Internet Summit Basis Online Marketing - 2011


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Simple 30min Presentation on Framework to Running Effective Online Marketing - 2011

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  • {"17":"Campaigns should be tracked\nAllows insights and sets benchmarks\n","6":"Draw the framework diagram\nFramework includes\nObjectives\nTarget Audience\nCreative Message\nMedia Selection\nTracking & Reporting\nOptimization\n","12":"The internet has many types of websites, finding suitable sites where your audience visit is crucial to your campaign success\n","18":"- Impressions, Clicks, Creative performance\nOn site analytics – visits, PVs, time on site, bounce rates\nGoals conversion, costs of sales and leads, post campaign analysis\n","13":"Campaign \n","8":"CommercialGuru – Launch objectives - To generate awareness (visitors) to the site while at the same time generating leads for our commercial agents\n","14":"Call to actions Keywords – Click Here, Buy Now, Save Up to \nImages – Need to find some examples\n","20":"Profitable channels \nCTR\nConversions\nCreative performance\nIs the message working \n","9":"Our target audience\n- Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Investors \nPrimary (Age target) – 25 years and up\nSecondary (Age target) – 21 to 25 new breed of entrepreneurs and branding\nAble to commit at least 1 to 2 years rental lease \nIndividuals looking to rent or buy \n","15":"Keywords – Click Here, Buy Now, \nImages – Need to find some examples\n","10":"Who / What \nDemographics of my audience, their age, spending power, educational levels, etc\nTheir likes and dislikes\nWhat\nWhich stage of life are they in? \nWhat type of product/service are you offering\nWhen \nWould they need your product or service\nProduct purchase frequency \nWould it be a one time purchase item or a multi purchase item\nWhere\nWould they buy your product online? \nWould they rather get some\nWhy\nWould they buy your product, what is the USP/ differentiating factor\n"}
  • Internet Summit Basis Online Marketing - 2011

    1. 1. Framework to Running an Effective Online Marketing All Rights Reserved
    2. 2. Who Am I? • Started as a web developer and experiment into the field of online marketing in 2005 • Focused mainly on search engine optimization and search engine marketing • Areas of expertise range from SEO, SEM, Social Media, Affiliate marketing, Banner ads, Analytics, Revenue generation and usability • Worked for the following companies All Rights Reserved
    3. 3. About CommercialGuru • Singapore’s Leading Commercial Property Portal Comprehensive site dedicated to office, retail, industrial and factory properties • Used by more than 100,000 business owners & investors monthly • 1.5 million pages viewed monthly All Rights Reserved
    4. 4. PropertyGuru Network • Asia’s Leading Property Portal Group – Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia + Hong Kong, Australia, Macau & India partners • Almost 4 million visits monthly • 47 million pages viewed monthly • 435,000 properties available for sale or rent All Rights Reserved
    5. 5. The Framework All Rights Reserved
    6. 6. Online Marketing Framework Objectives Target Audience Phase 1 - Setup Phase 2 - Execution Conversions Conversions Tracking & Reporting Phase 3 – Post Campaign Optimization All Rights Reserved
    7. 7. Phase 1 – Setup All Rights Reserved
    8. 8. Phase 1 - Objectives Set Your Campaign Objectives 3 types of objective, marketers commonly set to achieve when marketing online. Getting Traffic • • Branding Awareness & Usage Product Sales • • Promotions Product Launch Lead Generation • • Prospecting Community Building All Rights Reserved
    9. 9. Phase 1 - Target Audience Determine Your Target Audience, Why? Because •Resource are limited (manpower) •Our budgets are finite •Provide better conversions (sales) •Minimize advertising wastage All Rights Reserved
    10. 10. Target Audience Determine Your Target Audience, How? Ask Questions on •Who, What, When, Where & Why • About their demographics • What type of products they need • Would they buy your product online or require someone to talk to them? • Product purchase frequency All Rights Reserved
    11. 11. Phase 2 – Execution All Rights Reserved
    12. 12. Phase 2 - Media Selection Finding Your Audience, Where They Spend Time Online Source: All Rights Reserved
    13. 13. Phase 2 - Media Selection Typical Campaign Setup Search Engines Reach out to consumers seeking products, services and information Vertical Sites Ad Network Mass Sites Yahoo/MSN Channels include – Car, Travel, Biz, News & lifestyle Mass with Branding and Tactical Copy Branding to Target Audience Branding to Mass Audience All Rights Reserved
    14. 14. Phase 2 - Creative Message Determine Your Campaign Message Using the right message would contribute to the success of your campaigns. • Determine keywords that triggers a reaction / call to action • Types of images that stimulates an emotion or action • Each message should also be catered for the media used All Rights Reserved
    15. 15. Phase 2 - Creative Message Sample Creative Relating to a specific need Individuals looking for a bargain Lowest in Market All Rights Reserved
    16. 16. Phase 3 – Post Campaign All Rights Reserved
    17. 17. Phase 3 - Tracking & Reporting Tracking & Reporting Enables marketers to depend the health of their campaigns and if they are meeting their objectives. • All online campaigns should be tracked • Tracked campaigns allows marketers to calculate their cost per acquisition • Match the initial performance estimates with actual figures • Reports help marketers analyze their campaign performance for improvements All Rights Reserved
    18. 18. Phase 3 - Tracking & Reporting Metrics to Measure Commonly tracked metrics for a successful campaign Inputs • • • • • • Impressions Clicks Creative Performance Cost Earned Media (PR Articles) Interactions (Rich Media) Outputs Mixture • • • • • Visitors Page Views Time on Site Bounce Rate Average Page per Visit • • • Goals / Conversions Cost per lead/ Acquisition Post Campaign Analysis All Rights Reserved
    19. 19. Phase 3 - Tracking & Reporting Tools We Use Channel Tracking •3rd Party Ad Servers like Eyeblaster •Tracking codes from Google Analytics – Click here Website Statistics •Google Analytics •Webmaster Central Site Improvements •Google Website Optimizer •Crazy Egg All Rights Reserved
    20. 20. Phase 3 - Optimization Improving Your Campaign by Optimization Analyzing campaign reports, enables marketers to improve upon their existing campaign What to look out for •Determine profitable channels – Search, online banners, edms, etc •Which creative works best •List top 10 performing and non-performing sites •Tweak performing creative message or ad units to meet each channel All Rights Reserved
    21. 21. Case Illustration All Rights Reserved
    22. 22. Client Objective Leading business solutions provider To generate leads and product awareness • Age 30 and above • High educational level • Business owners and office managers • • Annual revenues about 100k Uses the internet daily (read news, search for information and communications) Media Selection • Online Banners, EDMs, Microsite integration Creative • Creative used to promote advertisers solutions Target Audience Post Campaign • Still in Progress with positive client feedback All Rights Reserved
    23. 23. Thank You All Rights Reserved