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  • 1. What’s a Moodle?An Interactive Class websiteA modern way to deliver information to studentsin a way they can relate toAn EASY way for teachers to get immediatefeedbackBut most importantlyA safe place for students to learn, create theirown content, and share that content with eachother and their teacher
  • 2. Why does it work?Because kids are already online and surprisingly,They want something to do while they’re there.Online assignments don’t feel like “school”
  • 3. And…They WANT to be creativeThey WANT to manipulate informationThey WANT to show off what they’ve doneThey WANT to connect with teachers in amodern wayMoodle allows them to do that in a SAFE andCONTROLLED environment
  • 4. Finally…Technology allows for those kids who may go“unnoticed” to thrive.It also allows them to take an active role in theireducation.
  • 5. This sounds complicated.It’s not.In fact, it’s incredibly simple once you get going.The kids already know how to do almosteverything in the Moodle. It’s the teachers whoare intimidated.
  • 6. So why should I ask myteachers to spend timelearning this program?
  • 7. Because if your teachersare getting comfortable….Then your students are getting bored
  • 8. Keep in mind…They’re not “students”, they’re people
  • 9. Like You…And me
  • 10. And which would you prefer today?Me standing in front of you and lecturing thewhole time?OrYou actually having an opportunity to take somecontrol of your experience?
  • 11. When they get to work with their hands and their minds… There’s a much better chance they’re going to remember it.
  • 12. This isn’t technology for the sake of technology… It’s technology for the sake of our kids
  • 13. And just between you and I…It actually makes the teachers job easier.MuchMuchEasierIt’s true.
  • 14. They just have to get past one major obstacle…FEAR OF TECHNOLOGY
  • 15. Which is easy to overcome You just have to be willing to try
  • 16. And remember one really important thingGood instruction isn’t something kids earn, it’ssomething they deserve.Even “those” kids
  • 17. So let’s get to it.