Tl Recruit360 Features V1.3


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Talent Logix Recruit 360 Features

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Tl Recruit360 Features V1.3

  1. 1. Evolving e-recruitment technology Talent Logix Recruit 360 Features v. 1.3 Talent Logix is a leading provider of on-demand e-recruitment software. With a wealth of experience in our field, we are able to offer companies of all sizes a truly integrated approach to their recruitment processes. Our easy to use and simple-to-implement solutions are both intuitive and flexible, and just as importantly, they really deliver results. We provide: Recruitment consultancy Vacancy management Candidate management Agency management Online applications Automated telephone interviewing Candidate talent banking Management information HR alignment & on-boarding
  2. 2. Candidate Engagement Standard / Optional Feature Description Career Website / Portal Standard Careers web portal integrated with corporate website Career Website Multi-lingual Optional Multi-lingual website Customised Career Website Optional Using HTML, XML and microsites Vacancy Search Standard Search capability allowing candidates to search for vacancies by: • Keywords • Salary range • Job title • Region / location • Business unit / department • User defined Job Alerts / Notifications Standard Email job alert notifications allowing candidates to set up alerts for new vacancies relating to: • Region / location • Salary range • Business unit / department • Job title Source Management Standard / Optional Feature Description Job Posting Channel Standard Allows users to post vacancies to an external careers website. Multiple Job Posting Channel Optional Allows users to post single or multiple jobs to single or multiple job boards. Publish to Print Channel Optional Allows users to post the job advert into third-party newspapers via Papirfly, and others. This will be in format and will be posted to specific publications. Page Tel: 0844 994 3100
  3. 3. Candidate Applications Standard / Optional Feature Description Application Form Template Standard A master template will be created for the client which includes mandatory and non-mandatory fields. Bespoke Application Forms Standard Application forms for various vacancy types. Questions can be mandatory or non-mandatory, and weighting can be applied to each question if required. Candidates should complete the form within a time set by the client. Each form can then be saved as a template. Upload CV Standard Candidates are able to upload their CV either against a live vacancy or to show interest in future vacancies when they become available. The administrator can search against CVs in the database to check for suitable candidates when a new vacancy is created. Upload Covering Letter Standard This enables the candidate to upload a covering letter with their application. Upload Candidate Picture Standard This enables the candidate to upload a recent picture with their application or CV upload. Upload References Standard Candidates are able to upload references as part of their application. Add a New Candidate Standard Allows a user to add a candidate’s details directly into the candidate database using the ‘create candidate’ tool. Candidate Delete Standard This allows candidates to self- delete their details from the candidate database Page Tel: 0844 994 3100
  4. 4. Sort and Select Standard / Optional Feature Description Add Questions Standard Add additional questions or assessments to the application process. The recruiter can set up intelligent screening processes to filter out applicants who do not meet the minimum score or criteria. Candidates can then be filtered by score. Questions can be created for a number of different purposes including: Internal and external candidates. Online Assessments Standard Create templates for various competency or knowledge-based assessments. Online Assessment Multi-lingual Optional Create competency assessments in various languages. Interactive Voice Assessments Optional Allows the recruiter to set up an alternative self-service voice channel for applications or assessments using automated telephone processes. Online Assessments Third Party Optional Allows the recruiter to integrate third party assessments into their recruitment processes including: Thomas International, SHL, Click a Test and Cut-E. Online Assessments Bespoke Optional Allows non-standard integration into other third-party assessments. Upload Assessment Notes Standard Allows the recruiter to upload documents and notes against a candidate’s details. Emailing Applications Standard Allows applications and assessments to be emailed to line managers for review. Line Manager Access Standard Allows recruiters to set up access for line managers to access selected candidates’ details through the application for review. These can be scored and ranked. Additional Question Candidate Optional Allows recruiters to classify Classification candidates classification with key competencies and identified through additional search capability. Page Tel: 0844 994 3100
  5. 5. Vacancy Management Standard / Optional Feature Description Vacancy Management Standard Create new vacancies. Setting up new roles the recruiter is able to assign: • Vacancy owners • Role details • Location/s • Number of positions • Agency assignment • Job board assignment • Application process • Authorisation process • Advertising assignment • Correspondence methods • Estimated cost to hire Vacancies can be set up to allow line manager access to selected candidates. Multi-lingual Vacancy Management Optional Allows use in multiple languages. Job Role Templates Standard Allows an organisation’s job roles and descriptions to be stored in the database for use on new vacancies. Project Folder Standard Enables a user to upload documents and add notes to each vacancy file. Vacancy Authorisations Standard Allows the user to create authorisation processes within an application then notify each authoriser by email. Authorisers can then authorise online. Page Tel: 0844 994 3100
