reading questions.
  4. 4. John Adams “ The British are our friends. We have traditions, family ties, and trade with Britain.” “ The XYZ Affair shows that the French cannot be trusted.” Federalists
  5. 5. Thomas Jefferson “ The French are our friends. They helped us in our revolution against Britain.” “ Jay’s Treaty with Britain gave the French no choice in the XYZ Affair .” “ We need our own American traditions.” Democratic-Republicans
  6. 6. Issue #2 The Army and Navy
  7. 7. John Adams “ We need a strong military to protect our country.” “ Our navy got the attention of the French during the XYZ Affair .” “ We need a strong navy to protect our trade.” Federalists
  8. 8. Thomas Jefferson “ We do not need a standing army because it can be used against the people. I support a militia.” “ The Federalist use the army to keep themselves in power. They only appoint Federalists as officers.” Democratic-Republicans
  9. 9. Issue #3 Subversion
  10. 10. Read the Expert Information on Subversion and the Alien and Sedition Acts and answer the guided reading questions.
  11. 11. John Adams “ The Alien and Sedition Acts protect our young and vulnerable country from subversion by allowing us to remove dangerous people.” Federalists
  12. 12. Thomas Jefferson “ The Alien and Sedition Acts violate our First Amendment freedoms.” “ Federalists do not fear subversion as much as they fear any criticism of their policies.” Democratic-Republicans
  13. 13. Issue #4 Role of Federal and State Goverments
  14. 14. Read the Expert Information on the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions and answer the guided reading questions.
  15. 15. John Adams “ I am against the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions because the Constitution gives the federal government power and reserves power to the state governments.” “ The federal government should always be stronger than the state governments.” Federalists
  16. 16. Thomas Jefferson “ I support the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions . States should be stronger so that we do not have a federal government with too much power.” “ The government gets its power from the people, and smaller state governments are more responsive to the people.” Democratic-Republicans
  17. 17. Issue #5 Who should rule?
  18. 18. John Adams “ The rich and educated should rule because they have a vested interest in and knowledge of government.” Federalists
  19. 19. Thomas Jefferson “ The common people should have more say in the government. After all, they make up the greatest majority of Americans.” “ Always remember the first words of the Constitution…. ‘We the people…’” Democratic-Republicans
  20. 20. These are the issues. Who should be our next president? John Adams Thomas Jefferson or