  6. 6. Candidate Tools Standard / Optional Feature Description Candidate Career Portal Standard Candidates can register through the corporate career website and apply for vacancies, email jobs to a friend or save to their job favourites. Registered candidates can be kept informed of new vacancies as they are posted. Through their portal or by email candidates will be notified of any tasks or reminders they need to action. Interview Allocations Standard Recruiters can offer interview slots to candidates through the candidate portal, giving candidates time / date slots to choose from. Recruiters can also make use of email timeslots to offer candidates interview times by email. Candidates can either accept or decline these times and request alternative interview slots. Page Tel: 0844 994 3100
  7. 7. Talent Bank Search Standard / Optional Feature Description Talent Bank Search Standard Recruiters can search for candidates in the ‘Talent Bank’ identifying candidates that match any vacancy. Candidates can then be assigned to any vacancy for consideration. Search by: • Name • Application date • Profession • Salary range • Location • Test scores If required, recruiters can set up additional search fields upon configuration of the application. Key Word Search Standard Recruiters can also search for talent using free text to search for suitable candidates in the ‘Talent Bank’. Apply for a Vacancy from a Search Standard Recruiters can assign a candidate to any vacancy from a search. Parsing Optional Solution providing a robust parsing engine that reads resumés contextually and extracts hundreds of key facts that are then categorised and analysed, resulting in searchable XML records for user convenience. Page Tel: 0844 994 3100
  8. 8. Reports Standard / Optional Feature Description Reporting Dashboard Standard Standard report templates including: • Pipeline • Activity • Diversity Further Action Report Standard Task and email reminders to recruiters when candidates have not been actioned. Progress Reports Standard Vacancy status reports showing recruitment activities and tasks warning recruiters of any bottlenecks or issues. Applicant Lists Optional Ability to create data exports and extracts for specific fields on candidates or vacancies to third- party applications such as HR or Payroll. Web Services Optional Option to extract data from the system through a web service enabling integration into third- party HR Reporting or Payroll systems. Offer Management Standard / Optional Feature Description Employment Documentation Optional Allows the recruiter to create and make use of templates of contract documents, with mail merge fields to allow the creation of employment contracts which can then be printed and posted out to candidates. Page Tel: 0844 994 3100
  9. 9. HRMS Integration Standard / Optional Feature Description HRMS Integration Optional Achieved by integrating using web services. Diversity Reports Standard / Optional Feature Description Diversity Reports Standard Reports on age, gender or ethnic background. Candidate Anonymity Optional Recruiter can remove candidates’ personal details from line manager access. DDA Compliance Standard / Optional Feature Description Website Accessibility Standard Career portal will be created to conform with a minimum 1 (A) of the W3C accessibility guidelines. Page Tel: 0844 994 3100
  10. 10. Offer Management Standard / Optional Feature Description Personal Users Standard The user’s personal information, access levels and log-in details. Other User Access Standard Allows an administrator user to view other users’ access to the system, including contact details. Organisational Hierarchy Optional Organisation’s information including contacts, departments, locations, logos and images. User Access Levels Standard • Complete access (super users) • HR Manager access (HR head access) • Administrator access (recruiter) • Limited access (hiring or line manager) • Agency access (limited to view only) Application Form Template Standard Enables admin users to create/ edit new or existing application templates. Vacancy Template Administration Standard Enables admin users to create/edit new or existing templates. Additional Question Administration Standard Enables admin users to edit/create additional questions on templates. Help Files and Guidelines for Users Standard Online help and guidelines for - Standard using the standard application. Help Files and Guidelines for Users Optional Online help and guidelines – Non-standard to use for a customer-specific application. Page 10 Tel: 0844 994 3100
  11. 11. Security and Privacy Standard / Optional Feature Description User Password Setup Standard Setup of user with secure user name and password access Enhanced Password Protection Optional Forces the password to be a combination of upper and lower case and numerical digits. Inactive Password Standard Administrators can set a password expiry time on user profiles. Incorrect Password Lockout Standard The user is locked out if they attempt to log in using the incorrect password more than three times. Session Time Out Standard The user is timed out after 30 minutes of inactivity. Enterprise Session Encryption Standard Provides secure data protection (SSL or 128) whilst in transit between users and websites. Periodic Password Resets Standard The system administrator can set up the system to force password resets periodically. Manual Password Resets Standard The system administrator can manually reset passwords when required. IP Filtering Standard Each session needs to be on the same IP address for the duration of the session. Cookie Consistency Standard A user cannot email the URL of a back-office session to another user, thus preventing access to the application without logging in. Archiving Standard System will delete those candidates who do not update their details within a specific time. The system will purge out an out-of-date record but will email the candidate before the record is removed. CAPTCHA Malicious Attack Optional Ensures that all new candidate Protection registrations are genuine and prevents account harvesting scripts. Page 11 Tel: 0844 994 3100
  12. 12. Recruitment Workflow Standard / Optional Feature Description Recruiter’s Dashboard Standard Users have a unique dashboard upon logging into the application, showing an overview of the vacancies, calendar events, tasks, candidate details, favourites and reports assigned to them. Vacancy Details Standard Details all vacancies being managed at user level. This outlines vacancies that are draft, authorised, finalised, live and expired. Within each vacancy’s listing are details of the processes assigned to the vacancy, such as: • Application process • Candidate applications • Authorisation process • Advertising source/s • Agencies • Costs • Documents Recruitment Calendar Standard Details of all recruitment activities that the user is responsible for, displaying details such as interview times / dates, assessment days, interview slots for interviewer / line managers. Talent Bank Standard Stores speculative candidate registrations and CVs for future recruitment activity, with full search functionality. Candidate Records Standard Candidates’ records are stored within the system database. These records could include contact / personal information, applications completed, correspondence, notes and details of any applications completed, including stage and rating. Page 1 Tel: 0844 994 3100
  13. 13. Recruitment Workflow (cont.) Standard / Optional Feature Description Standard Workflow Standard Recruitment process contains: • Application / CV rating • Invite to assessment • Invite to telephone interview • Invite to first interview • Invite to second interview • Invite to further assessment • Job offer • Hire Rejections: • Automatic rejection • Manual rejection • Reject following telephone interview • Reject following first interview • Reject following second interview • Candidates that withdraw Correspondence Library Standard A library of standard documents and templates for use in correspondence with candidates. Documents can be added or edited by the administrator. Communications Library Standard Area where standard documents and templates are controlled. Candidate Documents Standard Ability to upload candidate- specific documents and correspondence. SMS Correspondence Optional Recruiters are able to take advantage of SMS correspondence to keep candidate engaged and to send reminders/ alerts. Users can also type in SMS messages or use SMS templates for individual or groups of candidates. Page 1 Tel: 0844 994 3100
  14. 14. Recruitment Workflow (cont.) Standard / Optional Feature Description Employee Record Optional This feature enables users to identify a list of employees that have been hired through the Talent Logix system. Recruiters can search for employees by various search criteria. Column Editor Optional Users can hide field columns or reveal additional functionality to edit the system’s data views. These preferences can be saved for later use by the user. User Access Standard Set up user authorisation and access levels. Examples include: • Complete access (Super user) • Mid-level access (HR/recruiter) • Limited access (Line manager) Configurable User Access Standard Access levels for users can be configured to allow read/write access or access to certain departments or campaigns / vacancies. Interview Administration Standard Recruiters are able to invite candidates to interviews at a specific time / date, or contact groups of candidates to invite them to attend assessment centres. Users can also set up interview slots for the candidates to select their own preference through the candidate portal. Groups of candidates can be contacted with suggested interview slots which they can either accept, reject or suggest an alternative time/date. Recruiters can also send further details to candidates, such as special requirements, requests, directions or maps. Page 1 Tel: 0844 994 3100
  15. 15. Recruitment Agency Standard / Optional Feature Description Agency Clients Standard Allows users to view a list of approved agencies with associated specialisms. Agency Management Standard Users can hide field columns or reveal additional functionality to edit the system’s data views. These preferences can be saved for later use by the user. Agency Logo Standard Allows users to add agency logos to agency records. Agency Terms and Conditions Standard Users can add agency terms and conditions to agency records. Vacancy Access Standard Users can select an agency from a list of approved agencies or create a new agency to recruit candidates for a specific vacancy / vacancies. Multiple Vacancy Access Standard Allows recruiters to select multiple agencies to recruit for a specific vacancy / vacancies. Headhunter Candidate Updates Standard Allows recruiters to keep certain candidate records updated and alert them when a suitable vacancy become available. Candidate Search Standard Allows agencies to search on all candidates that they are managing. Candidate Duplication Standard Avoids duplication by highlighting to the recruiter if candidates are submitted by an agency as well as directly by the candidates themselves. Recruitment Calendar Standard Allows agencies access to set up interviews and view calendar events on behalf of candidates. Agency Candidate Application Standard Allows agencies to submit applications on behalf of candidates. Agency CV Submission Standard Allows agencies to submit CVs on behalf of candidates which can be reviewed manually or by key word / content search. Hires Standard Allows agencies to view reports on hires including, application date, time to hire, client, vacancy and recruiter. Page 1 Tel: 0844 994 3100
  16. 16. Find out more If you like what you’ve seen here and want to know more about how our e-recruitment solutions could help transform both your HR function and your wider commercial performance, please don’t hesitate to contact us for an informal chat or to arrange an online demonstration or a no-obligation visit from one of our team. Tel: 0844 994 3100 Email: Web: Tel: 0844 994 3100 Talent Logix Limited, No. 2 Wellington Place, 4th Floor, Leeds, LS1 4AP